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Parabolic Oscillator

Parabolic Oscillator is based on Parabolic SAR and Stochastic Oscillator indicators. The Parabolic SAR determines the main direction of the trades (opens and leads one position at a time between reversal points) and next positions are added on the basis of the Stochastic Oscillator (used in a non-typical for this indicator method).

Additional modules

  • LOT_PROGRESSION - increases the STOCHASTIC_LOT value for each subsequent position by the smallest possible step starting from the base value. This mechanism is limited by the value STOCH_LVL, which specifies the maximum number of simultaneous opened STOCHASTIC trades.
  • AUTO_LOT - auto-calculation of LOT value for PARABOLIC and STOCHASTIC trades based on SL and RISK values according to actual account balance.
  • VARIABLE_STOP_LOSS - auto-calculation of SL value according to actual Parabolic SAR value but not greater than defined values of PARABOLIC_SL and STOCHASTIC_SL. Best in combination with AUTO_LOT enabled (FIXED_LOT=false).
  • PREDEFINED_SETTINGS - set of core inputs values (SAR_STEP, SAR_MAX, STOCH_K, STOCH_S and STOCH_THRESHOLD) for some symbols. SL and STOCH_LVL values are not overridden, there are only recommendations in alert window but these are important too. These settings are based on data collected from January 2016, so they may not be profitable in an earlier time or short-term but this can be good starting point for making your own short-term settings (more dynamic; in expert tab log EA print all overridden values with additional recommendations. Included settings for:
    • GOLD.m15 [XAUUSD]
    • OILBRENT.m15 [UKOIL]
    • USDJPY.m15
    • USDCAD.m15
  • PARABOLIC_LOT_LIMIT - limit for PARABOLIC_LOT value with AUTO_LOT enabled. With LOT_PROGRESSION enabled it will not exceed maximal value of STOCHASTIC_LOT - without LOT_PROGRESSION it will not exceed doubled STOCHASTIC_LOT value.
  • DTSL - (Differential Trailing Stop Loss) hybrid mechanism of trailing stoploss and takeprofit. DTSL_POINTS value determines hidden take profit level and the closer the price is to this level, the tighter it becomes the stoploss. Check comments section to see graphic explanation.

Default settings are dedicated for GOLD.m15 [XAUUSD]


  • Symbol without special characters in the name (confirmed issue with "£").
  • Recommended initial capital 1000+ USD (if minimum LOT=0.01) and 10000+ USD (if minimum LOT=0.1).

Common Inputs

  • STOP_LOSS - if true, use classic Stop Loss (recommended true).
  • SL_BREAKEVEN - if true, use classic Stop Loss Breakeven mechanism.
  • VARIABLE_STOP_LOSS - if true, use this module.
  • LOT_PROGRESSION - if true, use LOT_PROGRESSION mechanism.
  • STOCHASTIC - if true, use Stochastic Oscillator (set to true, I use false only for SAR calibration).
  • STATIC_SAR - if true, the EA calculates SAR indicator based on SAR_TF value.
  • FIXED_LOT - if true, uses fixed value of LOT, if false use AUTO_LOT module.
  • RISK - maximal risk in percentage of account balance.
  • BASE2ACC_RATIO - average exchange rate between symbol margin currency from symbol specification and account currency (margin/account - 2 decimal digits accuracy is enough).
  • SLIPPAGE - standard slippage in points.
  • PREDEFINED_SETTINGS - choose one of predefined settings (details above), otherwise set false.


  • MAGIC_PARABOLIC - unique magic number for PARABOLIC trades.
  • PARABOLIC_LOT_LIMIT - if true use this module.
  • TSL_P - if true, use Trailing Stop Loss for PARABOLIC trades.
  • PARABOLIC_LOT - fixed amount of lot for PARABOLIC trades.
  • PARABOLIC_SL - Stop Loss value in points for PARABOLIC trades.
  • PARABOLIC_TSL - Trailing Stop Loss value for PARABOLIC trades.
  • SAR_TF - SAR timeframe (only if STATIC_SAR = true, recommended 15).
  • SAR_STEP - SAR step factor (for further calculations).
  • SAR_MAX - SAR maximum factor (for further calculations).


  • MAGIC_STOCHASTIC - unique magic number for STOCHASTIC trades.
  • STOCHASTIC_LOT - fixed amount of lot for STOCHASTIC trades.
  • TSL_S - if true, use Trailing Stop Loss for STOCHASTIC trades.
  • DTSL_S - if true, use DTSL for STOCHASTIC trades.
  • STOCHASTIC_SL - Stop Loss value in points for STOCHASTIC trades.
  • STOCHASTIC_TSL - Trailing Stop Loss value for STOCHASTIC trades.
  • STOCH_K - %K period value for Stochastic Oscillator.
  • STOCH_S - Slowing value for Stochastic Oscillator.
  • STOCH_THRESHOLD - used for threshold calculation in Stochastic Oscillator (50+STOCH_THRESHOLD and 50-STOCH_THRESHOLD).
  • STOCH_LVL - maximum number of simultaneous open positions (only if STOCHASTIC=true and must be greater than 1).

Time inputs

  • OPEN_FRAME_1 - if true, the EA will use this OPEN_FRAME settings. OPEN_FRAME is period of time when the EA is allowed to send an order.
  • OPEN_FRAME_1DB - OPEN_FRAME day begin (1 = Monday).
  • OPEN_FRAME_1DE - OPEN_FRAME day end (5 = Friday).
  • OPEN_FRAME_1HB - OPEN_FRAME hour begin.
  • OPEN_FRAME_1HE - OPEN_FRAME hour end.
  • OPEN_FRAME_2 - same as OPEN_FRAME_1.
  • CLOSE_FRAME - if true, the EA uses this CLOSE_FRAME settings. This is the time when EA will close all positions.
  • CLOSE_FRAME_1D - CLOSE_FRAME day begin.

For commodities, I do not recommend using CLOSE_FRAME.

Jaldip Ramani
Jaldip Ramani 2018.08.28 07:01 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Farooq Majoka
Farooq Majoka 2017.09.28 07:01 

Xauusd, usdcad and usdjpy very very profitable and i love the arithmetic and limited martingalemof maximum 10ntrades with smallest size .01nand largest 0.1 with set sl for every trade.exceptionally cheap product with very good profitability.

Many thanx to brothe Brud!

Versão 2.11 2018.01.11
1) Implemented additional stop loss mechanics (breakeven, trailing sl and DTSL)
- added SL_BREAKEVEN common input
- added TSL inputs
- added DTSL input for stochastic trades
- added PARABOLIC_TSL input
- added STOCHASTIC_TSL input
- added STOCHASTIC_DTSL input
2) Corection of LOT calculation for enabled LOT_PROGRESSION
Versão 2.10 2017.11.17
1) Added new VARIABLE_STOP_LOSS module (details in description)
2) Added new PREDEFINED_SETTINGS module (details in description)
4) STOCH_LVL refers only to STOCHASTIC trades
5) Improved AUTO_LOT module calculations
6) Changed type of STOCH_THRESHOLD input to double for more precise work.
7) Minor changes in TIME_CONTROL inputs:
- renamed CLOSE_FRAME_1 inputs
- removed CLOSE_FRAME_2 inputs
Versão 2.9 2017.10.19
Minor bug fix in STOCHASTIC module for low STOCH_LVL values
Versão 2.8 2017.10.11
Some improvements of AUTO_LOT module and correction of RISK calculations for non-USD accounts.
Added inputs:
Versão 2.7 2017.09.29
1) Added AUTO_LOT module from LCF_EPSILON
2) Minor changes in Inputs and Comments
- added FIXED_LOT
- added RISK
- removed ORDER_LOG
- removed DEV_MODE
- reorganized in sections
Versão 2.4 2017.08.28
1) Separation of LOT and SL values for Parabolic and Stochastic trades.
- LOT input has been replaced by PARABOLIC_LOT and STOCHASTIC_LOT.
- SL input has been replaced by PARABOLIC_SL and STOCHASTIC_SL.
2) Improved LOT_PROGRESSION module.
3) Corrected trade comments.
4) Minor bug-fixes.