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Extended price cycle oscillator

The indicator analyzes the specified period of bars, searching for the probable rise/fall cycles. A return of the values back from the upper or lower level may indicate a reversal moment of the cycle. An optional 10-level digital filtering is used for additional smoothing. The changes in the oscillator line direction can be additionally marked with "arrows" (dots by default).


  • Calculation period - calculation period;
  • Prev value calc coef - coefficient of "impact" of the previous value;
  • Digital filter mode - digital smoothing level;
  • Show up/down arrows - enable additional display of the rise/fall of values;
  • Arrow up symbol code - code of the rise symbol;
  • Arrow down symbol code - code of the fall symbol;
  • Show indicator name - enable the display of setting values in the indicator name;
  • Additional precision - additional precision.
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