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ZeryEA is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on scalping when indicated the market makes a fast movement. EA can work with any pairs, but It is recommended for GBP/USD, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY with M1.

Expert Advantages

  • NO: Grid, martingale, hedge & arbitrage.
  • YES: Stop loss is always for every orders.
  • LOW: Average position holding time.
  • MIN: Drawdown, initial deposit.


  • Auto lot enable (true/false): Auto lots calculate on margin account.
  • Risk percent: when enable auto lot.
  • Fix Lot
  • Min Profit
  • Stop loss
  • Trailing distance
  • Magic number
  • Max Spread
  • Max Slippage: Max slippage to active orders (points).
  • Space to put pending order: Space from current Ask/Bid to put pending order (points).
  • Time for closing pending order: Time (seconds) for closing pending orders.
  • Start hour
  • Start minute
  • End hour
  • End minute
  • Speed to start: Speed of market to start calculating condition for making orders.
  • Holding time for temporary memory value: Time (seconds) to keep calculated value on temporary memory value.
  • Distance for counting: Distance for starting counting speed.
  • Number of counting: Number of counting to makes orders.
  • Zery: Tick oscillated factor.


  • ECN account with stop level is zero (0) and low Spread & Slippage.
  • Good VPS.

Please test the EA in the strategy tester and service on demo account for checking broker and VPS before using EA on a live account.

The best setting is updating at "comments tab".

Thanks for care.

abusaad412 2018.01.15 14:29 

Great support , and the EA for sure worth it

Versão 4.1 2018.08.16
Fixed some errors of distance indicator.
Versão 2.1 2017.09.22
Updated the indicator for quick checking.