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Trend finder EA

The Trend finder Expert Advisor works on major currency pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD. Timeframe - H1. It has been designed to control bar opening. It shows the same results when tested on open prices and in Every Tick mode. Uses tight stop loss and take profit. The EA has a minimum set of inputs for simplicity. The direction of the trade is determined by the EA's clever adaptive system which has a profit ratio of over %90. The system is designed to trade five-digit quotes. The EA does not use grids, martingale or averaging.


  1. Using VPS.
  2. Minimum deposit is 100 USD or cents.
  3. Using portfolio trading.
  4. 5-digit quotes.


  • Lots - fixed lit of LotsPercent = False;
  • LotsPercent - if True, lot value is calculated automatically;
  • Percent - percent of deposit to calculate Lots;
  • Magic - unique order number.
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Versão 1.1 2017.04.14
1.1 - Expert Advisor strategies optimized.