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King Midas


  1. The Expert Advisor uses patterns. The most frequent patterns are used for trading, they help to determine the price movement in the next time moment.
  2. The Expert Advisor is based on a programmed neural network.
  3. The EA trades using a grid or orders. Closes orders by averaging.
  4. The EA works on most currency pairs.


  1. Orders are opened by the EA's decision. The basis of the EA is a programmable neural network.
  2. Orders are closed when the total account balance reaches the Profit value (input parameters). Orders are also closed when reaching the Take Profit and Stop Loss values (input parameters).

Important!!! Preparing for trade

The EA needs training. To do this:

  1. Check Optimization.
  2. Select Model: Open prices only, Timeframes: M1.
  3. Configuring input parameters. Expert properties: check test. Set start=1, step=1, stop=10.
  4. Start optimization. Click Start.


  1. The training process can be applied to any symbol. The EA uses Global Variables. Before training on a new symbol press F3 and delete current global variables.
  2. It is recommended to re-train the EA every 2-3 months.
  3. It is not recommended to test the EA and trade in real time simultaneously.

Input parameters

  1. Lots - the volume of market orders. Recommended value of Lots=0.01.
  2. Take Profit - the Take Profit level in points of the chart. Recommended value of Take Profit=0.6.
  3. Stop Loss - the Stop Loss level in points of the chart. Recommended value of Stop Loss =0.6.
  4. Profit - the desired profit in the deposit currency to be locked upon closure of a series of orders; Recommended value of Profit = 1.
  5. test - this parameter is required for the EA training. Recommended value of test=1.

Settings values do not depend on the number of quotes' decimal places. Example: TakeProfit = 0.001 is equal to 10 points at four-digit quotes or 100 points at five-digit ones.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Best regards, Dmitriy.

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