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RiskRobot MT4

After many years of trading, all professional traders come to a single conclusion - the only thing we can control on the market is risk. Not all traders are able to manage their risks due to their individual psychological features, laziness and other reasons. RiskRobot has been developed to solve this issue. It has a very flexible functionality able to adjust to any risk management.


  • Maximum total exhibition - maximum volume of all open trades
  • Maximum lot - maximum volume of a single trade
  • Maximum% loss for the day (0-off) - maximum loss percentage per day (0 - disabled)
  • Maximum number of orders per day (0-off) - maximum number of trades per day
  • Maximum number of unprofitable orders per day (0-off) - maximum number of loss-making trades per day
  • Maximum number of open orders at the same time (0-off) - maximum number of trades opened simultaneously
  • Allowed symbols (""-off) - allowed symbols
  • Maximum number of symbols used (0-off) - maximum number of various symbols
  • Maximum loss of one order % (0-off) - maximum losses per trade in percentage of the deposit
  • An early night - beginning of the night (trading end)
  • End of the night - end of the night (trading start)
  • Closing of the order at night - close trades at night (at non-trading time)
  • How many seconds to wait after loss-making orders - wait a specified number of seconds after a loss-making trade
  • How many seconds to wait after launching - wait a specified number of seconds after launching the EA
  • Permitted types of orders - allowed trade types
  • Minimum distance for pending orders - minimum interval from the current price for pending orders
  • Minimum deposit (at equity) - minimum trading deposit (free funds)
  • Stop-loss points (0-off) - stop loss in points
  • Take-profit points (0-off) - take profit in points
  • Profit points to close half the order (0-off) - profit (in points), at which half of a position is closed
  • Profit items to stop the transfer (0-off) - profit (in points), at which a stop level is moved
  • Stop-loss for a profit (0-off) - points for moving a stop level
  • Profit for the closing of the order at the close of the candle (0-off) - profit (in points) for closing a trade after a candle is formed
  • Candles period for closing orders - candle timeframe for closing a trade
  • Maximum stoploss (0-off) - maximum stop loss
  • Not active color - disabled EA color
  • Active color - active EA color
  • Corner - text corner
  • Show alerts (True - Alerts, False - Messages) - display alerts or messages.
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