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EA Triple Lock

The Expert Advisor defines differences in quotes and opens positions at three pairs simultaneously, thus generating a total locked position. When quote values are aligned and profit appears, all positions are closed simultaneously as well.


  1. VPS located close to broker servers for minimum execution delays.
  2. Minimum deposit is 500 USD or cents. Minimum EA lot is 0.2. It is set automatically.
  3. Hedging account.


  • MAGIC - EA magic number;
  • Sym1 - first symbol for locking;
  • Sym2 - second symbol for locking;
  • Sym3 - third symbol for locking;
  • QuotationsDirection - quotes direction;
  • DifferencePip - quotes difference in points (recommended value is 10);
  • Lots=0.2 - applied lot (ignored if LotsPercent = true);
  • LotsPercent - if true, a lot is calculated automatically (Percent parameter);
  • Percent - percentage of the deposit for lot calculation (if LotsPercent = true);
  • TakeProfitPercent - if true, TakeProfit is calculated automatically (Lots*Factor);
  • Factor - multiplier for automatic TakeProfit calculation;
  • UseStopLoss - if false, StopLoss parameter is ignored;
  • StopLoss - loss level in deposit currency (ignored if UseStopLoss=false);
  • TakeProfit - profit level in deposit currency (ignored if LotsPercent=true).

Recommended symbol combinations

For QuotationsDirection=Direct:

  1. Sym1=EURUSD, Sum2=GBPUSD, Sym3=EURGBP.
  2. Sym1=EURUSD, Sum2=AUDUSD, Sym3=EURAUD.
  3. Sym1=GBPUSD, Sum2=AUDUSD, Sym3=GBPAUD.

For QuotationsDirection=Return:

  1. Sym1=EURUSD, Sum2=USDCHF, Sym3=EURCHF.
  2. Sym1=GBPUSD, Sum2=USDCHF, Sym3=GBPCHF.
  3. Sym1=EURUSD, Sum2=USDCAD, Sym3=EURCAD.

It is recommended to use majors and their crosses.

All tests were conducted in "Every tick based on real ticks" mode. Used timeframe: H1. The default settings were used in the screenshot examples.

Berwyn Riveral
Berwyn Riveral 2017.01.17 09:53 

Backtest is way different that forward test. In the backtest the EA opens trades every couple of minutes, in the forward test EA doesn't open trades, even if DifferencePips is set to 1 or 0. I have tried forward test with multiple brokers, the same result. In the backtest even with delay of 500ms the EA still trades and wins. In the forward test with a VPS to broker latency of 4ms to 10ms the EA doesn't trade.

Update: 17/01/2017

I would like to update my review for this EA. I conducted further forward tests with more brokers and more pairs and I have seen a better result so it will be unfair to the seller if I will not update my review. In my further tests the EA opens trades on certain pair combinations although it is not as quick as the back test in closing the trades but it does its job. I think this is a good EA with the right broker and right pairs. I will update my review from 1 start to 4 star.