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Bressert Hal Fast

The HAL Fast indicator is a brand new product of the Bressert Group of Indicators.

It is a line indicator.

It is also the fastest of the three HAL indicators.

HAL Fast moves between 0 to 100.

HAL Fast changes color based on market patterns in real time.

When the indicator turns up, it becomes green and when it turns down, it becomes red.

We added a cycle count to the indicator in real time so you can easily see the number of bars the indicator went up or down. This follows the first trade pattern below.

You have the option to turn all the bars green above the mid level set at 55 and all red when below the mid level. It follows the second trade plan below.

There are two entry patterns to look for.

1. Buy or Sell on the turns of the indicator direction. Buy when it turns up and sell when it turns down.

2. Buy or sell and HOLD on a move above or below the mid level.


  • Crossover = 0
  • DivBars = 5
  • BuyLine = 55
  • SellLine = 55
  • ColorOn Turns = True - see the bar turn green on upturn, and red on downturn
  • ColorOn False = green above BuyLine and red below SellLine
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Versão 1.20 2016.12.29
Updated the double txt font that occurred when changing time frames
Versão 1.10 2016.12.27
updated the correct name. Changed the font size of the auto cycles. Change the colors to be brighter.