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Greed Master Levels From

Greed Master Levels From uses a specified number of bars (N) in history to detect maximum and minimum levels and sets pending orders at them. During a level breakout, a trade is opened and closed by an electronic TakeProfit. Trades are accompanied by StopLoss and TakeProfit. The duration of placed orders is the same as the one used to analyze bars in history (N). On H1 timeframe of any symbol, when the number of bars is set to 24, the EA works from highs and lows of the previous day. The same is true for M30 if the number of bars is 48, as well as for H4 timeframe if the number of bars is 6.


  • MAGICB - Long magic number;
  • MAGICS - Short magic number;
  • "__Working hours__GMT__";
  • Hours_to_GMT_Offset - broker terminal GMT time offset in hours;
  • "_The parameters for the EURUSD M30.";
  • "__Start__";
  • GameOn - allow the EA operation;
  • AnalyzedPeriod - period in extreme value analysis bars;
  • Lot - working lot;
  • LotForManual - initial lot for manual operation;
  • TP - real TakeProfit;
  • TPV - virtual TakeProfit not visible to a broker;
  • SL - real StopLoss;
  • Slippage - slippage;
  • "__Directions On/Off.__";
  • SELL - enable/disable SELL direction;
  • BUY - enable/disable BUY direction;
  • "__Restrictions__";
  • OnOffLock - enable/disable Locking if lot and StopLoss are big enough;
  • LockLevel - MarginLevel in Locking %;
  • "__Trailingator__";
  • TrailingStop - trailingator parameter;
  • TrailingStep - trailingator parameter;
  • "__Working mode(Color/BW)__";
  • BW - enable/disable black and white mode;
  • Illumin - enable/disable data and lines in a symbol window;
  • DelObj - enable/disable deleting objects from a symbol window during deinitialization.
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