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Trader Cooperation EA

This Expert Advisor is for binary option trading on a MT4 account.

It always trades with the start amount - no martingale or other systems.

But if you want, the EA is able to trade Martingale and follow trades.

We recommend the timeframe M15 with the currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, GBPJPY, Silver, Gold and Oil.


  • EA Magicnumber: magic number for trades
  • Amount: trade amount
  • Expiry: trade expiry
  • Trading style: choose the style normal, restrained, only Top trades
  • Indicator factor: sensitivity of the indicator (X 10, X 100, X 1000)
  • max. Martingale: martingale level (0 = no martingale)
  • Martingale multiplication factor: for martingale amount calculation
  • Follow Trades if Lost: if the first trade is lost, the EA makes XXX follow trades
  • Expiry of follow Trades: expiry of follow trades
  • Max Lost for stopping EA: If if reached, the EA will stop trading like the settings below
  • EA STOP: after "Lost Row" occurred within XXX candles: if "Max Most" is reached within xxx candles, the EA will stop trading
  • EA will restart after XXX candles "Lost Row" are reached: if the EA is stopping, the EA will continue trading after xxx candles.
  • Color CALL Trade: color for CALL trade
  • Color PUT Trade: color for PUT trade
  • Block Trades at Forex News: true = no trading at Forex News, false = every trading
  • Minutes before News: minutes before Forex News (standard 60)
  • Minutes after News: minutes after Forex News (standard 90)
  • Show News Low / Medium / High: true = show and note, false = ignore
  • OffSetDATA to Broker Hour: default = 0
  • View News on Chart: true = view news, false = do not show
  • TradingStart X: start trading at broker hour
  • TradingStop X: stop trading at broker hour

only for Strategy Tester:

  • Return percent of Trade WIN: rate of return if the trade is a WIN (default 80 = 80%)
  • Return percent to Trade LOST: rate of return if the trade is a LOST (default 0 = 0%)

for Trading block at holiday times, like Christmas and new year:

  • X. Holiday Date start: Date of the first day of holiday
  • X. Holiday Date end: Date of the last day of holiday


In order that the Forex News will be displayed, add the following URL:

  1. Click Tools > Options > Expert Advisors
  2. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL"
  3. Add the following URL to the list: http://www.forexfactory.com  (for Forex News)
  4. Add the URL http://www.tcoop.de   (only for strategy tester)

to view the Forex News in the Strategy Tester

  1. Download the Utility "Read Forex News Archive"
  2. Select the years whose Forex News you want to import.

You can test the EA in the strategy tester. But signals are only displayed at the place where trades would be opened.

This is due to the special design of the trades for Binary Options. The results are displayed on the chart.

binsignal 2017.01.12 10:48 

Very good EA. Brings profits without great risk. So the best EA for binary option I've ever seen.

Versão 2.33 2017.04.26
Update 2.33:
If no forex news can be read, the EA no longer stop - no "Block at Forex News!"
It will be then trade without news.
Versão 2.32 2017.03.13
Update 2.32:
Bug solved while reading the ForexNews. EA does not stop anymore.
Please Allow WebRequests for the URL:
Add the URL http://www.tcoop.de (for forex news)
Versão 2.30 2017.03.01
Update 2.30:
- New Symbols at Forex News
- Stop EA: how long should the EA be stopped?
"Stop Loss" at this symbol: true or false and how much loss should be stopped
"Take Profit" at this symbol: true or false and from which profit should be stopped
"Stop Loss" (all Symbols): true or false and how much loss should be stopped
"Take Profit" (all Symbols): true or false and from which profit should be stopped
Versão 2.28 2017.01.24
Update 2.28:
Small bug in the tester fixed
Rare error in the ForexNews fixed