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This indicator is created based on Price Action and Volatility of market.

This indicator may or may not work for you, please try it in demo account first.

This indicator tries to sync with market Price Action.

By changing the AtrFactor parameter you can adapt it.

You can use this indicator as:

  • Simplify trend observing (when price move above indicator line trend is up, when price move below indicator line trend is down).
  • Strength and weakness of trend.
  • Range bound market observing (when indicator is flat and price cross indicator line ).
  • No trade area observing.
  • Use for Stop Loss level
  • Price Action based indicator.
  • Dynamic Support and Resistance.
  • Overextended trend measurement.

This is only a tool for you and not a signal generator. You can use it to improve your trading system

My trading system is multi time frame, and I use this indicator in lower time frame to confirm my order entry price and direction.

Indicator parameters

  • AtrFactor: 2.0 (default), setting for sensitivity of Price Action

Enjoy trading!

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Versão 3.1 2017.01.10
-Remove demo limit
Versão 3.0 2016.11.02
-Improve visual interface when new level observed
Versão 2.0 2016.10.17
- Improve new level detection.
- In demo version last 40 candles not displayed.