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Trade Helper for FX MT4

Trade Helper for FX is an information indicator which will help you to find an optimal volume for opening a position with a given symbol.

It will show you the main characteristics of your account and a selected symbol:

  • leverage and spread;
  • account drawdown level in percentage terms; if drawdown level is >= 50%, the text color will become red. This is very convenient.
  • minimal and maximal volume of a trade with a given symbol;
  • margin per 1 lot;
  • trade volume equal to your risk level specified in percentage terms.


  • Balance - convenient for calculating a deal volume for a specified amount of funds. If Balance = 0, all free funds are used in calculation.
  • Risk - percentage of the balance, for which the deal volume is calculated.
  • Corner - text anchor corner.
  • X - horizontal indent in pixels.
  • Y - vertical indent in pixels.
  • Color - text color.
  • FontName - font name.
  • FontSize - font size.

I hope that this indicator will be useful for you.

msalguer 2018.09.07 01:05 


Ricon 2017.03.28 09:22 

Very nice - much appreciated!