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You must use it on timeframes from M1 to M30.

  • The yellow line shows the slow trend.
  • The violet line shows the actual average trend.
  • The green line shows the Drive.

When the yellow and violet lines are aiming the same trend, you can take a trade according to green line - once it crosses the zero level.


Both yellow and violet lines are going up and they are above the 0 line. If the green line crosses the 0 line up, take a long trade. Stop trading whenever you want to or when the green line goes back to 0.

The same is for the opposite situation.

When the green line is between 2 other lines, then the trend is not confirmed and it's better not to trade.

Have a look in the history and check the entries according to the above description, you will see that they have the right direction almost all the time.

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