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Engulfing bull and bear alert

In my series of manual trading indicators i've tried to make them easy to use together with useful important account information. Let me present for you the Engulfing Bull&Bear alert indicator that you can use on any currency pair and time frame, easy setup simply load it on chart and you are ready to go.

This indicator will alert you with sound and popup alert windows + on chart events with visual arrows for bullish or bearish engulfing patterns. When you have placed an order, you have to set your own take profit and stoploss level because this indicator wont do that for you. Otherwise you can use the signal Arrows for entry and exit signals and only place your own stoploss.


  • Bullish signal (blue): Place the buy order
  • Bearish signal (red): Close the opened order

At the top left corner of the chart this indicator also will inform you about your account status.


  • Displays actual spread for the currency
  • User friendly, no complicated setups
  • Working on all currency pair and timeframes
  • Displays important information about your account; Server time, balance, margin, equity, open actual profit/loss
  • Popup/sound alert + on chart visual events

Indicator settings

  • Popup and sound alert ON= Default true
  • Bulls Arrow color= Default blue
  • Bears Arrow color= Default red
  • Draw Candle ON= Default true
  • Spread text information location on chart: Default 4
  • Spread text font= Default tahoma
  • Spread text font color= Default Lawn green
  • Spread text font size: Default 10

I hope this indicator will assist you in your manual trading and don't forget that you can always use additional indicators together with this.

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Versão 1.1 2017.01.16
Just a few small changes to website links and added free margin visual information.