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Ultimate Gold Rush

This expert is coded only to work on XAU/USD .

This is a strategy based on trend and multi level positions.

Time Frame: Only M1


The EA works with normal fixed spreads and ECN account.

  • Lots - Your first lot size (Recommend to use 0.01 Lot)
  • TakeProfit - Your Take profit stop (in pips). Depends on your broker is it have limitation. But between 30 to 100 is great.
  • UseTrailing - TRUE/FALSE . If you want to use Trailing Stop
  • TrailStart - Your trail start value in pips. Minimum profit to be guaranteed.
  • TrailStop - Your trail stop value in pips. This is the level of trail step in pips.
  • MaxOpenOrders - Maximum number of open positions by the expert.
  • SafeEquityStopOut - TRUE/FALSE . If you want to enable a maximum Drawdown Stopout.
  • SafeEquityRisk - Maximum drawdown in percentage of your actual balance.
  • MagicNumber - This number is to track order opened by the expert.
    • Magic number must be unique for each chart you enable the EA. You must change it for each chart.

For optimal performance Use one chart for Only SHORT(sell) and one chart for Only LONG (BUY). For a total of 2 charts are running the Ultimate Gold Rush EA.

This is in the expert setting, Common Tab.

Zhi Hua Liu
Zhi Hua Liu 2016.07.19 17:54 

Very good EA, is worth to recommend.

Albert Kuipers
Albert Kuipers 2016.06.30 20:02 

WOW good EA.I use tp:15 works super!!!

great profit in 2 days low DD,On small account en big account

Same results on pepperstone as IC Markets.

Thanks Francis

Versão 2.0 2016.08.10
-Version optimized to work with all Gold suffix according to broker's.