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Custom Bull and Bear Alert

In my products of manual trading indicators, Custom Bull&Bear alert is a great manual trading tool for the trader to use in everyday trading. This indicator you can customize to your own likings. Moving Average is used for generating trade signals and you can specify your own custom settings to suit your needs and use it on any currency pair and timeframe! When the indicator have found a signal for you, it can alert your with sound/pop up window on chart, email and push notification. All these features can be turned off or set to your needs.

How to use it?

Simply load it to the chart and timeframe you want, either use the pre-installed settings for the moving average or specify your own. At the left bottom corner of the chart the indicator will notify you with visual text about the charts incoming signals.

  • Strong Bullish signal with LimeGreen color text
  • Weak Bullish signal with Orange color text
  • Flat market, either bull or bear with white color text
  • Strong bearish signal with red color text
  • Weak Bearish signal with orange color text

When an order has been placed, you have to set your own take profit and stop loss and trailing levels. This indicator DOES NOT do that for you!

Right top chart panel information

Shows you the current spread, your account balance, margin, equity, open current profit/loss, server time and account name.


  • Easy to use, no complicated settings
  • Customizable settings for the Moving Average
  • Works on all currency pairs and timeframes
  • Shows the most important information about your account such as balance, equity, margin, open profit/loss, spread and server time.


  • Moving Average Fast: default 6
  • MA Slow: default 25
  • MA Shift Fast: default 0
  • MA Shift Slow: default 0
  • Alert ON/OFF
  • Email alert ON/OFF
  • Push notification ON/OFF
  • Spread text information location on chart: default 4
  • Spread text font color: default Lawn Green
  • Spread text font size: default 10

I hope you will like this indicator. If you have any questions, I will be here for you to answer them!

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