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This Expert Advisor works on Breakouts at sensible levels, it is not a scalper and is not sensible to slippage.

It uses dynamic Stop Losses and Take Profits that are adjusted to the volatility of the moment.

The Money Management calculates, in real time, the lots based on the Stop Loss and the percentage of desired risk.

This Expert Advisor has been designed to work on EURUSD H1.

It does not use Martingales or Grids.

Real account monitoring:


Input Parameters

Money Management:

  • UseMoneyManagement: if it is true, it is possible to decide the percentage of risk on capital;
  • Lots: if "UseMoneyManagement" is false, it is possible to use fixed lots;
  • LotsDecimals: decimal number of lots, if the broker uses micro-lots (0.01) one must set at 2, or at 1.
  • RiskInPercent: Percentage of risk based on capital and on the stoploss of each transaction;
  • MaximumLots: Maximum lots.

Setting GMT Offset:

  • AutoGMT_Offset: automatic GMT adjustment;
  • ManualGMT_Offset: manual GMT correction, used for backtests.

Other Parameters:

  • MaxSlippage: maximum permitted slippage;
  • CustomComment: personal comment;
  • MagicNumber: Identification of the Expert Advisor;
  • DisplayInfoPanel: set a true if you want to view the information panel.
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