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Black Rex

The main strategy of this EA is to trade on the breakouts of the Support and Resistance levels. Using multiple complex algorithms to manage each and every single trade order with high accuracy as with accordance to market volatility.


  • Timeframe: EURUSD H1
  • Minimum deposit: $100
  • Account type: ECN
  • Account Currency: USD
  • To be used with a VPS/dedicated server for low latency trade executions


  • Risk Management - default is set to true, if you want to use fixed lots, set this to false
  • Risk Percent - this determines your risk appetite
  • Lots - this determines your fixed lots size when you set "Risk Management" to false
  • Maximum Lots - this determines the maximum lots that you want to trade at
  • Slippage - this determines your Order slippage level
  • Expiration (seconds) - this determines your order expiration, in terms of seconds, 86400 seconds would mean about 1 day's worth
  • Enable Trailing Stops - Toggles the trailing stops function
  • Trailing Stop - this determines the trailing stop level
  • Use Order History Total - Toggles the Read Order history algorithm
  • Order History Count - this determines the number of orders to be read
  • Delete Pending Orders after End Hour - Toggles whether or not to delete all current pending orders once the end hour and minute is reached
  • Delete Pending Orders before the Weekend - Toggles whether or not to delete all current pending orders before the weekend starts
  • Maximum Spread - Maximum Spread rate
  • GMT Offset - if your broker is on +3 GMT, then this to "3", if it is on +2 GMT, then set it to "2"
  • Start Hour - this determines the start hour
  • Start Minute - this determines the start minute
  • End Hour - this determines the end hour
  • End Minute - this determines the end minute
  • No Trading on Early Sunday Morning - Enable/Disable trading on Early Sunday Morning
  • Sunday Start Hour - this determines the hour that the bot will start trading on early sunday morning
  • No Training on Monday - Enable/Disable trading on Monday
  • No Trading on Tuesday - Enable/Disable trading on Tuesday
  • No Trading on Wednesday - Enable/Disable trading on Wednesday
  • No Trading on Thursday - Enable/Disable trading on Thursday
  • No Trading on Friday - Enable/Disable trading on Friday
  • No Trading on Friday Night - Enable/Disable trading on Friday Night
  • No Trading After Friday Night Hour - Disable trading after this hour on Friday Night, this is to allow the bot to prevent holding trading positions over the weekend.
  • No Trading on Saturday - Enable/Disable trading on Saturday
  • Trade on the Last Week of the Year - If you want to trade on the last week of the year, set this to true
  • Trade on the First Week of the Year - If you want to trade on the first week of the year, set this to true
  • TakeProfit - your take profit level in pips
  • Stoploss - your stoploss level in pips
  • Magic Number - a unique number to manage each individual EA's trades
  • Info Statistics - Toggles the display information on screen
  • Enable Fast Backtest - Toggles Fast Backtest on/off
  • Comment Message - EA's comment message


  • Low latency VPS or dedicated server to your broker's trading server is of utmost importance, the lower the latency the better.
  • Low Spreads
  • Low Commission
  • High quality trading execution
  • Leverage of 1:100 or higher
Herry Chairudin
Herry Chairudin 2018.06.21 12:00 

i will give 3 star becouse this is first trial from me

after 2 month i will update the star ^^ thanks a lot for the respon ^^