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This indicator is a result of a prolonged development of a tool for trading pending orders, to be exact, for placing the most rational stop orders both for opening and closing positions. The indicator allows to open a position at the very beginning of a price movement. Another important feature of the indicator is the ability to follow the trend as much as possible in orders to receive all potential profit, at the same minimizing the potential losses. Step SAR AM can be easily called an independent trading system, quite efficient one, despite its seeming simplicity. In fact, Step SAR AM allows to determine the price pivot points. In its appearance and usage principles, the Step SAR AM is very similar to the classic technical analysis indicator developed in 1976 by Welles Wilder, namely the Parabolic SAR. At the same time the calculation principles of this indicator are completely different.

Step SAR AM can be used on different markets. It can help in determining the market entry point and the point of maximum profit when exiting. To filter out the trades, in which any profit can not be gained due to insignificant price movement swings, it is recommended to use a commonplace rule - enter the market in the direction of a long-term trend.

Signal received when working with the Step SAR AM indicator:

  • first red dot appearing above the price graph - a possible beginning of a downtrend;
  • first green dot appearing below the price graph - a possible beginning of an uptrend.

The Step SAR AM indicator usage principles

Option 1

Buy once the price value exceeds the High (taking the spread into account) of the bar, where the price is greater than the indicator value (green dot);

Sell once the price exceeds the Low of the bat, where indicator value is greater than the price (red dot).

Option 2

Place a buy stop order in the direction of the uptrend based on the Step SAR AM values during the price rollback (buy stop order by the red dot values);

Place a sell stop order in the direction of the downtrend based on the Step SAR AM values during the price rollback (sell stop order by the green dot values);

Option 3

The dots displayed by the indicator are optimal for placing the stop orders both for opening a position and for closing it, therefore Step SAR AM can be also used as a trailing stop line.

Adjustable parameters of the Step SAR AM indicator

  • Sensitivity (>0) - the sensitivity of the indicator to price changes.

The default sensitivity of the indicator is 7. The value can be changed. The smaller the values, the earlier the indicator generates a signal about a possible change in the trend direction. At the same time, the number of false signals increases. A, respectively, the greater this value, the less incorrect signals are expected, but the indicator will react with a slight delay.

The indicator does not redraw.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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Versão 1.10 2016.11.18
Added automatic correction of invalid parameter values.