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Shepherd Elliot Wave

This indicator will work with Elliot theory into 2 ways

  1. Automatic work : it will detect all 5 motive waves on the chart and give you a prediction and potential reversal zones.. and it can give you alerts and push messages...
  2.  Manual Work : this option for whom work with manual Elliot wave theory it will allow you to draw with 9 grades and you can define every grade alone by moving the draws on chart after they appear and it will be more easier to draw with this indicator note that it will save all drawing data on platform data folder.


  • Name - Indicator name.
  • Use_System_Visuals - Enable/Disable Indicator theme . 
  • Explain_Comment - Enable/Disable explain comment for waves numbering.
  • Show_Last_Candle_Counter - Enable/Disable candle time counter.
  • Candle_Counter_Color - Color Of Candle Counter.
  • Basic_Wave_Color - The main wave color .
  • Bullish_Wave_Color - Color For The Bullish 5 motive wave when it detected .
  • Bearish_Wave_Color - Color For The Bearish 5 motive wave when it detected .
  • Ending_Diagonal_Color - Color For The Ending Diagonal motive wave when it detected .
  • Leading_Diagonal_Color - Color For The Leading Diagonal motive wave when it detected .
  • Correction_Color - Color For The Corrective waves .
  • Proportion_Color  - Color For The Waves Proportions .
  • PRZs_Color - Color For waves potential reversal zones.
  • Font_Color - Color For The texts.
  • Font_Size - Size of Texts.
  • Show_Targets - Enable/Disable show targets in the auto mode . 
  • Send_Alert - Enable/Disable Alert function . 
  • Send_Notification - Enable/Disable Notification function .
  • Send_Email - Enable/Disable Email function .
  • History_Bars - Max number of historical bars that will be analyzed whith auto funtion .

seoktang 2018.10.09 01:22 

Bought this indicators two weeks ago, the owner told me to contact him 10 days later for updates as the current version is not working well,

I need technical support from Abdullah to give me an updated version of the indicator. he hasn't replied me.

Roman Zakharii
Roman Zakharii 2018.07.04 03:02 

It detects Elliott waves IN THE PAST which are of no use for me...So far and I have tested many timeframes and instruments, it hasnt detected any developing Elliott waves. And it also plots a disturbing text in the upper left of the screen which one cannt get rid off even when you remove indicator this text still stays. The indicator also changes the candles colour scheme to orange. When you remove indicator colour scheme remains orange! Waste of money...not worth it

Stefan Giehler
Stefan Giehler 2018.04.03 22:47 

a good buy of the indicator, great joy about the reliability, almost certainly the potential goal is headed for, very good earning opportunities swallows a lot of hardware resources

wilson0 2017.11.20 16:47 

nice nice.

intherainbow 2017.04.21 16:18 

Indicators works great during my first month rent,and I tested it on EURUSD pair with different time frame. You need a powerful CPU otherwise it will slow down your PC when you open too many charts with it.

Imadov Eden Park
Imadov Eden Park 2016.06.19 03:00 

nice 100/100

Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz 2016.05.18 17:56 

Nice indicator for wave traders :)

Versão 1.4 2017.11.02
-Improvements In Notifications System.
Versão 1.3 2017.06.29
1. Add Divergence sensor.
2. Bug fixes.