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Exports the data on trades for the specified period to a .csv file. The period is specified in the parameters in hours and days to make it convenient to export the data both for a year and for the past trading session, which lasted a few hours.

Input Parameters:

  • hours - the numbers of hours of saved history
  • days - the numbers of days of saved history

The periods in days and hours are added.

The script save more data than the standard MT5 tools, which expands the capabilities of the analysis. The following information is saved as columns in the file:

  • Ticket - trade identifier (int)
  • OpenTime - trade opening date-time (datetime)
  • Symbol - symbol name (string)
  • Type - trade type (0-buy,1-sell)
  • Entry - direction (0-enter, 1-exit the trade)
  • Lots - volume (double)
  • OpenPrice - trade opening price (double)
  • Commission - commission size in deposit currency (double)
  • Profit - trade result (double)
  • Comment - comment (string)

delimiters between the columns: ";" and "\t" (tab) are output together

The data is saved to a file with the name like "DealsHistory_acc1007066_2016.01.28.csv", where "acc1007066" - account number, "2016.01.28" - saving date.

The file is placed to the "<terminal_folder>\MQL5\Files\" folder

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