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The Expert Advisor is based on the grid principle. Uses the martingale system. Every order is equipped with stop loss. Orders are closed based on the total take profit, breakeven or trailing stop.

Autolot calculates the trading lot size as 0,01 lot per 1000 units of the deposit.

Automatic adjustment to 4 and 5 digit quotes.


  • Enable AutoLot - enable Autolot;
  • if Autolot = false, it is first Lot - lot size if Autolot is disabled;
  • TakeProfit in Points - take profit level in points for closing orders;
  • StopLoss level - stop loss level for each order;
  • Orders Multiplier - lot multiplier for averaging orders;
  • Step between orders - step between averaging orders;
  • Maximum orders - the maximum number of orders in the same direction;
  • The level of profit in points - the profit level to place the breakeven;
  • Stop Loss level in points - stop loss level at breakeven;
  • Enable trailing - enable trailing stop;
  • Start trailing in points - level for activation of trailing stop;
  • Step trailing - step for placing stop loss during the operation of trailing stop;
  • Enable InfoPanel - enable display of the info panel on the chart;
  • Background color - background color of the info panel;
  • Text color - text color of the info panel;
  • Font Size - font size of the info panel;
  • Slippage level - slippage level;
  • The magic number - magic number to distinguish EA's own orders.
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