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All In One Indicator

This Indicator is all you need to make a great technical analysis of the market.

It works on any timeframe and symbol and can also be used as a whole trading system.

Here is a complete list of what it can do:

  • draw automatic trendlines
  • draw automatic regression channel
  • draw automatic fibonacci retracement levels
  • draw automatic fibonacci fan levels
  • draw customizable fractals
  • draw moving averages
  • draw daily, weekly, monthly high & lows
  • draw daily pivots (adding weekly and monthly soon)
  • draw round number levels
  • draw newstime lines and display upcoming news events
  • display distance to any levels drawn on the chart
  • alert when price crosses X of your levels

It highly customizable to plot only what you want it to.

Example of how it can work as a trading system giving very accurate signals.

In direction of the channel, wait for price to cross three or more objects and then place a trade when price cross them all back at the same bar.

Now you never have to draw your lines again, let the 'All In One Indicator' do the job for you!

(NOTE: due to MQL Market don't allow 'DLL imports' i had to temporally disable the News until i find a way around this problem.)

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Versão 1.6 2015.11.02
new features in version 1.6

- quick buttons to enable/disable most stuff
- can now draw zigzag line
- get ready signal
- automatically detects and shows relevant pivots for its timeframe
- automatically adjust price levels i.e round numbers to its timeframe
- displays crossed objects
- new default settings