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Gamma Etalong

Use of Market Sentiment realized in Gamma Etalong Exper Advisor (hereinafter "GE").

Concept and Brief Description

  1. The signal comes out at the end of the trend when Market Sentiment Oscillator (momentum oscillator of averaged bulls/bears percentage) starts losing its strength - after reaching a predefined extremum.
  2. The signal is reconfirmed by several indicators known to work well in mean-reversion strategies, i.e. S/R, ZigZag and EMA.
  3. The signal is reconfirmed by using several indicators on a higher TF for better timing - in order to take into full account what’s happening in the Market on a larger scale.
  • sustainable profitability on a vast history (15 years)
  • reasonable number of trades (>50-70 per year)
  • decent DD <25-30% per 1% initial lot size (DD <2.5-3.0% per 0.1% initial lot size)
  • any TF. Not sensitive to Spread//Broker

Additional Features

  • MM, always use fixed SL to protect account against adverse market conditions
  • Default settings are ready for EURGBP M15
  • Profitable closing of potentially losing trades by using light martingale (series of 3-4 orders, never more than 5, if the EA opens >=6 orders in a row – such settings go to scrap)
  • Automatic adjustment to 4 and 5-digit quotes
  • Indication of the current Spread on a chart
  • Setting max allowed Slippage
  • Markings on charts for openings, closings and cancellations (indicating the reason)
  • All used indicators get turned on the chart after Test run in "Visual mode"
  • By the end of each test :
    • calculates Average Holding Time (average life time of all trades)
    • indicates max number of consecutive positions in martingale (usually 3-4)
    • calculates comprehensive Profit-Index (comes handy as a benchmark for comparison of different tests) proprietary formula for which includes:
      • # of profitable trades vs. total # of trades
      • total profit vs. # of profitable trades
      • total loss vs. # of losing trades.

Note 1: make sure that all TF charts from M15 to D1 are turned on for your MT4 for the pair, otherwise EA gets removed automatically (in this case log will read: "GE EURGBP initialization failed").

Note 2: if you run Tester in Visual on M15, but using higher TF for filters (lets say ZigZag on H4), ZigZag will NOT be shown on the chart.

Note 3: we do not recommend trading the next day after holidays (the 1st of May, New Year, Christmas, etc.).

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