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MA Channel SK


  • MA_Channel_SK defines reasonable market entry/exit points
  • Forecasts the possible future price movement
  • Creates equidistant channels that become dynamic support and resistance levels
  • Greatly facilitates the visual analysis of the market

The indicator is based on standard Moving Average.

Differences from МА:

  • The ability to adjust the levels for different timeframes. If you set the levels for M5 and then switch to D1 when working with a standard MA, all levels will "stick" to the moving average. This is not the case with MA_Channel_SK.
  • The moving average chart does not end with the last bar. MA_Channel_SK draws the channels 12 bars ahead to the future.
  • Ability to change the channel generation method (10 options).


The SK_MA_Channel settings are similar to the Moving Average ones comprising of only three main parameters:

  • Period_MA - МА period
  • Method_MA - averaging method
  • Price_MA - price type

All other settings are custom:

  • Method - channel generation method (10 options)
  • Step_M1 - channel grid step for М1
  • Step_M5 - channel grid step for М5
  • Step_M15 - channel grid step for М15
  • Step_M30 - channel grid step for М30
  • Step_H1 - channel grid step for Н1
  • Step_H4 - channel grid step for Н4
  • Step_D1 - channel grid step for D1
  • Show_LINE - show/hide 24 future bars
  • NumBar - amount of displayed bars
  • Color_TEXT - text color
majidsultan17 2015.09.04 01:03 

powerful indicator

Rinor Memeti
Rinor Memeti 2015.09.03 19:33 

Good tool

Versão 12.1 2015.08.05
Added the channel grid step for W1 and MN.
Versão 12.0 2015.08.03
1. Added data accuracy position. Now it is 5 decimal places (Digits = 5)
Versão 11.9 2015.07.21
1. Added a channel. Now there is 5 on the top and 5 on the bottom.
2. Added ability to change future line color (24 bars in the future).