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Marcelo Ferreira Miguel 2021.07.08 09:59  (変更された2021.07.08 12:41) 

2021.07.08 - This signal have been very profitable. Tks for your job Ekaterina! The issue is that most of time we are in a big DD (25% to 40%). As Forex trading is based on leverage there is a high probability of margin call as the provider continue to open trades against the trend. Another issue is that we don't have the chance to take off the money, because there are always many trades opened in loss. I don't think too it is a good idea to take the goal of 100% positive trades in FX market, until now it was very good in this signal, but we have the chance of a big movement against our positions blow up the account. Most of time I have the feeling we are postioned at the wrong side of the market's momentum. I will continue following this signal but not copying 95%. Ekaterina is a caring and friendly person.

2021.05.19 - Good job Ekaterina! Tks for this signal. Hope continue like this for a long time. Just subscribed tfor 3 days and got 15%. I will update the review when complete 1 month

fbritop 2021.07.07 15:36 

It was doing a good job but I think there is EGO in trying to mantain a zero loss positions record is eating her points.

The actual positions you can see there are positions open since 2021.06.14, thats 23 days paying swap.

Hope it can reverse the situation, but I don´t think a 23 days old position would turn back

Farista Rachman Latuconsina
Farista Rachman Latuconsina 2021.07.06 15:42 

I hope you could readjust your balance to the initial one or use a fixed lot : equity ratio to make it easier for people to calculate their risk (in this case the dd)

Eric K
Eric K 2021.07.06 09:17 

Great signal to follow and very patient with positions and profits. Knows what they are doing. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 Will recommend you to anyone.

I’m not sure if my copy trades are same as yours or something wrong with the settings as growth is different. But overall good I’m happy.

Will be nice if we could contact you, maybe your telegram ID in the description will be great. Or is there a way I don’t know about 🤷🏽‍♂️ Would be helpful. Maybe someone leave a review with details to help 😉

vitaminz88 2021.07.05 10:03 

Amazing signal. I have been following this for 2 weeks now and it is very very profitable. Keep that 100% dream alive

juancarl5 2021.07.02 20:16  (変更された2021.07.02 20:16) 

Excellent signal. Very professional!

zkxawxa 2021.07.02 11:55 

i wish you can keep 100% win rate in any case....good luck

eugen999 2021.07.01 19:50 

Absolut unprofessionell. Das Geld in zwei Tage komplett verloren.

viktor 2021.07.01 03:10  (変更された2021.07.06 17:45)   

Вчера подписался о чем сильно пожалел , сразу появилась огромная просадка , провайдер более 500 пунктов против сильного тренда делает покупки. stop loss нет. Не могу представить как получилась предыдущая прибыль. Я думаю такой сигнал не долговечен это 100%.

Yesterday I registered, which I strongly regretted , a huge drawdown immediately appeared , the provider makes purchases by more than 500 points against a strong trend. there is no stop loss. I can't imagine how the previous profit turned out. I think that such a signal is not durable. 100%

На этот раз есть все шанцы Потерять все счета. Если провай дер продолжит покупки. Я срочно отписываюсь.

Ali Abdullah H Alshawaf
Ali Abdullah H Alshawaf 2021.06.29 13:44  (変更された2021.07.02 18:41) 

Very nice signals

continue your brilliance

Anyone cannot accept a loss , he will be a loser