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Blazing Night Scalper MT4

Future price will be $499.

Early Users of Blazing Night Scalper get the lowest price.

*** Warning: I only sell EA's through MQL5.com. If someone contacts you saying it is me trying to sell you something, they are a Scammer. Block and report them as spam.
*** Warning: If you purchase this EA anywhere besides MQL5 it is a Fake version that will not work like the real version and you will never receive updates or support.






BACKTESTING IN MT4 will only allow you to Back test 1 pair at a time...
The Strategy works on multiple pairs and will give a more realistic back test in Metatrader 5 since MT5 will backtest with all the currency pairs at one time.

The strategy was Back-tested Stable from 2009 to 2021 using every tick based on real ticks in MT5 using Dukascopy Real Ticks 100% tick quality.
Live Testing is being compared to back-testing week by week. If the back testing resembles the live trading over the next few weeks Live Beta Testing will be complete.

Blazing Night Scalper works only on the M5 Timeframe.

Recommended Brokers: ICmarkets, Vantage, Pepperstone,  Tickmill,  Fusion Markets & Oanda Core Pricing account. Many others you will see traders using in our Telegram group.

NO NEED TO USE ANY SETTING FILES - Load the EA on one M5 Chart and then simply set the "USE MULTI SYMBOL setting to True"


This Expert Advisor trades only at night and focuses on these currency pairs:

You can also change the symbols and it can trade up to 20 currency pairs if you so choose.

This EA is a scalping system that works best with low spread. It looks for the lowest spread of the night hours and finds an entry point based on recent highs and recent lows. It does not use indicators, instead it uses it's own logic to calculate the entry for a trade.

It uses a Take Profit and Stop Loss without the use of ang Martingale or grid systems. It does have a Stop Loss reduction system to get you out of a trade early to minimize losses and prevent a long floating loss.

I provide fanatical support and will assist anyone needing assistance, anytime!  Back test the Advisor and use only the highest quality tick data. Then analyze the live trades with the back testing to see how it correlated.

レビュー 17
Henry Setiawan
Henry Setiawan 2021.11.29 09:02 

The author services is really helpfull with fast response to all member. Will update the trading result latter. Keep up the good work

Josearago 2021.11.26 14:46 

I am very happy whith the EA and whith the super service.TY

Alfred Charano
Alfred Charano 2021.11.20 03:39 

Amazing EA very accurate & profitable .. combined with Midnight blitz ... it's a money printing machine

Translated from English - Sorry for grammar このEAの構築には広範な調査とテストが行​​われ、最良の結果がデフォルト設定にプログラムされています。これは非常に収益性の高いEAであり、干渉することなく数か月間実行したままにすることができます。このEAは、常識を駆使して毎日銀行を打ち負かしています。リスク管理は取引を成功させるために不可欠であり、このEAにより、ロットサイズと自己資本の比率を簡単に管理できます。デフォルト設定では、市場が大きく動き、利益を追跡するときに1日1回の取引が行われます。このEAにはスキャルピングモードもあり、いくつかの戦略に設定できます。このEAを設定するだけで、クレイジーなドローダウンを恐れることなく、毎日最大損失が定義され、最大利益が無制限になるため、利益は常に全体的な損失よりも大きくなります。
50 USD
Time Scalper is a multi-currency Expert Advisor, which works on many symbols and M1 timeframe. The Expert Advisor does not use high-risk trading strategies like Martingale. EA works with Stoploss, Breakout, Pull back,Takeprofit, Next Trailing Stop with Neural Network Technology and Calculated through the last price every one minute not every tick. This made the decision that you do not have to worry about backtest results. For Customers Please write the author in private message to know which
499 USD
The indicator operates based on a unique candlestick pattern. When the indicator generates a signal, there is a high probability of price reversal, and we can use it in trading. Indicator use strategy Market entry should be performed at the closure of the signal candlestick. Stop Loss should be set behind the signal cloud. We will have two take profits, the first one is equal to the stop loss value, 50% of lot amount should be closed at this level, and stop loss should be moved to breakeven. T
30 USD
This EA is designed strictly for EURUSD on M5 timeframe. Back-tested since 2010, %DD = 20.19% It can be applied to other currency charts.   In addition, the EA uses standard deviation(SD), momentum and other indicators to help analyze the market on M5 timeframe. It is highly recommended to operate the MOK on low-spread forex brokers with  $2000   initial   deposit . Next Price $799 Recommended EURUSD Settings: Check comments section
299 USD
"Nebula II" is a scalper that is great for the GBP/USD pair on the M5 timeframe. Below are the tests from 2015. When certain patterns are formed, the EA sets a pending buy or sell order depending on the pattern itself. By default, certain Stop Loss and Take Profit values are set, but orders are closed mainly on the Trailing Stop. Other product:   https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/yura1994ru/seller#products Parameters when testing on M5 since 2015 by default Initial balance =   100$ Net profit =   1
87 USD
FREE VERSION of : Remus Romulus EA. You'll get much more control and features in this full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/42200 This EA is a hedging EA. So, please make sure your broker supporting this rule. Works well on ANY PAIRS, but recommended in EU only cause you cannot control many things in this free version. Please use as small as possible lot at start; recommended: 0.01 lot for $1000. ================================ You need a pogrammer for EA? Check this:  http
EU H1 Combo By Jeckky
Sm 1 Worrasin Mitasida
4 (1)
Strategy => 5   Strategy  in EA Combo with SL and TP include all order On/Off in each Strategy Currency => Only EU Time Frame => H1  Risk => Suggestion 1-3 %  This EA run with 3 Strategy  inside have SL and TP in each EA Can open Buy/Sell  but SL and  TP diffecne also.(Total 6 order with 2 order/EA )    You can manage risk of balance that you need, Lot validation with balance but same risk, when your Money grow up Lot grow up also.  Any question Please add Line :worrasin2529 Email. W.mitasida@
简介 本产品是一款趋势类EA,融合很多优秀交易理念后设计而成。 使用这个EA在面对极端行情或者大单边的时候,可以很好的抓住突破的每次入场机会。 设定参数以后,趋势的识别,加仓,移动止损,风险控制这一些都是全自动的。 如何设置 Stop Loss(In Money):每笔交易的止损金额,结合每笔订单的止损价格,自动计算出交易手数 Compound Interest Switch:复利开关,当账户资金发生量级增长时,对于的止损金额会根据初始设定的比例自动增加,否则不变。 注意事项 注意,本软件所有内部的算法优化都是针对EURUSD货币对进行的优化,所以使用时选择EURUSD交易,不要选择其他品种。 参数的设置,Stop Loss (In Money) 这个选项建议填写总资金的2%, 当然低风险可以选择1%, 相应的收益也会下降。
498 USD
TR Smart EA
TR Smart 3.0   FULLY AUTOMATED EA (ROBOT ) This is a trend EA, Works on all symbols (EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, EURCAD, EURGBP ) and many more. The EA works on all time frames (1m, 5m, 15m, 30m, IHR, 4HR, Weekly, Daily). but for best results 15 min time frame is recommended, The default settings are set best for 15 min chart.  The EA is a combination of 200 SMA, 60SMA, 10SMA and 8RSI. the 200 SMA & 60 SMA gives a signal to open trades and the 10 SMA is closing single winning trades. The lo
200 USD
1 000 USD
Rua TrailingStop BreakEven Little The EA not for Real Account. You can EA for Real Account with link:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/47635 This is an EA not used to enter the order that helps you save profits by: - Trailingstop: Move stoploss continuously. - Breakeven: Move the stoploss once. Custom parameters: All OrderOpenTime:     + true: acts on all order     + false: only affect the order opened since EA run All OrderType:     + true: acts on all order.     + false: only the ord
開発者が実際に運用しているEAです。 極秘ロジックによる安定デイトレEA。 全通貨ペアOK。日足運用。 画像のように価格の上下にラインを設定し(実際にラインは引かれません)、上のラインより価格が上がったら売りでエントリ―し、下のラインより価格が下がったら買いでエントリ―を行う逆張りトレードを行います。 エントリーは1日1回まで、ロット数はパラメータ指定、最大ポジションは買い・売りそれぞれ5ポジ、決済は一定の利益にて行います。 ナンピンやマーチンゲールではないため低リスクであり、 小資金、ローレバ設定でも十分に運用可能なEAとなっております。 しかしながら、上下のラインは絶妙な位置であるため取引数もそれなりに見込めます。
200 USD
SALE: Special Intro Price: $80 0/10 copies at $250 0/10 at $500 Final price: $750 After years of detailed study we have finally released Pip Producer . This EA is the result of years of hard work and we believe that you will love the system we have put together here. Pip Producer is a system of 26 individual high quality signals, that adapt to the market conditions. The system employs a fixed money management system where you can set your risk according to your account size. 0.01 lots per
80 USD
Currency pair: GBPUSD  Timeframe = m15 The Expert Advisor is based on GMT + 2 data Minimum deposit = $ 1000. Use MM 0,6% per trade with $ 1000 deposit. Monitoring signal at MQL5 :  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals I present to your attention a new experimental advisor . Author is a fan of forex and has been collecting patterns of currency pairs in forex since 2010. To date, we have managed to collect about 100 patterns of the GBPUSD currency pair. IMPORTANT : Pay attention to the GMT parameter
150 USD
1 000 USD
This is an EA based on price action and Volatility using a tested algorithm. This EA ONLY works best with gold-dollar  XAU-USD on 1 min TF The EA will open trades only when a signal is found. Please do note that this EA does not necessarily open Trades on a daily basis. Also note that this EA has not been optimised either. Advise - 1 min TimeFrame - to run EA with a broker that has very tight spreads with a maximum spread of 20 points(2 pips) - only on XAU/USD - VPS strongly advised for uninterr
1 500 USD
オープン設定でフルKUKA社。 EAは時間パターンを使用します。 金融市場での取引は、日中の循環的な活動をしています。 EAの最適化では、日中の最も活発なフェーズを特定して取引することができます。 のEA取引の双方向パターン、逆転パターンです。 EAのセットアップは複雑ではありませんが、長い時間がかかります。 したがって、"議論"セクションでは、多くの通貨ペアの設定ファイルが添付されます あなた自身を設定するための掲示された指示。 EAは20個のブロックで構成されており、それぞれが独自の設定で別々のEAを表しています。 すべての以前に購入した専門家のアドバイザーからの卒シリーズに更新することとなりこのバージョンセットファイルに適用します。 設定。 ロットサイズ-ロットサイズ(リスク%"0"が使用されている場合") リスク%-入金によりロットサイズ スリッページ-許可された滑り Spread-有効なスプレッド拡張 Magik_Number-ユニークナンバーアドバイザー ブロック番号-ブロック番号 Block-true/fal
250 USD
Oon Kar Lee
5 (3)
Discounted Price $349 for limited time! Original Price $399. (Real Profit, Real Trades, Real Signal) After your purchase, drop me a PM. Ever wonder why the popular selling scalpers with fixed Stoploss, that you bought, never makes money after a while, even though the backtest is great?   Ever wonder why you dont make profit from the EA's that you used, after going through many of them?   There is a reason for that.   Hi, Im a Quant with 15++ years REAL trading experience. You can PM m
349 USD
支撑阻力对冲趋势型EA策略: 适用于任何平台,任何位数平台,对点差要求不高,24小时交易,可抗数据。 支撑阻力对冲趋势型:适用于15分钟,适用所有品种。 一:扫描支撑阻力位置【标准】,在主图显示。计算第一支撑阻力、第二支撑阻力。 【第一支撑阻力为H1】【第二支撑阻力为H4】 二:基于趋势线382周期判断开单方向与条件     1:价格在382周期趋势线下方且上方第一阻力位置在382周期趋势下方进场开仓,在第二阻力位置加仓进场     2:价格在382周期趋势线上方且下方第一支撑位置在382周期趋势上方进场开仓,在第二支撑位置加仓进场     3:加仓条件价格在日线周期382趋势线上方或下方,若有背离在第二支撑阻力位置锁仓。     4:当价格到达第二支撑阻力时加仓,加仓手数与前单一致。【平衡加码】      三:总和平仓机制    1:当手持单量达到【自定义】设定,全平仓。【自定义设置平仓任意金额】    2:当平仓后价格重新计算支撑阻力。    3:当重新计算后的支撑阻力无变化时重新开仓。【趋势继续】    4:当重新计算后的支撑阻力有变化时等待常规开仓条件
180 USD
EA Bionic V3
Vitali Vasilenka
5 (3)
歴史に関する美しいテストを忘れてください-EABionic V3は、市場に先駆けて取引システムの独自のアルゴリズムを備えたアドバイザーの新しい方向性です。 EA Bionic V3の取引戦略は、「構文」の方向性の1つに基づいています。 »エキスパートアドバイザーは、このインジケーターの主要なエントリーポイントを使用します。 インジケーターには4つの方向が含まれます。 •価格の不一致 •買われ過ぎと売られ過ぎのゾーンチャネル •トレンドの決定 •フラクタルレベル(銀行価格の高低レベル) ..。 すべての取引は •Takeprofit •ストップロス •ロスレスシステム • トレーリングストップ 預金をオーバークロックするためのアドバイザー(アドバイザーは2〜3日であなたの預金を設定する能力を持っています) 利益を上げるときは、常にそれを修正し、偶数から引き出します(預金に達したときに最初から始めることができるように) エキスパートアドバイザーは履歴でテストされていません •使用を開始します。   1)セントアカウント   2)最低残高が100ドルの場合 私のアカウン
149 USD
Hello all The way the expert works is very simple The current candle movement the number of certain points and the previous candle the number of certain points Login to buy or sell With a cooling deal of 20 points With experience the method appears on the chart Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want use manual lot size. Max_Risk: Max Risk as percentage of Equity * the greater this pe
250 USD
CAP Zone Recovery Strategy Builder EA    is a another version of our Main Product CAP Zone Recovery EA.  This EA is a strategy builder type EA  has more then   34+   build in indicator that you can make more then   1 million   combination strategy that boost you trading strategy. Also this Builder offers an incredible amount of functionality with zone recovery strategy. So you can test your strategy easy way without knowledge of coding. [    Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Pr
90 USD
The Engulfing candlestick setup has a strong reversal character. If the price is increasing and an Engulfing pattern is created on the way up, this gives us a signal that a top might be forming now. The opposite is in force too. If the price is decreasing and an Engulfing pattern appears on the chart, this suggests that the price action might be forming a bottom. ONLY 4 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $98 ! After that, the price will be raised to $289. Pure Engulfing EA   it is a fully automated “Engul
98 USD
Master IA Power は、価格とスピードの変化に適応し、市場に注文を出すのが便利かどうかを計算する、非常に数学的に複雑なEAです。 あなたが注文を送るとき、あなたは安定したそして一貫した利益を集めるために便利なロットをテストしています。 そして彼は、市場に留まり続けることが利益にならないと計算したならば、市場をすぐに離れることを躊躇しません。 Master IA Powerは、前向きな利益を提供し、徐々に資本を拡大し、同時に私たちのアカウントを常に増やすことから逸脱することなく、継続的にBalanceとEquityのバランスを確立しようとしています。 流動性がある通貨市場で事業を行うことは非常に便利です。 GBPUSDとEURUSDで操作することをお勧めします。 Maisutā IA pawā wa, kakaku to supīdo no henka ni tekiō shi, ichiba ni chūmon o dasu no ga benri ka dō ka o keisan suru, hijō ni sūgaku-teki ni fukuzatsuna EAd
3 669 USD
Night Hunt EA
Yevhenii Mavletbaiev
Night Hunt uses an intra-range trading strategy during the Asian session that takes place at night on the European continent, which is why this approach is called night scalping and has established itself as one of the best in the forex market. However, it doesn't matter what time zone you are in, as you can set the GMT offset to match your forex broker's time zone. The EA opens orders in places where the price is most likely to roll back from the boundaries of the price range. The robot can w
79 USD
Mohamad Rizal Maslan
MaSnr trades on EURUSD only on 1 hour time frame. MaSnr EA is the most reliable forex trading robot on the market. Requiring no market experience, analyzing the current market condition and assuming the possible market trend. Which will allow you to grow profit consistently in your account. Recommended Setting: Take Profit: 100 to 200 Stoploss: Leave default Trailingstop: 70 to 125 Max order: 1 to 3
199 USD
Blue Diamond
Mahdi Nejatianghasemieh
Blue Diamond is a fully automatic Expert Advisor created by Dream Deals Co for Intraday trading on EURUSD. Follow us on Telegram:   https://t.me/DreamDealsCompany To receive a FREE Live Demo version of EA, contact us via: dreamdeals.forex@gmail.com   AVE Profitability of Blue Diamond is between 10% to 20% per month with a reliably low DD% (less than 20%). Furthermore, if no withdrawal is made from the account, annual profitability can enormously increase.  Blue Diamond is about press/ news
4 000 USD
EA b ased on monitoring the momentary change of the price compared to MA-12 and in case of non-specific deviation from the normal in a given direction, EA places the respective orders. For those who expect a lot of trade orders, you will need to know that EA is not just about trading - EA only uses places where trading is safe and secure. This can be seen from the attached tests. GBP extreme hunter   is designed and tested so that for a spread greater than max it does not open any buy or sell or
160 USD
This is the FXTraderariel PowerTrend . It compute a trendfollowing system based on it own algorithm. It gives you a buy or sell signal based on the trend. It based on the Supertrend, but our Version is not repainting. Furthermoore we added some Improvements and you can get an Arrow, Push or Alert when the trend changes. Depending on the settings it and trading style, it can be used for scalping or long-term trading . The indicator can be used on every time frame , but we advise to use it on H1
100 USD
First 5 copies at an introductory price of 39$. Sold 0 of 5 at 39$. Next Price 99$. Symbol : AUDJPY, CADCHF, CADJPY, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURNZD, EURUSD, GBPCHF, GBPUSD, NZDJPY, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, DAX. Time Frame: D1 if you test rebember that you have downloaded both the D1 and M1 Timeframes. For each symbol set different input variable "Numero Magico" (Magic Number). Cronos X is an automatic multicurrency system. No MARTINGALE, GRID, HEDGING are used. It is based on th
39 USD
Night Hunter Pro
Valeriia Mishchenko
5 (34)
EA has a   live track record   with many months of stable trading with   low drawdown : Live performance   -   Best pairs   (set file in the description) High-risk   performance Only 2 copies left at $899! Next price --> $999 Night Hunter Pro is the advanced scalping system which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. This system is focused on a long-term stable growth . It is a profes
899 USD
The Reaper EA
Profalgo Limited
4.52 (42)
見栄えの良いバックテストについては忘れてください。Reaper EAはすでに時代を先取りしています。 真実に直面しましょう。市場に出回っているほとんどの自動取引システムには、それらすべてが非常に優れたバックテストを示しているが実際にライブ口座で実行できるのはほんの一握りであるという最大の問題があります。 苦労して稼いだお金をこれらに貢ぐのは非常に苛立たしいことです(市場に出回っている多くのEAは言うまでもなく、バックテスト結果を操作して製品を販売していますが、それは別の話です。) Reaper EAの起源は、長年にわたって勝者であることがすでに証明されているストラテジーです。それだけではありません。このEAは、ライブ結果が一致することを「期待」して、素晴らしいバックテスト結果に依存する代わりに、ライブ取引と既存の手法を出発点として開発され、そこから改善されました。 これまでの結果は非常に安定したEAであり、すでに何ヶ月ものライブ結果が表示されています。 つまり、あなたは、ただの「バックテストが見栄えの良い」EAではなく、検証済みのライブ実績を持つ製品を購入しているのです。 スペシャ
499 USD
North East Way EA
4.67 (12)
North East Way EA は、完全に自動化された「プルバック」取引システムであり、人気のある「プルバック」通貨ペア(AUDCAD、AUDNZD、NZDCAD)での取引に特に効果的です。 このシステムは、外国為替市場の主要なパターンを取引に使用します。つまり、あらゆる方向への急激な動きの後の価格のリターンです。 時間枠:M15 基本通貨ペア:AUDNZD、NZDCAD、AUDCAD 追加の通貨ペア:  EURGBP、EURUSD、GBPUSD、USDCAD、GBPCAD、EURCAD。   ライブシグナル: North East Way NEW2000 Fast Way FastWay MT5 MultiWay MT5 EAを購入した後、必ずプライベートメッセージで私に書いてください。私はあなたをプライベートグループに追加し、セットファイルと追加の詳細な手順を送信します。 各バイヤーがアドバイザーをインストールして構成するのを手伝う準備ができています。 これまでEAを使用したことがない場合は、EAの使用方法を紹介します。 EAセットアップ: OneChartSet
8 346 USD
Waka Waka EA
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.83 (18)
EA has a live track record with many years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT5 version can be found here Only 2 copies left  at $599 Next price -->   $699 Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid. Instead it us
599 USD
Champion MT4
Evgenii Aksenov
5 (4)
Expert Advisorは、実際のアカウントでのテストの複数ヶ月の履歴を持っています 現在、CHAMPION EAは最終価格($9999)まで割引価格で利用できます。 購入 Champion EA今日、あなたは自由のための私の第二の顧問を取得します ここでライブ取引結果をチェックしてください: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/931529 https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1223409 https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1264227 の手順: ここで チャンピオンEAは、最適なエントリ/出口ポイントの検索に基づいてスマートな取引システムです。 このシステムは、何ヶ月もの間、実際の引用符でテストされており、実際の収入をもたらしています。 システムの作成とテストには、プログラミングと取引における私たちのチームのかなりの経験が必要でした。 チャンピオンEAは作り付けの保護機能の専門の顧問である。 ニュースフィルタの存在により、予測不可能な期間にランダムな取引を避けることができ
488 USD
Hello my name is Alexey, I am a professional algorithm developer for trading on financial markets, crypto currency market and forex. Working experience in finance and programming for more than 15 years. Years of practice, mistakes and success. A lot of groundwork and hundreds of created algorithms. Both successful and not so successful. Now that I am a successful man and a programmer with a fortune of several million dollars. I've decided to share with you my experiences in the field of algorit
1 500 USD
5 (1)
Last 3 copies for 538 USD , next price will be 678 USD  Important: We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience . Please always keep the newest version . Signals monitors   :    Here Instruction/setup   :    Here Concept of Metaverse EA: Metavese EA is a fully auto EA , no parameters need to be set , trading strategy is simple , it is martingale strategy , however , when/why/how is the most important part we are concerned when creating the Metaverse
538 USD
The legendary scalper is on the market! NEW YEAR PROMO!   TAKE A ONE MONTH RENT FOR $100 AND GET BOTH EA VERSIONS FOR FREE FOR PARTNER BROKERS Send me a message for details! SPECIAL PRICE OF $699 FOR THE NEXT 10 COPIES +$50 after. The usual price is $999 EURONIS SCALPER  – THE FULL AUTOMATED ROBOT FOR FOREX MARKET MT5 version here! ADVANTAGES Scalping strategy without gridding or the martingale method Uses Limit Orders for entry and TakeProfit for the best execution and no slippage Uses rea
699 USD
YOLO Diamond hands
4.83 (23)
We sell products only on MQL market , if you have seen somewhere to resell with cheaper price , it must be a  faked version   and 100% sure the performance is not real   . Also will not be supported by us . I am appreciated to join our game and do not risk a cent on faked version .  Boosting performance is allowed , Please contact me after purchase about how to get free version of indicator and daily analysis . Upgraded 4.0 to all pairs also good to use . if you want to improve your   manual tr
2 388 USD
R Factor EA
Raphael Minato
4.72 (29)
独自の動的ポートフォリオ管理システムを備えたRファクターエキスパートアドバイザー 4年間かけて開発し、ほぼ3年間真のプラスな結果を得た末、ついに自信をもってこのストラテジーをMQL5コミュニティと共有しようと思います。ストラテジーを共有する前に作成者が肯定的な結果を得られることは私たちにとって常に重要でした。ストラテジーへの信念を示し、ストラテジーを継続的に改善するためにはSkin In The Gameが不可欠です。 しばらくの間この市場にいた人は皆経験したかと思います。ロバストネス、ランダム性、ウォークフォワード分析などの方法を使用して広範囲にテストされたストラテジーを開発または取得しても、現実の口座に適用すると、困難な期間、長いドローダウン、それが準備されていなかった市場に直面し始めます。これは、ストラテジーが機能しなくなったことではなく市場が現時点でストラテジーにとって困難なサイクルにあることを意味するだけですが、市場のさまざまなサイクルは数か月以上続く可能性があるため、これはすべての人の心理に影響します。これらの長期間の損失に耐えることは困難です。その間、ポートフォリオの一部
519 USD
FAQ(よくある質問)、バックテストレポート、正しいDST/GMT設定のためのヒントなどの詳細情報は、 SIEA FAQ をご覧ください。 ご購入のスクリーンショットをお送りいただくと、「 SIEA ZEN 」と「 SIEA MAX 」のセットファイルをお届けします。これで3つのSIEAが1つになりました。 MT4では、ストラテジーテスターでマルチシンボルのストラテジーを実行することができません。現実的なリアルティックのマルチシンボルのバックテストを実行するには、 SIEA MT5 バージョンの使用をお勧めします。 FX取引で成功するためには、規律、忍耐力、そして私たちが独自に開発したリアル・トレーディング・ボリューム・アナリシスのような明確なエッジが必要です。 これは、私たちの10年にわたるFX取引の経験であり、これらの重要な要素はすべて、スタイン・インベストメント・エキスパート・アドバイザー(SIEA)シリーズにまとめられています。 SIEA PRO は、バランスのとれたリスク・リターンを提供し、あらゆる市場の状況を容易に生き抜くことができます-コロナ、Bre
2 222 USD
Advanced Scalper
Profalgo Limited
4.14 (111)
Advanced Scalperは、長年開発されてきたプロ仕様の自動売買ロボットです。非常に高度なエグジットアルゴリズムが使用され、spread-filterおよびslippage-controlアルゴリズムが組み込まれています。クライアントのニーズに合わせて完全にカスタマイズ可能で、多くのセットアップの可能性を備えてします。推奨設定はコメントページでご覧になれます。 すでに3年以上のライブ結果 — https://www.mql5.com/ja/signals/413850 現在、最終価格の+70%割引です。 Advanced Scalperを購入された方には、EAをあと1つ無料でおまけします(2つの取引口座の場合) 最終価格-> $990 EAを実行する前に設定ガイドをお読みください — https://www.mql5.com/ja/blogs/post/705899 推奨事項 クイックセットアップの説明、最新のプリセット、FAQおよびマニュアル: https://www.mql5.com/ja/blogs/post/705899 推奨証券会社:ICMarketsまたはAlp
399 USD
EA Flower
Vitali Vasilenka
4.21 (28)
怒りはトーマスシェルビーからの恐怖を征服します 重要!セットアップ手順とボーナスを入手するには、購入後すぐに私に連絡してください! 今だけ2490ドル! この価格で残っているコピーは3つだけです プロモーション後の価格:4900 $ Real signal Link 1  -  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1282403?source=Site+Profile+Seller Link 2  -  https://www.copyfx.com/ratings/rating-all/show/146722/tab/profit/period/week/ Expert Advisorは、「HFT」価格の数学的分析に基づいて開発されています。 EAはバーの開閉を分析します。価格の上昇または下降のシーケンスに違反した場合、EAは取引を開始します。 金融市場での高頻度取引、高頻度取引、またはHFT戦略により、ほんの一瞬で証券を取引できます。 高頻度トレーダーは、各取引で小さな利益を上げるために(時には1株あたり数分の1のレベルで)、大量の短期ポジションを
2 490 USD
GOLD EAgle mt4
Evgenii Aksenov
4.77 (122)
299 USD
ドラゴンスカルパー  正直なところ、実績がなく、大雑把なバックテスト曲線をデータに当てはめただけで、実取引では惨めに失敗するようなEAを買いますか? DragonScalper Expert Advisorは、IC MARKETSのライブ口座で1年以上にわたり、ドローダウンを抑えながら年間利益が850%を超えているのはそのためです。 特別オファー **Dragonを購入すると、2つのボーナスEA(indextraderとdaxpro)を完全無料で入手できます*** - 詳細はウェブサイト www.alnotrade.comをご覧ください 。 ライブアカウントでの取引パフォーマンス: https://www.alnotrade.com/dragonscalper Dragonはバックテストが非常に簡単で、ライブでも非常によく動きます。成功の秘訣は、プライスアクションベースの入力とインジケータベースの入力の使い分けです。多くのインジケーターベースのシステムはライブトレードでは失敗します。なぜなら、市場は流動的(常に変化する)であり、市場の力学が変化するとインジケーターは役に立たな
399 USD
Last 3  copies for 538 USD , next price will be 678 USD  Important: We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience .  Please always keep the newest version . Life license will be terminated after Christmas (The end of Dec) Signals monitors :  Here Instruction/setup :  Here   MT5 version : Here Concept of DAB: DAB EA is a fully auto EA , no parameters need to be set , trading strategy is simple , it is Dynamic grid strategy , however , when/why/ho
538 USD
Hunting Cat Scalper は、主に 米ドル/円 で取引される全自動取引スキャルピングロボットです。特定の価格パターンで潜在的なブレイクアウトレベルを適切に識別し、ブレイクアウトと一緒に取引することができます。 現在の価格:349ドル 次の価格-> 519ドル リアルタイム信号: グループA:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1039521 グループB( メイン ):  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1072005 特徴 チャートパターンの画期的なレベルを特定できます ネットワーク遅延の大きい環境で動作でき ヘッジメカニズムを計算しました(グループB) 保留中の注文機能を使用して、ずれを減らします グリッドやマーティンなどのリスクの高い戦略を使用しません 各注文には厳密なストップロスがあります バックテストでは、99.9%のモーダル履歴データを使用します 操作条件 ヘッジ口座 低スプレッドECNブローカー 通貨ベース:無制限 オートロットの計算は米ドルで計算されます 他の通貨を使用する場合は、為替レートに応
349 USD
4.59 (49)
Instruction you need  TripleH Price up : Price will be going up. Last 2 copies for this price , next price will be 2088. Target back to 3888 . BackTest which can not see the full functions which all pairs are communicating among each others . Please watch signals : SignalMinitor   Our Ea Style :  We do not offer any trial version  We do not trust any backtest result  Please only use one EA in the same account  No .set file to make a fully Dynamic strategy to fit different brokers and cur
2 388 USD
NightVision EA
Alexander Kalinkin
4.05 (22)
NightVision EA  - is an automated Expert Advisor that uses night scalping trading during the closing of the American trading session. The EA uses a number of unique author's developments that have been successfully tested on real trading accounts. The EA can be used on most of the available trading instruments and is characterized by a small number of settings and easy installation. Live signal for NightVision EA:    https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/author/dvrk78 Recommended FX broker :  IC Marke
489 USD
Naragot Portfolio
Alexander Mordashov
3.9 (20)
One-time flash SALE promo: only 10 copies available at $449! 4 copies left out of 10 at $449 Next price --> $499, after the sale price will return to its normal value ($599) This EA is a professional portfolio of trend-following multicurrency trading systems based on principles of volatility breakout and breakouts of support/resistance levels. Consists of 7 strategies chosen from a pool of many other which I trade myself for a long time on real accounts with significant money on them MT5 vers
449 USD
3/10 Copy Left For Lunch Price ,We Will Offer For $2250 after Promo Copies Finish, Thanks! DMF AI EA ROBOT MINI FOR FTMO AND OTHER PROP FIRMS There's no wrong calling a profit machine to the Market, make the most out of prop firms! This is not a new product in the market but a unique Version created separately to reduce cost. This Robot was built to work conveniently with Censored accounts monitoring for Best Risk Management Trading with Daily maximum loss and daily maximum profit this is
1 300 USD
Invictus Gold is an advanced trading algorithm based on the standard and simple Bollinger Bands indicator and trades on Gold as one of the most liquid and popular trading instruments in the world. The algorithm includes a filter of behavioral factors, it analyzes the depth of market, and makes a decision about entering the trade based on the analyzer's filter data. Thus, the Expert Advisor finds optimal points to enter the market, filtering out false entries not supported by stable market behav
1 000 USD
Red Hawk EA
Profalgo Limited
4.73 (15)
END OF YEAR PROMO:   NOW ONLY 299$!   ONLY 1 COPY LEFT AT THIS PRICE PRICE AFTER PROMO: 599$ MT5 VERSION CAN BE FOUND HERE FOLLOW LIVE RESULTS HERE Red Hawk is a "mean reversion" trading system, that trades during the quiet times of the market. It runs on 9 pairs currently: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, EURCHF, EURGBP, AUCAD, AUDJPY, EURAUD and USDCAD. Recommended timeframe: M5 Since this kind of strategy works best with low spread and fast execution, I advise using an good ECN broker. IMPORT
299 USD
LittleCrazy MT4
4.75 (4)
LittleCrazy MT4 is a fully automated trading system that doesn't require any special skills from you. Just fire up this EA and rest. You don't need to set up anything, EA will do everything for you. EA is adapted to work on small deposits from $200. Timeframe: M15 Currency pairs: AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD LIVE Signal: LittleeCrazyWay MT5 LittleeCrazy MT4 PROFITABILITY AND RISK The expected estimated profitability according to the backtest data is about 200% - 400% per year. The expected   max
289 USD
Konstantin Kulikov
3.84 (119)
Congratulations! You have come to the page of the longest running Expert Advisor on the Forex market! For more than 5 years, this expert has been at the hearing and in various tops. On any Forex forums you can find discussion topics for the "FrankoScalp" expert, but only on mql5 you can buy the original updated version of the expert, as well as get in touch with the author and get into the friendly "FrankoScalp" user community. Buy Now & Save $250. +$50 for each of the next 10 copies. The usu
288 USD
Friends, sorry, too many traders are interested in this robot. I have to limit the number of users to keep the system running. And the only way to do this is to increase the price. ELEMENTAL - fully automatic multicurrency night robot. The main idea is that any trend has its current boundaries, after which the price comes to an equilibrium state. The boundaries of the current trend are determined by dynamic levels of support and resistance, which are updated at each candlestick. Since night tr
398 USD
Total P
Viktar Rudabelets
Total P - полностью автоматическая торговая система. Система использует в торговле основные закономерности рынка Форекс - возврат цены после резкого движения в любом направлении. Робот полностью оптимизирован и настроен на торговлю. Рекомендуемый Timeframe: M15 Рекомендуемый брокер: любой Рекомендуемая валютная пара: USDCHF Торговая система работает как на VPS так и на персональном компьютере пользователя. Максимально точные бэк-тесты и торговля на реальных счетах показывают высокий процент выпл
1 200 USD
Tatyana Kulyapina
4.13 (32)
「 前日の極端な価格のブレイクアウト!   」-この戦略は100年以上前のものであり、常に機能します。 アドバイザーの価格は、モニタリングの収益性の増加とともに上昇します。 モニタリング :   プラド円リスク 3prcブローカーICMarketsGlobal、口座タイプ:生のスプリード、スプレッド0-3、手数料$ 7.0。この監視はアドバイザの最初のバージョンから機能するため、最後の更新日からのテスト結果を確認してください。 モニタリング :   v5リスクのプラド 3x1 prcブローカーAlpari、アカウントタイプ:pro.ecn、スプレッド0-3、手数料$ 3.2。この監視は、アドバイザの5番目のバージョンで機能します。最後の更新日からのテスト結果を確認してください! 添付ファイルコメント #194 でPRADO4.0 テスト。 PRADOは、保留中の注文を取引し、損失を止めて利益を得ることがすぐに設定され、多機能のトレーリングストップが機能 する安全なエキスパートアドバイザーです。 PRADO は、グリッド、平均化、注文量の増加、その他の危険な手法を使用しません。 取
499 USD
Aura Gold EA
Stanislav Tomilov
2.88 (34)
Aura Gold EA  is a fully automated EA designed to trade   GOLD   only. It is based on machine learning cluster analysis and genetic algorithms. EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm, which uses price action patterns and standard trading indicators (CCI,ATR). Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money managment used, no martingale, no grid, scalp or hedge. Suitable for any broker conditions. In the near future, the price of the Expert Advisor wi
1 495 USD
Aura Black Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money managment used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions. EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a class of feedforward artificial neural network (ANN). The term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of multi
795 USD
CURRENT PRICE $249.  Future price will be $499. Early Users of Blazing Night Scalper get the lowest price. *** Warning: I only sell EA's through MQL5.com. If someone contacts you saying it is me trying to sell you something, they are a Scammer. Block and report them as spam. *** Warning: If you purchase this EA anywhere besides MQL5 it is a Fake version that will not work like the real version and you will never receive updates or support. LIVE SIGNAL - CLICK HERE JOIN PUBLIC TELEGR
249 USD
Midnight Blitz MT5
Scott Fredeman
4.64 (11)
CURRENT PRICE $199.  Future price will be $499. Early Users of Midnight Blitz get the lowest price. *** Warning: I only sell EA's through MQL5.com. If someone contacts you saying it is me trying to sell you something, they are a Scammer. Block and report them as spam. *** Warning: If you purchase this EA anywhere besides MQL5 it is a Fake version that will not work like the real version and you will never receive updates or support.                    The strategy was Back-tested Stable f
199 USD
Midnight Blitz MT4
Scott Fredeman
4.89 (18)
CURRENT PRICE $199.  Future price will be $499. Early Users of Midnight Blitz get the lowest price. *** Warning: I only sell EA's through MQL5.com. If someone contacts you saying it is me trying to sell you something, they are a Scammer. Block and report them as spam. *** Warning: If you purchase this EA anywhere besides MQL5 it is a Fake version that will not work like the real version and you will never receive updates or support. The strategy was Back-tested Stable from 2007 to 2021 us
199 USD
*** Warning: I only sell EA's through MQL5.com. If someone contacts you saying it is me trying to sell you something, they are a Scammer. Block and report them as spam. *** Warning: If you purchase this EA anywhere besides MQL5 it is a Fake version that will not work like the real version and you will never receive updates or support. EA Monster Telegram Group to share setting files, tips and ideas. https://t.me/joinchat/I3B-TRffK6cvHitW-dn0iw Access the EA Monster Blog for Setting Fil
100 USD
*** Warning: I only sell EA's through MQL5.com. If someone contacts you saying it is me trying to sell you something, they are a Scammer. Block and report them as spam. *** Warning: If you purchase this EA anywhere besides MQL5 it is a Fake version that will not work like the real version and you will never receive updates or support. Attention Aggressive Grid Sniper Users: JOIN OUR TELEGRAM GROUP: https://t.me/joinchat/IAzf0tRLfesc5fmW Please see our Blog post for new Setting files and
100 USD
Henry Setiawan
Henry Setiawan 2021.11.29 09:02 

The author services is really helpfull with fast response to all member. Will update the trading result latter. Keep up the good work

Josearago 2021.11.26 14:46 

I am very happy whith the EA and whith the super service.TY

Alfred Charano
Alfred Charano 2021.11.20 03:39 

Amazing EA very accurate & profitable .. combined with Midnight blitz ... it's a money printing machine

hoelee 2021.11.19 09:23 

高赢率,低回撤,作者非常快回复。 MQL5主流 EA 都有了,欢迎合作交流请联 QQ 2903744720 / Telegram @hoelee

Fredrik Ek
Fredrik Ek 2021.11.17 19:31 

One of the best EA:s i have ever tested. Great results and relative low risk. The support from Scott and his team is awsome. It deserves 5+ stars

stuassj4 2021.11.17 15:30 

Scott and his team have created a wonderful EA that can deliver consistent profits. Support on Telegram is always precise and punctual and manages to solve the problems and help you in configuring the EA. 5 stars.

Agustinus Ratno
Agustinus Ratno 2021.11.15 15:02 

Scot, he is very good and he is guide me step by step. I recommend to buy this software. I do hope this software can make profit forever. Thank you Scot

Tuulist2 2021.11.09 05:08 

Seriously helpful guy. Very patient with inexperienced traders, helped me set up not on two separate computers and delete it off of another. 5 Stars just for customer service Highly recommend his bot. Will update with results at a later date.

Sireal 2021.10.30 20:43 

Amazing technical support from Scott and EI Shogun. Even though this EA is still in it's infancy it has been performing better than I was expecting. The team is constantly improving the settings and listening to the end users so I can assume it will only get better as time goes on.

gazeru1918 2021.10.14 02:51 

I had them respond very politely. MON

Robert Neese
Robert Neese 2021.10.14 02:04 

too early - no luck so far

Scott Fredeman
開発者からの返信 Scott Fredeman 2021.11.09 02:52
Yes it is way too early if you just started trading with this EA. You need to only look at the 2009 to 2021 back testing and realize that you will not win every day. If you want to watch performance see how other traders are doing with their brokers. And change your broker if you do not get the same results as they are. Also check our signal too. This may be a little too early to leave a review at this time if you just started using this EA. Well it has been 7 weeks since the signal started and nearly everyone in the telegram group has been in profit.......
Andreas Andrianto
Andreas Andrianto 2021.10.12 03:17 

This is one of the best multipair EA I have ever tried together with Midnight Blitz, such a great combination! Scott & his team really approachable and very responsive to our queries. Set & forget trading makes us sleep very well every night with no harm strategies built-in. Hope this will be profitable in the long run.

Tetsuya Tamaoki
Tetsuya Tamaoki 2021.10.08 06:56 

Transactions differ depending on the broker. Even if it is profitable with a low spread broker, the loss is large with ECN brokers.

Scott Fredeman
開発者からの返信 Scott Fredeman 2021.10.08 14:34
Thank you for your review. Just about any Scalper will get different results with different brokers. Many of our users are showing their results and sharing what broker they use. If one broker does not work for you there is no reason to stay with a broker that does not work well. I also always advise my customers to trade with a small .01 lot to test their broker first. If your broker is no good please open an account with one of the brokers that are doing well.
Angelo Geron Mendoza
Angelo Geron Mendoza 2021.10.04 14:35 

Great night scalper from a very supportive author. 5 stars for you Scott!

Kareem Abbas
Kareem Abbas 2021.10.03 16:32 


Muhammad Arshad Durrani
Muhammad Arshad Durrani 2021.10.03 08:16 

Another excellent product by Scott. This is my third purchase from this author. Scott is very responsive and look after his client. His all product are 5 stars. He keeps updating them as per market requirements so his EA is not become useless after few years, for example his EA Monster published in 2017 and till now he is updating. Thanks Scott now I can earn good money from this very competitive forex market.

elite luis
elite luis 2021.10.01 07:18 

Author is very committed to the success of his ea, this is my 2nd repeated purchase, 1 word is profitable so far! 5 stars!

バージョン 2.5 2021.12.03
- New Option to close all trades at X Hour.(Default is Off)

- New Default removed JPY Pairs since the past 3 months show smoother graphs and more profit without them

- New Default Stop time to 00:25. Many times we are seeing late opening trades do not do as well as trades opening earlier in session.

- New settings so people can block dates (Example Thanksgiving etc.)

- Outside hours Default setting changed from 15 points to 30 points to help with broker fees when trades close with such small profit.
バージョン 2.4 2021.11.11
- Code Improvements
- Auto GMT True/False (False will use Broker time)
バージョン 2.3 2021.11.05
- Urgent Daylight Savings Time Update. We updated Daylight Savings time for you.
バージョン 2.2 2021.11.04
- Code Improvements
バージョン 2.1 2021.11.03
- Fixed GMT Time Issues for some VPS issues.
バージョン 2.0 2021.11.02
- New EA GMT Offset. You no longer need to change the time.
Twice a year we will all switch the GMT Offset from 3 to 2 and back to 3.
バージョン 1.9 2021.10.26
- Added an Optional Trailing SL Setting
バージョン 1.8 2021.10.18
- Code Improvements
- Changed Default to NOT Trade Weekly Open
バージョン 1.7 2021.10.17
- Close all charts after EA is removed will be defaulted to False:

- If the open charts in the terminal are already 11, it will not open anymore.(This can be changed in this new setting to any number)

- Suffix Input is removed, because it will auto identify now.
バージョン 1.6 2021.10.14
- Minor Code Improvements
バージョン 1.5 2021.10.14
- Auto Open Charts can be Set On or Off according to your needs
- SL deduction will be based on time instead of a 5 minute bar.
バージョン 1.4 2021.10.12
- EA will now automatically open and synchronize chart use by the EA. No more manual opening and synchronizing charts.
バージョン 1.3 2021.10.06
- SL Deduction Fixes for Brokers that were not recognizing it
バージョン 1.2 2021.10.04
バージョン 1.1 2021.10.03
- When Loading the EA All the Symbols being used will now automatically load into market watch