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Auto Orderblock with Break of Structure


Auto Order Block with break of structure

Detect Break of Structure , Mark Order Block and draw Entry / Stop and Risk to Reward lines when Order block is touch by price with Alert. Trend is Manually set to filter signals in a direction by a button on the chart. Entry / Stop and Risk to Reward lines can also be switch on / off by button on chart.


  • Auto Mark Break of Structure
  • Auto Mark Order block
  • Auto Mark higher time frame Point Of  Interest ( POI )
    • Popup Alert when BoS , Order block and / or POI  is touched
    • Filter by Manual Trend
    • Invalidate Order block by
    •  Price
    •  Close 
    • Indicator Suggested Entry / Stop  with Risk / Reward Lines
    • Entry shown on half of full of Order block
    • Function to Show Imbalances

    For a  Order Block Dashboard look at : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/73667

    Manual : https://tinyurl.com/3h4ae8sd

    レビュー 10
    kibotheking 2022.01.15 23:04 

    I felt compelled to leave my first review ever simply because of how great this indicator is. Haven't tested the notifications yet but so far loving what I'm seeing. I wish there were more activations since I trade on many devices; that's my only small gripe really. This indicator is only useful to those who have at least some basic understanding of Wyckoff/SMC, you still need to be able to tell the good and bad signals apart.

    ansh172 2021.12.31 09:52 

    This indicator is one of the best indicator for smart money traders, and i appreciate the way it has been developed. Keep it up bro! stay blessed !

    fapri1 2021.12.29 21:58 

    Definitely a very good indicator! I recommend this indicator especially if you have a good understanding on how to use order blocks. It just makes it easier to find great setups.

    The Momentum Standard/Hidden Divergence indicator will plot the momentum, and will also identify and plot standard (regular) divergences between the indicator and the price action, OR it can be set to identify and plot hidden (reverse) divergences between the indicator and the price action. The divergences themselves are implemented as lines (default green for bullish divergence and red for bearish divergence) drawn in the indicator pane. If activated via the Inputs dialog, alerts will be genera
    75 USD
    Live Monitoring Brief Many traders don't trust robots... they Just use technical analysis and make manual orders. So what happens if this technical analysis for make the best decision, working AUTOMATIC!   Yes. We do that. What is it? the Trend Scalp pro Trend Scalp Pro   is achieved from 10 years of experience and research on thousands of strategies, By combining them to make Real Smart Robot.   TSP  is an EA that uses the several Ind inside the EA and Super Trend Line   to find out the se
    160 USD
    Boris Sklyaruk
    5 (1)
    Advisor for permanent stable income with minimal risk! The EA is optimized for trading 3 currency pairs. EURGBP USDCHF GBPUSD Trading is carried out according to the author’s indicator with the MACD indicator filter The strategy works to quickly open and close orders, if the transaction does not close, then the lossless closing system comes into force with the help of a calm and non-aggressive series of orders. It is recommended to turn off auto trading on the eve of big holidays,
    625 USD
    Linear regression slope, slope line index 线性回归斜率,可以有效直观看出各个周期行情走势的惯性。而非各种均线指标,适用于各个品种和所有周期。 变色斜率线指标,  不是价格上穿此线后线就变红,下穿此线颜色就变绿,而是根据价格走势的惯性,清晰的看出 行情的强弱,角度,均线斜率等。 当行情惯性向下走时,斜率线变成绿色,判断行情趋势为下跌。当行情惯性向上走时,斜率线变成红色,判断行情趋势为上涨。 如果相邻的两个周期及以上,比如月线周期、周线周期和日线周期都是红色,说明是非常强的上涨趋势。如果相邻的两个及以上周期,比如 月线周期、周线周期和日线周期都是绿色,说明是非常强的下跌趋势。如果大周期是红色,小周期是绿色,那么说明行情处于震荡阶段。如果配合其它指标使用,更能够清晰直观的判断出行情的方向。
    300 USD
    The BOSprint is an automated EA for trading the binary options on the financial instrument of the chart it is attached to. For multi-currency trading the EA should be attached to a chart of the corresponding financial instrument. The EA requires two account types, i.e. two MetaTrader 4 terminals on one computer. provider. receiver. The EA trades on the receiver account based on the advance market information of the provider. Input Parameters Symbol Name - name of financial instrument of the ch
    350 USD
    RSI Gridder MT4
    Joseph Anthony Aya-ay Yutig
    RSIグリッドは、RSIの買われ過ぎと売られ過ぎの条件に基づいており、取引が市場の負け側にあるときにグリッドを開きます。 RSIはテクニカルトレーダーに強気と弱気の価格の勢いに関するシグナルを提供し、多くの場合、資産の価格のグラフの下にプロットされます。資産は通常、RSIが70%を超えると買われ過ぎと見なされ、30%を下回ると売られ過ぎと見なされます。 V1.0プリセット AUDUSD M15 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MzLIhn9HL52rNwbf9mIETNbZl5Q-cGFP/view?usp=sharing EURUSD M15 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TiqcQkafdw3bwoAbpcYhJsjPzEDe8MmY/view?usp=sharing GBPUSD   M15 https://drive.google.com/file/d/16soTq1iA9txnatia6ER-9J4UMaOOuUBp/view?usp=sharing NZDUSD   M15 https:
    50 USD
    Moving Average Crossover Alert This indicator uses two moving averages, fast MA1 and slow MA2, to indicate a change in trend or direction of movement. You change the default MA's, one fast and one slower, to your preference. An alert and a notification is sent once MA's cross each other. Note: you can change the default settings of the 2 moving averages. I hope you will find this indicator very useful, as I do.
    70 USD
    5 (1)
    Price might change anytime  Important: We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience . Please always keep the newest version . 80% from database analysis , 20% use brokers data , always do not rely on brokers data all the time . News filter added into DB / Will investigate impact news data Signals monitors   :    Here Instruction/setup   :    Here Concept of Metaverse EA: Metavese EA is a fully auto EA , no parameters need to be set , trading stra
    999 USD
    #property description "XAUUSD" #property description " " #property description "免责声明:" #property description "投资有风险,入市需谨慎" #property description "使用者风险自担,开发者无权承担" #property description "点击确定,则视为同意上述声明!" #property description " " #property description "版权声明:" #property description "所有版权属于 杨剑锋" #property description "QQ群:676584332 QQ:7073679" #property copyright "爱哈网络 日日制胜EA 突飞猛进 周期M15 本金1000以上" #property  link      " https://bbs.2ha.cn " 窗口:M15 币对:XAUUSD (黄金美元) 最佳运行环境IC ECN 推荐平台:
    1 000 USD
    This indicator displays a set of moving average lines across all higher timeframes. The indicator can be installed on any financial instrument and any timeframe. For the analysis of the lines, a panel with timeframe values is provided in the lower right corner. Using the panel, you can easily enable/disable the display of the MA line of any higher timeframe. This allows a more thorough analysis of the market situation. The color of the button matches the color of the moving average line. Param
    This inside bar indicator MT4  is suitable if you are doing inside bar trading. So what this MT4 inside bar indicator does is identifies inside bars for you as they form on your charts. Inside bar is a famous trading pattern in which the bar carry higher low and lower high compared with the previous bar, also known as mother bar. With, a lesser time frame like the 1 hour chart, daily inside bar chart will sometimes appears to be similar to a triangle pattern. Inputs AlertOn - enable alerts Ema
    FTFC refers to Full Timeframe Continuity as defined by Rob Smith's TheStrat . This indicator draws two lines on the chart, one of the highest of the Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily or Hourly opening levels, and the second of the lowest of those values. This gives you a channel above or below which trading is more likely to be very strongly in one direction. Between the lines, price action will be choppier and you may with to use wider stops. A third dashed line is also drawn to show the mid po
    50 USD
    WD Gann Percentage changes is one of finest concept to analyze Market retracements ,pullback and HIGH/LOW in percentage like - 3.125,6.25,12.5,25,33.3,50,66.6.... Which is highly recommended in WD GANN methods once we find out stocks price vibration & percentage move,we can easily predict High/Low Reversals of any market. A UNIQUE WD GANN CONCEPT OF PRICE PERCENTAGES/DIVIDER WHICH IS EXACTLY CALCULATED BY PRICE ITS NOT BASED ON FIBONACCI WHICH IS COMMONLY USED BY TRADERS. WORKS FOR INTRA DAY 15
    66 USD
    CHF Portal is designed for Trading USDCHF specifically. Trading Concept The operation concept of CHF Portal is based on an algorithm which tries to determine the Trend. To be more specific, CHF Portal works with its own calculation logic according to historical volatility and price movement. It is trying to find out the Top or Bottom in a Trend, and open the Short or Long Position accordingly. Don't expect CHF Portal can be able to open the trade on the highest or lowest level, because CHF Por
    60 USD
    Description : Combination MT4 is a professional indicator based on Stochastic Oscillator and Average True Range (ATR) technical indicators, thus you can use it with any currency pair and any timeframe.Trade signals from Combination MT4 are drawn on the main chart in the form of arrows.When a blue arrow appears, then this is a signal to buy, when the red one appears then this is a signal to sell.You can set the alerts on/off. Stochastic Oscillator parameters : Stochastic  %K period is set to 5 St
    Mikhail Mitin
    4 (1)
    Main: Not martingale, not a grid; Working on all symbols; Signals: There is a good rational algorithm. Work of two indicators: Envelopes and Moving Average (you can set a separate Timeframe for each indicator) Stop Loss/Take Profit: There is a good money management system (there are several type for trailing stop loss); There is virtual levels of Stop Loss / Take Profit; There is smart lot (percent by risk) or fix lot Important: EA can work on closed candles, and on current candles; Quick
    強力な分析方法の1つは、Levyプロセスを使用した金融シリーズのモデリングです。これらのプロセスの主な利点は、最も単純なものから最も複雑なものまで、膨大な数の現象をモデル化するために使用できることです。市場におけるフラクタルな価格変動の考えは、レヴィ過程の特別な場合にすぎないと言えば十分でしょう。一方、パラメータを適切に選択すると、どのLevyプロセスも単純な移動平均として表すことができます。図1は、フラグメントを数倍に拡大したLevyプロセスの例を示しています。 価格チャートを滑らかにするためにLevyプロセスを使用する可能性を考えてみましょう。まず、線形プロセスをシミュレートするために使用できるように、Levyプロセスのパラメータを選択する必要があります。それから、異なる符号の係数を含む重みのシステムを得ます。このおかげで、私たちは財務範囲を平準化するだけでなく、そこに存在する反トレンドと定期的な要素を追跡することもできるでしょう。 インジケータの動作は、パラメータ LF を選択することによって設定されます。分析されるストーリーの深さを決定します。このパラメーターの許容値は、0か
    The DYJBands opens and closes positions using Bollinger Bands signals: It performs trades after a price rebound from the borderlines of the indicator. It has the option to close positions by an opposite signal, by take profit and stop loss, move a trade to breakeven upon reaching the central Bollinger band or after a certain price movement. By default, the EA is configured for trading the GBPUSD currency pair on the H1 timeframe. Also, settings for the EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD and XAUUSD currency
    125 USD
    開発者が実際に運用しているEAです。 極秘ロジックによる安定デイトレEA。 全通貨ペアOK。日足運用。 画像のように価格の上下にラインを設定し(実際にラインは引かれません)、上のラインより価格が上がったら売りでエントリ―し、下のラインより価格が下がったら買いでエントリ―を行う逆張りトレードを行います。 エントリーは1日1回まで、ロット数はパラメータ指定、最大ポジションは買い・売りそれぞれ5ポジ、決済は一定の利益にて行います。 ナンピンやマーチンゲールではないため低リスクであり、 小資金、ローレバ設定でも十分に運用可能なEAとなっております。 しかしながら、上下のラインは絶妙な位置であるため取引数もそれなりに見込めます。
    200 USD
    NewsReleaseEA is an expert to trade about economic news uses pending orders. Expert receives data for events from ' http://forexfactory.com '." The expert can trade up 28 (31 with yuan) pairs from one chart. Expert has the option for manual strategy (user strategy) or uses one of five included strategies. Expert has analyzer for any trade to show information for any currency and any pair to help trader to make better strategy. Include Strategies Custom_Stategy  - There are too many options
    The Private indicator displays information in a visual form. You can trade in any currencies, because the strategy is universal and shows entry signals, relying on price patterns. It smooths out price fluctuations when generating a signal by averaging the data and the signal only at certain moments! In those moments when you need to make a decision to enter a position and give the trader a direction. The indicator can work both for entry points and as a filter. The indicator gives the trader th
    99 USD
    Signal Eskiya, in addition to channel lines, reflects entry signals in the form of arrows. Trading strategies using the channel indicator belong to the classic methods of technical analysis, are easy to execute, and therefore available even to beginners. Price ranges work equally well on any trading assets and timeframes, they can be used both independently and with additional confirmation from oscillators and market volumes. American traders say: “Trend is your friend”, which means “Trend is
    99 USD
    これは色の識別に基づくカスタマイズの指標である。 色は緑の時に少しずつです。 色が赤のときは空書を作る。 色が黄色になると、相場が逆転するという意味で、平倉や空倉があります。 これは、本人が長い時間を経て手作業をして単にして、正確な率が高くて、それから編纂して、線の色によって1つの方向の指標を表示して、時間がなくて、通貨は制限します。 現在の指標は15分、30分、1時間、4時間で働きます。 現在の指標は1分または5分または1 day以上の時間周期を提案しないが、その指標は無制限であるが、効果はあまりよくない。 本指標の作業プラットフォームは、比較的に小さいトレーダーを選択したほうがよい。 外国為替取引が24時間運行しているため、手作業は個人の時間と感情の影響を受けやすいので、時間が足りない場合は、現在の指標で作成された別のEAに基づいて取引をすることを提案します。 本指標に基づくEA:https://www.mql5.com/zh/market/product/37082 本指標で作成したEAの実盤詳細:https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals
    FFx ParabolicSAR
    Eric Venturi-Bloxs
    4.8 (5)
    The purpose of this new version of the MT4 standard indicator provided in your platform is to display in a sub-window multiple timeframes of the same indicator. See the example shown in the picture below. But the display isn’t like a simple MTF indicator. This is the real display of the indicator on its timeframe. Here's the options available in the FFx indicator: Select the timeframes to be displayed (M1 to Monthly) Define the width (number of bars) for each timeframe box Alert pop up/sound/ema
    The Williams Dashboard is an information panel which allows you to have a global market vision through a Williams Percent Range. Williams Dashboard analyzes and tracks all the assets you want to invest in. Take advantage of this useful dashboard where you can open in a few seconds the chart and quickly invest in it. Main Features of Williams Dashboard Graphic panel that allows you to know the situation of many assets. 7 Different Williams Percent Range situations to discover when an asset is o
    59 USD
    The Cash Flow Grid Trading System was designed with the intention of creating an ongoing monthly cash flow. This system is obviously turning out some large numbers, and profitable results are always the goal while taking minimal levels of risk.  There is hedging that takes place on a normal basis as the system is always placing both buy and sell positions.  The system does not use a specific stop loss percentage as such and relies on the hedging to minimize risk along with a relatively small ret
    50 USD
    The indicator MultiTimeFrame Moving Average shows the value of a Moving Average from any higher timeframe on the current chart. Usually, at such points the price finds support or resistance, for example, on H1, H4, D1. Inputs TimeFrame - timeframe the Moving Average is based on. MA_method - Moving Average calculation method. MA_price - Moving Average calculation price.
    35.90 USD
    This EA will use some indicator signal to mark a trade. Also include money management function inside. Base on your idea, this ea can make as grid, martingale, arbitrage. This EA is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. It includes protection against high spreads, and allows you to trade with a fixed or automatic lot size. Any TimeFrame and any pairs are support. Minimum account balance: $50. Default parameters are for   EURUSD M15 Strategy involved Scalping, grid,  martinga
    98 USD
    Anger Manager is a fully automated multicurrency EA that uses grids of orders at friendly market. Optimal entry points are found by the smart algorithm using wave analysis. The EA doesn't need in optimization for trading at M1 time frame. But all parameters which have impact on trading are open for tuning. The safety in trading with grids is provided by small lot multiplier, dynamic step between orders, time delay of opening and also by equity stop loss. The EA has low dependence on trading c
    80 USD
    Smart Trend Line Alert Demo is a unique professional Trend Line, Support Line and Resistance Line Touch and Break out Alert with awesome Alert History feature, designed to help traders easily manage many charts and symbols without staring at the monitor. Note: This a Demo version operating only on USDCHF . Full version link: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/3085 Features Candle Break Out Alert, Price Touch Alert and Time Line Alert; 1 click for converting any drawn line into an alert lin
    This is an innovative indicator that uses an exclusive algorithm to quickly and accurately determine the trend. The indicator automatically calculates the opening and closing time of positions, as well as detailed statistics of the indicator's performance for a certain period of history, which allows you to choose the best trading tool for your trade. You can also connect your custom arrow indicators to Scalper Inside Pro to check and calculate their statistics and profitability. Scalper Inside
    129 USD
    Advanced Supply Demand
    Bernhard Schweigert
    4.93 (207)
    現在33%オフ 初心者にもエキスパートトレーダーにも最適なソリューション このインジケーターは独自の機能と新しい公式を多数内蔵しており、ユニークで高品質かつ手頃な取引ツールです。このアップデートでは、2つの時間枠ゾーンを表示できるようになります。より長いTFだけでなく、チャートTFとより長いTF(ネストゾーンを表示)の両方を表示できます。すべてのSupply Demandトレーダーの皆さんのお気に召すはずです。:) 重要情報の公開 Advanced Supply Demandの可能性を最大化するには、 https://www.mql5.com/ja/blogs/post/720245 にアクセスしてください。   エントリーまたはターゲットの正確なトリガーポイントを正確に特定できれば取引がどのように改善されるか想像してみてください。新しい基盤となるアルゴリズムに基づいて構築されているため、買い手と売り手の間の潜在的な不均衡をさらに簡単に特定できます。これは、最も強い需要と供給のゾーンと、過去のパフォーマンス(古いゾーンを表示)がグラフィカルに表現されるためです。これらの機能は、最適
    148 USD
    CURRENTLY 26% OFF Best Solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! This Indicator is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features and a new formula. With only ONE chart you can read Currency Strength for 28 Forex pairs! Imagine how your trading will improve because you are able to pinpoint the exact trigger point of a new trend or scalping opportunity? User manual: click here That's the first one, the original! Don't buy a worthle
    148 USD
    これはMT4のトレンドインジケーターであり、再描画や遅延なしに取引に参入するための正確なシグナルを提供します。 外国為替、暗号通貨、金属、株式、インデックスなど、あらゆる金融資産に適用できます。最良の結果は、時間枠M15+でみられます。 MT5版インジケーター 重要:購入後にご連絡ください。詳細なガイドとボーナスを差し上げます。 動画(6:22) - インジケーターの価格の3倍に等しい利益を上げた1つのシグナル 動画(4:44) - テスターでの動作、ヒントとコツ 動画(1:44) - 暗号通貨とインデックスでの動作についてのメモ Entry PointsPro インジケーターの助けを借りたほとんどのトレーダーの最初の1週間の結果が改善しています。 Entry Points Proインジケーターのメリット 再描画や遅延のないエントリーシグナル シグナルを表示してから削除することのある(これは大きな金銭的損失につながります)再描画されるインジケーターとは異なり、表示されて確認されたシグナルは(シグナルローソク足が閉じている場合)消えることがありません。 エラーなしの取引開始
    125 USD
    Cycle Sniper  This indicator does not send any signal without a reason...You can observe and analyze the indicator and the signals it sends Cycle Sniper focuses on the present. It tries to analyze what will happen in the future, not what happened in the past. If you close the chart or change the timeframe, you may see some of the markings redrawn. If you don't know the basics of trading and/or equate trading with gambling, this indicator is not for you. Videos, settings  and descriptions can be
    450 USD
    CURRENTLY 39% OFF !! Best Solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! This indicator is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features and a secret formula. With only ONE chart it gives Alerts for all 28 currency pairs. Imagine how your trading will improve because you are able to pinpoint the exact trigger point of a new trend or scalping opportunity! Built on new underlying algorithms it makes it even easier to identify and confir
    88 USD
    CURRENTLY 20% OFF ! Best Solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! This dashboard software is working on 28 currency pairs. It is based on 2 of our main indicators (Advanced Currency Strength 28 and Advanced Currency Impulse). It gives a great overview of the entire Forex market. It shows Advanced Currency Strength values, currency speed of movement and signals for 28 Forex pairs in all (9) timeframes. Imagine how your trading will improve when you can watch the entire market using a single indi
    199 USD
    The main purpose of the All-in-One Trade Indicator (AOTI) is determining the daily targets for EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, EURCAD, EURAUD, AUDJPY, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, and GBPJPY. All other modules work on any instruments. The indicator includes many features: Double Channel trend direction, Price channel, MA Bands, Fibo levels, Climax Bar detection, etc. The indicator is designed to simplify the analysis of the market, and it is based on several trading strategies that I apply to
    189 USD
    Latest Update : - Stats on Average Daily Range, 3x ADR, Highest and Lowest ADR, and Current Daily Range. - Having knowledge of Daily Range is good to know the possibility of limit order get picked up by price.  - Bonus is still included on every purchase (not rent). Message me your email so that I can send you the bonus. - Guide how to use the indicator is available. Message me to get the guide. ==== If you are trading based on Smart Money Concept (SMC), this indicator will help you  a lot in fi
    125 USD
    (現在20%オフ、セールは今年末までに終了します) (次の価格:$ 150) MACDは、多くのトレーダーが使用する最も人気のある指標の1つです。 通貨強度メーターは、複数の通貨に基づくトレンド指標でもあります。 MACD通貨強度メーターは、MACDと通貨強度メーターのアルゴリズムを備えた1つのチャートインジケーターです。 また、ダッシュボードに28のメジャーペアとマイナーペアが表示されるワンクリック機能があり、特定のペアをクリックすると、チャートが自動的に選択したチャートに変わります。 入力パラメータ MA設定 時間枠を選択してください 高速および低速のEMA値 ダッシュボードと市場動向 グラフの種類 ディスプレイの設定 フォント 通貨の色 信号色 線の色 オブジェクトのX軸とY軸 アラート設定 コンピューター、電子メール、チャートアラート
    115 USD
    FX Volume
    Daniel Stein
    4.8 (25)
    Following the smart money is finally possible! FX Volume is the FIRST and ONLY volume indicator that provides a REAL insight into the market sentiment from a broker's point of view. It provides awesome insights into how institutional market participants, like brokers, are positioned in the Forex market, much faster than COT reports. Seeing this information directly on your chart is the real game-changer and breakthrough solution for your trading. Please read our basic tutorial -> "How to t
    75 USD
    Like all oscillators, the RSI is not directly applied to the chart, but rather is created in a separate window below. This technique is a hypothetical two-level line ranging from 1 to 100, to show the current maximum price relative to previous values. The standard oversold and overbought levels are usually 70 and 30. And if the indicator line rises to a level above 70, this is a sign that the market is overbought, and the chances of a trend reversal are increasing. If the price drops belo
    999 USD
    Supply Demand uses previous price action to identify potential imbalances between buyers and sellers. The key is to identify the better odds zones, not just the untouched ones. Blahtech Supply Demand indicator delivers functionality previously unavailable on any trading platform. This 4-in-1 indicator not only highlights the higher probability zones using a multi-criteria strength engine, but also combines it with multi-timeframe trend analysis, previously confirmed swings and engulfing detector
    124 USD
    発見が困難で頻度が少ないため、分岐は最も信頼できる取引シナリオの1つです。このインジケーターは、お気に入りのオシレーターを使用して、通常の隠れた分岐点を自動的に見つけてスキャンします。 [ インストールガイド | 更新ガイド | トラブルシューティング | よくある質問 | すべての製品 ] 取引が簡単 通常の隠れた発散を見つけます 多くのよく知られている発振器をサポート ブレイクアウトに基づいて取引シグナルを実装します 適切なストップロスおよび利益レベルを表示します 設定可能なオシレーターパラメーター カスタマイズ可能な色とサイズ バー単位でサイズ別に分岐をフィルタリング パフォーマンス統計を実装します 電子メール/音声/視覚アラートを実装します 幅広い市場の見通しを提供するために、異なるオシレーターを使用して、干渉なしで同じチャートにインジケーターを何度もロードできます。このインジケーターは、次のオシレーターをサポートしています。 RSI CCI MACD オスマ 確率的 勢い 素晴らしい発振器 加速器発振器 ウィリアムズパーセントレンジ 相対活力指数 特に外国為替市
    299 USD
    新しいローンチスペシャル: 249ドルでした! 今ならたったの$ 199! ================================================== ***ライブパフォーマンスモニタリングは こちら。 ================================================== 当社の製品は、ここMQL5市場または当社の公式ウェブサイトでのみ販売されています。オンラインで他の場所でより安い価格で販売されている当社の製品を見た場合、それは偽物であり、詐欺に遭うでしょう。また、他の場所から購入した場合も、当社からのサポートは受けられません。それを危険にさらさないでください、公式の場所から買うだけで、あなたのお金を失うことはありません。 ビーストスーパーシグナルは、シンプルで使いやすいトレンドベースのインジケーターです。現在の市況を継続的に監視し、新たな発展トレンドを探したり、既存のトレンドに飛び込んだりします。 ビーストスーパーシグナルインジケーターは現在の市況を監視し、すべての内部戦略が一致し、互いに1
    199 USD
    A. What is A2SR ? -- Full guidance : -- at   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734748/page4#comment_16532516 -- and  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/yohana/blog A2SR has a special technique in determining the levels of Support ( demand ) and Resistance ( supply ) . Unlike the ordinary way that we seen on the net, A2SR has a original concept in determining actual SR levels. The original technique was not taken from the internet, and it has never been published on the internet either. A2SR will
    276 USD
    これはほぼ間違いなく、MetaTraderプラットフォームで見つけることができる最も完全な調和価格形成自動認識インジケーターです。 19種類のパターンを検出し、フィボナッチプロジェクションをあなたと同じように真剣に受け止め、潜在的逆転ゾーン(PRZ)を表示し、適切なストップロスとテイクプロフィットレベルを見つけます。 [ インストールガイド | 更新ガイド | トラブルシューティング | よくある質問 | すべての製品 ] 19の異なる調和価格形成を検出します プライマリ、派生および補完フィボナッチ投影(PRZ)をプロットします 過去の価格行動を評価し、過去のすべてのパターンを表示します この指標は、独自の品質とパフォーマンスを分析します 適切なストップロスとテイクプロフィットのレベルを表示します ブレイクアウトを使用して適切な取引を通知します すべてのパターン比をグラフにプロットします 電子メール/音声/視覚アラートを実装します スコット・M・カーニーの本に着想を得て、この指標は最も純粋で急を要するトレーダーのニーズを満たすように設計されています。ただし、トレードを
    299 USD
    CS ATR FIBO CHANNELS MULTI TIMEFRAME Additional tool to trade with Cycle Sniper Indicator. Cycle Sniper :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/51950 Indicator Draws Channels based on: - Cycle Sniper Price and Moving Averages - ATR Deviations - Fibonacci Retracement and Extensions Features: - Multi TimeFrame - Full alert and Notification options. - Simple Settings - Finds the trend change or extreme reversals. Inputs: - Arrow Mode: ATR Levels or Median Line   If Median Line is selected
    200 USD
    CURRENTLY 20% OFF !! This DASHBOARD is a very powerful piece of software working on multiple symbols and up to 9 timeframes. It is based on our main indicator (Best reviews:  Advanced Supply Demand ). The new DASHBOARD gives a great overview. It shows: filtered Supply and Demand values including zone strength rating, pips distances to/and within zones, it highlights nested zones, it gives 4 kind of alerts for the chosen symbols in all (9) time-frames. It is highly configurable for your personal
    199 USD
    FX Power
    Daniel Stein
    4.87 (99)
    You want to become a constantly profitable 5-star forex trader?  1.  Read the basic description of our simple trading  system  &  and it's major strategy update in 2020   2.   Send a screenshot of your purchase to get your personal invitation to our exclusive trading chat FX Power   is the first currency strength meter with a complete history across all time frames. It analyzes the momentum and strength of all major currencies to determine high probability trades. Key Features Complete str
    75 USD
    Advanced Currency Strength Indicator The Advanced Divergence Currency Strength Indicator. Not only it breaks down all 28 forex currency pairs and calculates the strength of individual currencies across all timeframes , but, You'll be analyzing the WHOLE forex market in 1 window (In just 1 minute) . This indicator is very powerful because it reveals the true movements of the market.  It is highly recommended to  analyze charts knowing the performance of individual currencies or the countries ec
    149 USD
    TakePropips Donchian Trend Pro
    Eric John Pajarillaga Aldana
    5 (3)
    NOTE: TakePropips Donchian Trend Pro is only sold here at MQL5 and on our official website. If you see it on other websites, it is FAKE and the performance is not similar! Support and updates will not be provided on those who purchased or received the fake indicator on pirated websites. Please DO NOT use the indicator if its using the older version 1.20 as it does not accurately detect the trend. The current version is 2.70 which already fixes this issue and added more functionalities to the in
    98 USD
    Weis Wave with Alert
    Panagiotis Diamantopoulos
    5 (12)
    ** NEW PLUTUS SIGNALS and ALL IN ONE ** Plutus Long and Short trading signals added (for more info visit  http://www.tradethevolumewaves.com  ) Different Wave Types, choose what your cumulative Histogram diplays: Volume, Pips, Progressive Volume Rate, Time or Emphasized Volume Waves  **IF YOU PURCHASE DO NOT FORGET TO CONTACT ME BECAUSE THERE IS MORE: Two Hrs Webinar + Training Room + Trade with the SI Traders, all free for now.  Free, two hour, one to one webinar covering setup , methodolo
    499 USD
    Reversal Sniper is designed to find the extreme reversals of the price. Indicator collects data of Cycle Sniper Indicator. NOTE: REVERSAL SNIPER Indicator is made for Cycle Sniper Users as an additional tool.  However, it can be used by the traders who look for finding out strong reversal levels. Indicator works on all timeframes and all instruments. Reversal  Sniper  Checks: Harmonic Patterns RSI Zig Zag and Harmonic Swings Cycle Sniper Indicator's Buy / Sell Signals The complex algo i
    275 USD
    High Signals MT4
    Tais Miranda Hoffmann
    4.33 (6)
    An indicator for receiving a lot of signals Can be used in all time frames and all markets Trade professionally  using professional indicators yourself . Using this indicator, you will have a signal at any time. Do not miss any market movement. Get the signal very simply and clearly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it work:
    125 USD
    This indicator will detect harmonic patterns that are drawn on the chart by manual and automatic methods. You can see user manual from this link: Add Your review And contact us to get it There is a free version to try this product on mt4. You can use it to detect Gartley and Nenstar patterns: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/30181 You can buy the full MT4 version from: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/15212 Notes Indicator has control panel and it will save every (chart & timeframe
    100 USD
    PipFinite Volume Critical
    Karlo Wilson Vendiola
    4.54 (24)
    Volume Gives Depth To Price Action! Volume Critical can accurately locate the cheapest areas to place trades. Enter reversals as early as possible to get the best Risk Reward setups! Features Aggressive algorithm that anticipates reversals Volume Classifications Gray Histograms - Normal Volume, average market activity Orange Histogram - Trending Volume, increased market activity Pink Histograms - Overbought Volume, we can wait for further confirmation to sell Blue Histograms - Oversold Condit
    88 USD
    (FOR MT4)   Divergence Scanner Multi Pair And Multi Time Frame :   This indicator has been designed to automatically identify when a divergence occurs between price and an oscillator. It can identify both bull and bear divergence and it is already loaded with four of the most popular oscillators. You can choose from RSI, MACD, Stochastics and CCI. IMPORTANT FACTORS TO KEEP IN MIND: When a divergence occurs, it means that price and momentum are not in agreement. And divergence signals are widel
    79 USD
    MaxiFinishTrend 2
    Stsiapan Kreidzich
    5 (22)
    すべての信号。スマートトレーディングシステム。    人気のあるインジケーターは、買いと売りの2つのシグナルを示し、TakeProfitを選択して配置する必要があります。通常、それは迅速に機能し、その後トレンドはあなたに有利になりますが、インジケーターは変化するまで「サイレント」です。あなたは利益のほとんどを逃しています。    MaxiFinishの最初のアイデアは、トレンドラインが勾配を変更するか、確率論的M15とM30が極値に達し、利益が減少し始めたときに、3番目のシグナル-GET PROFIT(CLOSE)を送信することです。シグナルで注文を閉じると、トレンドが続く場合、インジケーターはすぐに同じ方向に新しいシグナルを出します。トレンドが変わると、反対方向に新しいシグナルを出します。この戦術は結果を大幅に増加させます-あなたは高値で利益を得て、より多くのシグナルを持っています。    MaxiFinishの2番目のアイデア:市場を確認して取引する場所を選択するために、市場が現在アクティブな場所を示すコンパクトなスキャナーが使用されます。興味のあるシンボ
    125 USD
    Market Profile defines a number of day types that can help the trader to determine market behaviour. A key feature is the Value Area, representing the range of price action where 70% of trading took place. Understanding the Value Area can give traders valuable insight into market direction and establish the higher odds trade. It is an excellent addition to any system you may be using. Blahtech Limited presents their Market Profile indicator for the MetaTrader community. Inspired by Jim Dalton’s
    124 USD
    Dashboard for alerting to Detected Order Blocks on Multiple Symbols and Multiple Time frames when touch price. Futures Scan up to 12 Symbols for Order Blocks ( Preset but is user changeable ) Scan all 9 MT4 time frames for Order Blocks Set Alert time frame for Order Block Set Alert time frame for Higher time frame Point of Interest ( POI ) Filter Alerts Per Symbol Filter Alerts per Manual selected Trend Popup Alerts  for OB and POI Push Notifications Alerts for OB and POI Email
    49.99 USD
    kibotheking 2022.01.15 23:04 

    I felt compelled to leave my first review ever simply because of how great this indicator is. Haven't tested the notifications yet but so far loving what I'm seeing. I wish there were more activations since I trade on many devices; that's my only small gripe really. This indicator is only useful to those who have at least some basic understanding of Wyckoff/SMC, you still need to be able to tell the good and bad signals apart.

    ansh172 2021.12.31 09:52 

    This indicator is one of the best indicator for smart money traders, and i appreciate the way it has been developed. Keep it up bro! stay blessed !

    fapri1 2021.12.29 21:58 

    Definitely a very good indicator! I recommend this indicator especially if you have a good understanding on how to use order blocks. It just makes it easier to find great setups.

    7506169 2021.12.24 09:27 

    This tool is a must have for all traders . Very handy tool to use. Since using the tool, I have become a much-relaxed trader.

    clausejmbm123 2021.12.23 09:12 

    Very well coded and clean indicator. For anyone who uses ICT, Wyckoff or just price action, this indicator will help to find the sweet spots.. Must say that I am very impressed with this indicator.. Before anyone gives a negative review, please study what's imbalance (AKA FVG) is and how market structure works. You simply cannot trade blindly. And Rudy is superfast to reply your question is a + point and very friendly guy :D I highly recommend this indicator to anyone who loves price action/ order block / Wyckoff related style traders.

    costads 2021.12.18 19:40 

    Trash, so many problems with indicator not loading up randomly/freezing, so had to reinstall a few times = no activations left. Author wants me to buy it again, because he thinks it is cheap.

    Ettore Noviello
    Ettore Noviello 2021.12.06 16:57 

    i really like it, very useful indicator.

    intan08 2021.11.17 09:53 

    A must have.

    monterrio1 2021.11.13 18:08 

    awesome indicator love the BOS

    precio23 2021.09.10 07:40 

    One of the most helpful indicators out there!

    バージョン 2.6 2022.01.10
    Change POI time frame from button
    バージョン 2.5 2022.01.06
    Add option to hide buttons
    バージョン 2.4 2021.12.18
    Add Imbalance Alerts
    バージョン 2.3 2021.12.13
    some bug fixes
    バージョン 2.2 2021.11.19

    add BoS alerts

    limit alerts to X minutes
    バージョン 2.1 2021.11.11
    Add Price levels to Alerts
    Show OB price levels next to Order block
    バージョン 2.0 2021.10.24
    Added Higher time frame POI
    バージョン 1.6 2021.10.10
    Push Notifications Added
    バージョン 1.5 2021.10.05
    OB can be set as Solid or Outline
    バージョン 1.4 2021.09.29
    Add stability_check to indicator
    バージョン 1.3 2021.09.21
    Added function to show Imbalances
    バージョン 1.2 2021.08.26
    Upgrade to version 1.2