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Robotrader is an automated trading Expert Advisor designed for Forex trading. It is based on the Node Chart: its statistical constant properties are used for making decisions. Uses tick data for analysis, that is why can run on any chart period. The EA uses Stop-Loss to limit losses, and a smart martingale. Advisor has few parameters, is easy to set up and has a high risk/reward rate.

During testing and optimization in the Strategy Tester use only "Every tick" mode. During testing in the automatic parameter selection mode set the chart period: month.

  • Filter height – the height of the amplitude filter. The number of standard instrument points: 4 characters for the most of currency pairs, 2 - for JPY pairs. The default value is 20. Recommended range: 10-50. Take into account your broker's spread. If the spread is 2 points and you specify 5, then 2 points / 5 points *100% = 40% - the ratio is inefficient. Try to keep the ratio not more than 15%. The lower the value, the greater the number of deals at a lower altitude and vice versa.
  • Settings mode – type of parameter setting: automatic or manual. Default value: automatic mode. If you already have the parameters you use, set to manual mode. In automatic mode there may be a situation when the parameters will not be calculated - increase the amplitude filter value.
  • The optimization period– period (in months) for the automatic mode parameter calculation. Default value: 24 months (2 years). Recommended value: at least 12.
  • Maximum drawdown– the maximum allowed drawdown of the deposit. Default value: 0.3 (30%). Permitted range value: 0.1(10%) – 1.0(100%). A message about insufficient funds may be displayed at small values. The higher the value, the greater the lot the EA uses.
  • Skip height- coefficient which determines the height of the segment "cutting". Default value: 1.0. The recommended range: 1-4(0.1). Optimizable parameter: calculated automatically in the automatic mode.
  • Step height – coefficient which determines the step level. Default value: 0.9. The recommended value range: 0.4-0.9 (0.05). Optimizable parameter: calculated automatically in the automatic mode.
  • Maximum entries– maximum number of entries per segment. Default value: 4. Value range: 1-7. Optimizable parameter: calculated automatically in the automatic mode.
  • Martingale: Multiplier – Martingale multiplier. Default value: 2. The recommended value range: 1.0-5.0.

Parameters for additional customization:

  • Rebound level – price rebound level in points. Default value: 1. Recommended range: 0-4. Allows to close the profitable trades when the price goes back to the specified level.
  • Tick data type – the type of the tick value being processed: ask, bid or the average of ask and bid. Default value: the average of ask and bid.
  • Order's price deviation – number of points of the price deviation from the one requested in the order. Default value: 0.
  • Order's comment– EA comment output mode in the order.
  • Spread control – spread expansion control system. Default value: enabled. When enabled, the expansion of the spread over the estimated value will disable trading.
  • Volatility control – volatility control. Default value: enabled. When enabled, the increase of the volatility over the estimated value will disable trading.
  • Message output – log message output mode. Default value: enabled. When disabled, only the error messages will be logged.
Hendrik Keuris
Hendrik Keuris 2016.04.27 21:08 

26 April 2016:

Been running this robot for 3 or 4 days now. It's made 6% the first day, 6% the second day, and so far it's at nearly 6% for today as well. It's taken around a 3% loss the first day or two, but I made some settings changes, and now it's running wonderfully! It does small trades, low in risk, and when it takes losses, it takes small losses. Really enjoy the robot so far. Will update again in a week.

My setup is as follows, and it seems to work really well:

Trading all the majors from ActivTrades (10 currency pairs). However, the two JPY pairs doesn't work, so I only trade on 8 pairs.

Each pair is set up as follows:

Maximum drawdown = 0.1 (so, 80% overall risk)

Martingale: Multiplier = 1.5 (at 2.0 it was going into Martingale too aggressively, and it seems to lose more than one trade at a time, when it loses. So, it'll quickly go to 0.64 on a small account, and take another loss... too much for the account to handle - at 1.5, it can take 4 losses, and still be at 0.04... much better risk, smaller losses, and easier to manage).

It seems 75% risk is the sweet spot, but split it up across your currency pairs. so, 75%/8 = 9.375, so round it down to 0.09(9%). But, setting only works from 0.1 (10%), so you cannot go lower than this. Just don't run more than 8 pairs on the account, and set to lowest risk setting (0.1) for total 80% risk.

27 April 2016.

I lost quite a bit of money today. Apparently my martingale setting didn't work. I had to change to manual mode, and changed maximum entries to 1. It's taken a lot of losses since then, but it's made them all up again. Martingale always doubles only once, and then stays there, until it gets a profit again, and then works it back down to original size slowly (not sure what the logic is here, but it works).

I think this is now a good setup. I have made a feature request to author to include a timeout parameter. I think the robot must not climb into the same trade again immediately after losing with SL. It must wait at least 30 minutes before trading again. It needs to find a new trade, not just climb into the same trade again. We'll see if this feature gets created. Overall, still a great robot, still 4 stars! If I can get the big losses to stop, I'll up this to 5 stars.

Stanislav Tomilov
Stanislav Tomilov 2016.04.12 11:15 


Aleksey Tsigouro
Aleksey Tsigouro 2015.12.17 06:33 

Торгует не ровно. На относительно спокойных рынках идет копеечная торговля иногда выходит в небольшой плюс

и сливает депозит почти до нуля за короткий промежуток времени при большой волатильность, особенно на выходе ключевых новостей, как пример 3-4 декабря 2015г.

Итого за месяц аренды:

по двум реалам на АльфаФорекс (USD, RUB) с использованием VPS - по каждому счету ТРИ раза сливал депозит почти в НОЛЬ. суммарные убытки порядка 1000 USD + 50-аренда + 2*10-VPS.

Нестабильная работа - проблемы с запуском.

Не оправданная цена/качество.

Цена аренды за декабрь выросла с 50 до 60 USD за 1 мес.(150 до 180 за 3 мес).

Нет возможности приобрести советника и из личного общения с другим трейдером, из постов в обсуждении - наводит на мысли и получается, что за НАШ с Вами счет пишут и/или дорабатывают советника.

Потом снимут его вообще его с маркета, а выложат новый продукт под новым "Брендом" и/или от другого автора.

Igor Dervuk
Igor Dervuk 2015.12.04 10:51 

Реальный аппарат! Настройки по умолчанию на двух парах EURUSD и USDJPY !

Самое важное ,полное соответствие реальной торговли и тестера стратегий !

Короче ,пока оценка 5 !!!

kostantinos arapakis
kostantinos arapakis 2015.11.23 11:40 

hello from Greece.

i just have rent today the bot.

everything OK until now 1000euro profit on a live demo account

1:500 leverage 30000euro deposit. on Eur/Usd H1 time-frame with ping 10.12ms to broker.

0.7 - 1.2 pip spread or 7-12 point's on 5 decimal broker

the risk level i have put it in 5 when original was on 2

i will Post more or near future.

Nikolay Moskalev
Nikolay Moskalev 2015.11.19 10:46 

отличная идея!

バージョン 1.1 2016.01.15
- Improved the speed of the core and environment operation speed, functionality improved.
- Fixed operation flaws.
- Added the automatic parameter calculation mode.
- The initial lot is bound to the maximal drawdown level of the deposit.
- Added new optional features.
- Added new mode of message output into the log.