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Longsen Chen
Longsen Chen 2023.01.19 00:11  (modifié 2023.02.18 08:03) 

2023.1.19 Yesterday was the first day of my subscription to it. It was a loss day. I'm not lucky in the first day. Hope it will bring me with a lot of profits

2023.2.18 I‘m not lucky. In my first month subscription, I lost money, but not much. The author increased the subscription fee. I will not renew it.

RocknRoll7139 2022.11.08 07:04  (modifié 2022.11.08 07:15) 

This is a brilliant Signal. It works incredibly well with regular profit and (for me) the brilliant thing is very low Drawdown. However, just like the previous Trades Review, it was not good at first because I had not set it up correctly. It is a system that Scalps with VERY short trades and therefore the Ping (speed between the signal and your VPS) is crucial for good results. This is only achieved by.... A) Using the same Broker as the Author B) having your account on the same VPS as the Author C) Making sure your VPS is not overloaded. The CPU and RAM must not be under strain and must have plenty of room for spikes in Data. VPS suppliers say that the RAM and CPU usage must be below 80% however, I am not sure, but i believe the lower the RAM and CPU usage for this signal the better it will perform. So, I keep mine below 50%. The 2 VPS the Author recommended to me to use are Ultrafx VPS and ForexVPS. I use Ultrafx with good success. PLEASE NOTE: That I still don’t get the exact results shown on the Signal. My results are a little less, but they are still good and the key point in my view is the Drawdown is MINIMAL and so compared to almost all other Signal, the risk is SO MUCH less. (I would Copy his other Siganls but because of Brexit I cant get accounts with the same Brokers as the other Siganls are run on... very frustrating. Anyone outside of UK could i believe)

Vandocapital 2022.10.26 17:04   

not good