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Elliot Bollinger Wave Description Elliott Wave Bollinger is an Expert Advisor created with the unique strategy that traders don't use so often, enter trades when the 10 moving average moves into the 20 period of the Bollinger Band and Elliott Wave deviates with the Bollinger Bands at the same time between 12-20 deviations and can be traded on fixed lots or martingale. Strategies 1. The Elliot Wave theory is a technical analysis principle that states that the price of an asset moves in recognizab
125 USD
Title Signature of Institutions Description When the Zig Zag indication evaluates the current range of the market candle, which forms a resistance or support by restraining the highs or lows, and then forms the consolidation of the bulls and bears in a row by entering the trade on the last candle previous (high candle above or previous low candle below) The retail traders call it (Signature Trade) breaking the highs or lows and bringing them on the supply and demand areas. Warnings 1.Chang
100 USD
Title THE FOREX BANK TRADING STRATEGY Description : The Forex Bank Trading Strategy is designed to identify where the largest market participants are likely to enter or exit their position based on areas of supply and demand. We term these levels as ‘manipulation points’. the top 10 banks control well over 60% of the daily forex market volume. Because of this, when they move in and out of the market, the market moves! STEP #1 - ACCUMULATION Accumulation:
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Title Supply & Demand Swing Trading Description Supply and Demand Swing EA works with over sold and over brought levels, It can be used as expert advisor or signal advisor and risk management is included in Available standard plot and trailing stop and step option. Time Frames 15-1H A trailing stop order is a type of stop-loss order that follows a trader's position if it earns profit and closes if the market moves against them. 0 1 5   The trailing step is   a measure of price movement and is
100 USD
SenKu T Reversal EA
Domantas Juodenis
Title Senku-Ku Tweezer Reversal Description SenKu Tweezer Reversal EA works by comparing two strategies together to enter the trade in Reversal By one Bull upper wick candle and Bear lower wick candle in the form of 10 pips. Usually, this is a very common momentum when two candles connect with pointing up and down. Settings 1.Trailing Stop Step 2.Money Management Timeframe 15M-30M Pairs Forex.Commodites
120 USD
Dragon Fly EA
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Title Dragon Fly EA Description Dragon Fly signals a price reversal is when the doji candle appears below the fourth Bearish closing price candle or above the bullish price candle to initiate a trade on an uptrend or downtrend reversal. This candle stick pattern can take many forms which are used by EAs to gain an advantage by engaging in trading,It has a trailing stop and step that can be activated to make a stop loss sequence. Timeframe 5M-15M-30M-1H-4H Pairs Forex, Metals, Stocks Warnings
70 USD
Pin Bar Signal EA
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Title Pin Bar Signal EA Description A pin bar is a chart candlestick, it is characterized by a very long tail that shows rejection and indicates that the market will move in the opposite direction. The area between the open and close is called the real body, typically all pin bars have a very small real body and a long shadow. A Bullish pin bar is known for its lower wicks, and the bearish one is characterized by long upper wicks. It is widely used by price action traders to determine reversa
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