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The Stochastic Momentum Index (SMI), developed by William Blau and featured in the January 1993 edition of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, introduces a unique perspective to trading analysis. Distinguished from the conventional Stochastic Oscillator, which evaluates the current close in relation to the recent x-period high/low range, the SMI assesses the close's position relative to the midpoint of this range. This innovation yields an oscillator with a range of +/- 100, re
Volume Profile Institutional Live
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Unlock the Power of Market Analysis with Precision Are you ready to take your trading to the next level? The "Institutional Volume Profile" indicator is here to empower your trading decisions like never before. Key Features: Custom Volume Profiles : Plot volume profiles effortlessly by simply adding horizontal lines or Fibonacci tools on your MetaTrader 5 chart. There's no limit to how many profiles you can create. Insightful Visualization : The indicator beautifully displays crucial information
Anchored VWAP Channel Bands
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Point and Plot:  The Anchored VWAP with Channel Bands tool is designed for traders of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Point to the price level you want to anchor to, plot the horizontal line, and watch as this versatile tool transforms your trading approach. User-Friendly Interface : Navigate the tool effortlessly with a user-friendly interface that ensures you never miss a crucial detail. Real-Time Analysis : Make informed decisions in real time with dynamic data that upda