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Control adora


Controladora means in Spanish controller, this is a simple yet powerful Expert Advisor that allows you to control your trading easily and precisely.

Do you want to stop your trade when the price cross a trend line? Don't worry, Controladora can do it. Do you want to take profit when the price reaches the top of a channel? Controladora can do it as well.

Calculating the exact proportion of your account by opening a trade, which size represents in case of loss a percentage of your balance, is time expensive and almost impossible without help if you are scalping. With Controladora there is no problem, use a standard stop loss in pips or fixed one by you as well.

When you want to evaluate a trade signal, Controladora will help you to see if the risk profit matches your strategy criteria by showing the level, at which you need to exit to cover your desired risk reward.

Do you want to divide a trade in multiple entries to take profit at different prices automatically? There is no problem with Controladora, it can place a trade as a whole operation or divide it into several smaller trades.

Do you use the stop close only (meaning close or open a trade only if the candle closes above or below a given level), Controladora can do it.

With Controladora you can directly open trades from its discrete buy and sell buttons, but as well you can program stop and limit entries with it. As well you can decide between a direct touch or on candle close activation.

Controladora can manage its own trades and can add all trades that already exist in the platform under the pair that displays in the attached chart. Controladora fulfills the FIFO requirement and sets the stops after opening the trade, so it can work with market or instant orders.

Controladora, an Expert Advisor that will help you to manage your trades, made by a trader for traders.

The Instructions are very simple

To preset a level of stop loss just press the up or down orange buttons

If you want to open a new trade, just press the buttons buy or sell

If you want to close the very first trade in the book under Controladora control (in fulfillment of the fifo rule), just press the red crossed button.

 **Note that if you have previously opened trades outside of Controladora, if you want to close them with the X button, you will need to include them under the Controladora scope by pressing the gray button "Adjust" 

If you want to add existing trades to the Controladora functions, just press the gray Adjust button.

To hide these buttons in order to avoid accidental trades, just press the "<" dark gray button.

If you want to manage to close a trade using trend lines (or as horizontal ones), just use the lines that appear once the Controladora takes control of a trade. Observe that due to FIFO rule, if you are going to use different exit levels the order must be first 1, then 2 then 3 and so forth.

To close a trade above the opening price of the trade use the blue lines (named Above).

To close a trade below the opening price of the trade use the coral lines (named Below).

In multiple trades the smaller the number after Above or Below, the closer or at least at the same level must be in relation to the other exit levels.

If you want to set pending entry order, use the price arrows to do it (any key will work as well), just name it as bs to set a buy above the actual price, ss to set a sell below the actual price, bl to set a buy below the actual price or sl to set a sell above the actual price.

When an order is set properly, the arrow will be dragged to the actual bar (candle), this is how you know that the order has been recognized.

If you want to delete all the pending orders that have placed just press on your toolbar the button arrows the last options, delete all arrows, and all the possible pending orders that could trigger will be gone.

As Controladora is an EA that sends the instructions to the broker only when the conditions settled by you are met, the system could be named as a blind broker, which has the advantage that your broker won’t know where you have your entry or exit levels with the exception of the actual use of a direct stop loss and take profit for opened trades (we recommend use at least a direct stop loss as a catastrophic exit level). The down side of this is that in order to send a instruction, the platform must be connected and working, meaning that if for some reason your broker stop the connection or your platform cant send instructions to the broker, the price will cross the level you set and the Controladora will send the order (at the actual price) when the connection with the broker had been reestablished.

When you have a stop loss indication too near to the actual price, the Controladora will alert you (with the MT4 alert mechanism) of this situation, you can use this as an alert level system as well.

In order to configure the Controladora, you have the following settings:

Legal 1 to 7 are just informative and are the legal notice that warn you that you’ll be using the EA at your own risk and we do not take any responsibilities for consequences resulting from any error or malfunction that could emerge due it use. Use it first on a demo account as long as you need in order to get familiarized with all functions and behaviors.

  • Above Color is the setting of the color for the line to set the exits above the entry price
  • Below Color is the setting of the color for the line to set the exits below the entry price
  • Buy Button, set the background of the Buy button
  • Sell Button, set the background of the Sell button
  • Stop Placement Button, set the background color of the up (^) and down (v) stop indicative object buttons.
  **Note that if stop indication is above the actual price, the Buy Button will be hidden; and if stop indication is below the actual price, the Sell Button will be hidden in order to avoid opening and closing of an order at the same time because both conditions will be fulfilled at the same time. 
  • Close Color, set the color for the X button used to close the first open trade in the actual pair of the platform trading book.
  • Color_Take_Profit, set the color for the visual line that shows you where the risk reward ratio is fulfilled.
  • Constant External Operations Included, set it as true to make the Controladora take control of all incoming trades that you open manually (or with other Expert Advisors) at the actual pair.
  • Show Buttons, set in off if you do not want the buttons to appear in the chart (opening of trades using arrows and closing by the Above/Below lines will still work).
  • Show Take Profit means to show the line where the risk reward will be fulfilled, so turn it on if you want to see this indication in your chart, the Take Proft will replicate the style of the “stoploss” indication object (could be an arrow as is placed by pressing the orange up and down buttons, or could be a horizontal line that you place on your chart, just name it stoploss with lowercase and no spaces.
  • Stop Close Only=1: set it to 1 if you want the Controladora await for the close above or below the object (could be the ss, bs, sl, bl arrows or the Above and Иудщц lines. If you want to execute the entry or exit for a trade with only the reach of the price in your chart (use bid price always) set this option to 0.
  • Lines Width - set the width of the lines Above and Below, this could be from 0 to 4.
  • Above Distance  - set the number of pips above the actual price to place the Above exit lines when open or recognize a new trade.
  • Below Distance - set the number of pips below the actual price to place the Below exit lines when open or recognize a new trade.
  • Delay sets the time that must past between orders in milliseconds (some brokers may need it) you can set it as you need.
  • Tolerance Slippage sets the tenths of pip (the fifth digit) allowed for slippage.
  • Lots, If you trade with fixed lots strategy, set the number of lots to open here, if lots are different from 0 the percentage calculation for open new positions will be disabled.
  • Risk %, set here the percentage of your trade account that you desire to risk in a trade (if multiple entries are instructed, Controladora will divide the trade into the number of entries instructed by repetitions, see below).
  • Stops set a stop loss for any given trade that Controladora opens (does not change the stop loss level for trades opened out of the Controladora mechanism). If you have the stoploss object in your chart, the level (and calculations) for the real stop loss broker order will be instructed by this element adding a small tolerance based on the spread).
  • Repetitions set the number of trades in which the trade will be divided, for example if you use 1% risk and set Repetitions with 2, the Controladora will open 2 trades with a size in lots that match the 1% given to the actual stop loss you set.
  • Risk Reward sets the risk reward profile that will position the Take Profit indicative line (no order will be attached). For example, if you set 1.0 the line will be drawn at the level where the price needs to be set in order to equal the profit with the risk.

All stop loss will be instructed beyond the line with a protective distance equal to the actual spread.

Avis 7
SICARIO 2014.12.02 18:37 

Excelente herramienta que ayuda enormemente al trader a manejar todas sus operaciones. Enhorabuena.

Echo en falta que los iconos del plug-in "AllHere" fueran más grandes. Sería posible agrandarlos Sergio?

Al1975 2014.11.14 17:22 

Fantástica herramienta que te ayuda en la colocación y gestión de la posición. Tiene un montón de variables para operar según la manera particular de cada trader. Está hecha por un trader profesional, por tanto recoge todo lo necesario y sino él mismo te lo resuelve. Colega muy accesible y eficiente. Gracias por todo Sergio

marcantoni 2014.11.11 14:58 

Excelente herramienta que te ayuda a gestionar tu cuenta y a mejorar tus resultados. Facilita mucho el trading, tanto a los que empiezan como a los que llevan mucho tiempo. Muy completo.

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Makarii Gubaydullin
4.94 (16)
Outil multifonctionnel : plus de 65 fonctions, dont : calcul de lot, price action, facteur R/R, gestionnaire des trades, zones d'offre et de demande Version de démonstration   |   Manuel de l'Utilisateur   |    MT5 L'utilitaire ne fonctionne pas dans le testeur de stratégie : vous pouvez télécharger la   version de démonstration ICI   pour tester le produit. Contactez-moi pour toutes questions / idées d'amélioration / en cas de bug trouvé Simplifiez, accélérez et automatisez votre processus d
139 USD
Si vous êtes ici, c'est que vous êtes curieux de connaître l'outil Forex. L'outil se base sur le mouvement réel du marché Forex, en utilisant des calculs mathématiques réels basés sur le pourcentage de changement. Parce que le Forex, c'est des mathématiques. OK, vous voulez des preuves. CONTACTEZ-MOI.  Les mathématiques ne sont pas une opinion. L'exécution de l'outil Forex est basée sur cette relation très mathématique qui existe entre les différentes paires de devises. Vous saure
1 999 USD
TakePropips TradePad Pro
Eric John Pajarillaga Aldana
5 (4)
TakePropips TradePad Pro comprend un puissant gestionnaire de transactions, un indicateur de force monétaire, des outils de reporting de compte, des outils de gestion des risques, et bien plus encore ! C'est l'un des gestionnaires de trading forex et des assistants commerciaux les plus avancés que vous n'aurez jamais rencontrés! C'est la solution parfaite pour les commerçants qui veulent un moyen plus efficace de gérer les transactions commerciales. Vous pouvez télécharger le manuel d'utilisatio
299 USD
The Expert Advisor will help you forward all pop-up alert with screenshot from  MetaTrader 4 to Telegram channel/ group, also forward all notifications to Telegram. Parameters  -  Telegram Bot Token - create bot on Telegram and get token.  -  Telegram Chat ID  - input your Telegram user ID,  group / channel ID  -  Forward Alert - default true, to forward alert.  -  Send message as caption of Screenshot - default false, set true to send message below Screenshot  How to setup and guide  - Telegram
100 USD
Trade Copier Pro
Vu Trung Kien
4.54 (13)
Trade Copier Pro is a tool to copy trade remotely between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be able to receive the signal after that
149 USD
Equity Protection EA
5 (2)
Equity Protection EA MT4 General Features: Full control over the results of a trading session.- Controls the overall result, for all forex symbols, indices, metals, stocks, etc. Control is done over the global equity.- Close all trades, on all symbols, when reaching a profit or loss rate.- Changeable configurations in both amount and percentages.- Protection of results by trailing stop global.- Record of results achieved for the session (greater equity and lower equity).- All calculations a
99.90 USD
Auto Trade Copier
Vu Trung Kien
4.92 (86)
Auto Trade Copier is designed to copy trades between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts/terminals with 100% accuracy. The provider and receiver accounts must be on the same PC/VPS. With this tool, you can act as either a provider (source) or a receiver (destination). All trading actions will be copied from the provider to the receiver with no delay. This version can be used on MT4 accounts only. For MT5 accounts, you must use Auto Trade Copier for MT5. Reference: If you need to copy between different loc
79 USD
Comprehensive on chart trade panel with the unique ability to be controllable from mobile as well. Plus has a library of downloadable configuration, e.g. exit rules, extra panel buttons, pending order setup and more. Please see our product video. Works with all symbols not just currency pairs. Features On chart panel plus controllable from free app for Windows, iPhone and Android Built-in script engine with library of downloadable configuration, e.g. add 'Close All Trades in Profit' button, exit
99 USD
Cet indicateur Custom Ultimate Sniper Dashboard est une mise à niveau de l'indicateur original Ultimate Sniper Dashboard. Il fonctionne avec jusqu'à 98 algorithmes différents pour s'assurer qu'il capture la vraie nature d'une tendance sur une classe d'actifs avec laquelle vous travaillez. Il s'agit d'une réponse directe à un grand nombre de suggestions et de conseils que nous avons reçus de la plupart de nos clients pendant plusieurs mois.   Cette version personnalisée est entièrement personn
299 USD
Everything for chart Technical Analysis indicator mt4 in one tool Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline and get alerts to mobile phone or email alert -  Risk reward indicator Video tutorials and manuals   here .  Find contacts on my   profile . 1.   Extended rectangles and trendlines Object will be extended to the right edge of the chart when price will draw new candles on chart. This is rectangle extender or trendline extender. 2. Price touch alert
98 USD
What Exactly Is A Smart Trading Tool? Smart Trading Tool was developed for fast and comfortable trading of the financial markets especially for ORDER BLOCKS TRADERS . It provides traders functionalities, such as: A Drawing Tool One-Click Trading Panel Automated Lot Sizes Calculation based on your risk appetite & Money Management ( Watch this video , how this tool can help manage your risk per trade better!) Built in PRICE LEVELS (Fibonacci, Round Numbers, Daily hi-low, etc) Shows Trading Informa
150 USD
Riskless Pyramid
Snapdragon Systems Ltd
5 (1)
Introduction This powerful MT4 trade mangement EA offers a way potentially to aggressively multiply trade profits in a riskfree manner. Once a trade has been entered with a defined stoploss and take profit target then the EA will add three pyramid add-on trades in order to increase the overall level of profit. The user sets the total combined profit target to be gained if everything works out. This can be specified either as a multiple of the original trade profit or as a total dollar amount. Fo
100 USD
MT4 Alert Signal Trader  is an EA that helps you trade MT4 Alert popup. Some indicators can provide signals by showing an alert popup containing signal texts. This EA will read and trade these signal texts. The alert texts should contain at least 2 elements:  (1) a symbol text   (ex: "EURUSD") and  (2) a command type   (ex: "Buy", "Sell", "Close") that trigger EA's trading activities. Some other contents that may have or not are open price, stop loss, take profit values... The EA needs an aweso
149 USD
Take a Break
Eric Emmrich
5 (23)
Please check the " What's new " tab regularly for a complete and up-to-date list of all improvements + parameters. Take a Break has evolved from a once simple news filter to a full-fledged account protection tool. It pauses any other EA during potentially unfavorable market conditions and will continue trading when the noise is over. Typical use cases: Stop trading during news/high volatility (+ close my trades before). Stop trading when Account Equity, Balance or Margin is low. Only trade on s
70 USD
RedFox Copier Pro
Rui Manh Tien
5 (9)
FREE SIGNAL CHANEL:  https://t.me/redfox_daily_forex_signals Time saving and fast execution Whether you’re traveling or sleeping, always know that Telegram To Mt4 performs the trades for you. In other words, Our   Telegram MT4 Signal Trader  will analyze the trading signals you receive on your selected Telegram channels and execute them to your Telegram to MT4 account. Reduce The Risk Telegram To Mt4   defines the whole experience of copying signals from   Telegram signal copier to mt4  p
149 USD
News Trade EA MT4
Konstantin Kulikov
4.62 (13)
Je voudrais vous présenter un robot efficace que j'utilise depuis plusieurs années. Il peut être utilisé en mode semi-automatique, comme en mode totalement automatique. Le programme comporte des paramètres souples pour le commerce sur les nouvelles du calendrier économique. Il est impossible de le vérifier dans le testeur des stratégies. Ce qu’il faut, c’est le travail réel. Il faut ajouter à la liste des URL autorisées, dans les paramètres du terminal, un site d'actualités. Cliquez sur Servi
97 USD
Telegram Forwarder can forward all activities related to trades and position taking as a signal to Telegram messenger. It can also forward indicators' alert to Telegram if you modify indicator code (I can do it for you too) to hand over alerts to Telegram Forwarder. This EA is intended for business and professional usage. You can introduce your own Telegram bot and customize water mark in screenshots. Telegram forwarder is able to forward signals for "new order", "modification of order", "Pendi
70 USD
Easy Strategy Builder
Gheis Mohammadi
5 (4)
The  Easy Strategy Builder (ESB)  is a " Do It Yourself " solution that allows you to create a wide range of the automated trading strategies without any line of codes. This is the world’s easiest method to automate your strategies that can be used in STP, ECN and FIFO brokers. No drag and drop is needed. Just by set conditions of your trading strategy and change settings on desired values and let it work in your account. ESB has hundreds of modules to define unlimited possibilities of strategi
299 USD
MT4 Strategy Builder
Jacobus Van Schoor
4.27 (15)
MT4 Strategy Builder ('StratBuilder') est un utilitaire de gestion des ordres de trading sur grille qui s'exécute sur la plate-forme MT4. Ce produit est désormais également disponible sur la plateforme MT5 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/68858 Il est fortement suggéré de louer un serveur privé virtuel (VPS) auprès de MQL5 et de migrer la configuration sur l'ordinateur du commerçant vers le VPS, pour permettre à StratBuilder de fonctionner 24h/24 et 7j/7. Le concept unique de Stra
340 USD
Plus de l'auteur
Pointer Sync
Sergio D. Rocha
4.29 (7)
This indicator plots a crosshair pointer in all charts of the terminal in the position relative to the active chart. To activate the Pointer Sync, just press the "+" button that will appear in one of the 4 corners of the chart where the indicator is added. To deactivate the Pointer Sync, just press the "+" button again. Once Pointer Sync is deactivated, the cross lines will disappear in all charts as well. You can adjust the color of the pointers and the button, the corner where the button appea
30 USD
Dollar Index
Sergio D. Rocha
3.67 (3)
This indicator calculates directly the value of the dollar index by using the ICE formula to plot the chart, this can help you as reference. You do not need your broker to provide the ICE DX to use this indicator, is a way to have it calculated. Little discrepancies could be found in the exact value of the candles or time due closing time of the trading floor and the use of decimals, but generally will give you good reference.  You need your broker offers the feed for the following pairs in orde
Elliott Wave Tool Lite
Sergio D. Rocha
4.2 (5)
This is a reduced version, demo if you like, of the published Elliott Wave Tool 7Pasos . The limitations for this tool vs Elliott Wave Tool 7pasos are the following: Only one account possible, the original tool has 1 principal and 4 alternative accounts. Only one degree (Primary) is available, in the original tool 12 different degrees (6 in micro) are at your disposition. As only one degree is available, the functions to upgrade and downgrade the degree of the selected wave are disabled. Fixed c
Sergio D. Rocha
5 (1)
This is a simple script that places a defined number of lines above and below a given price.  The script lets you set the number of lines, the separation in pips and the color.   Instructions: Drop the script on a chart to draw the level lines  If the last parameter is set to false, the script will delete the lines previously placed by it.  Parameters:  English? Turn it yes to use English language, false will turn language to Spanish  Separation Set the pips distance among lines  From Price
Object Copier
Sergio D. Rocha
5 (2)
Did you have to start again the very same analysis because the original one, from where you want to modify, just have so much information that no longer fits? Have you ever wanted to change some in one of your charts and make this new line, Fibo or channel automatically appear in some or the rest of your set of charts? Object Copier is the solution to replicate any object into one or several charts at your desire. No matter if you changed an object, or made it from the scratch. With Object Copie
30 USD
Sergio D. Rocha
4.83 (6)
This is an extension of the previous published DollarIndex with the addition of the function for calculating EURO Index under ICE Formula. Note that the broker should provide the following data: For Dollar Index formula, EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDSEK and USDCHF are needed. For Euro Index formula, EURUSD, EURGBP, EURSEK and EURCHF are needed. Now in this version if the SEK (the most uncommon) is not provided, the formula still works, since it adds 0.0001 to its value, but the index will
Sergio D. Rocha
5 (1)
This is a very simple indicator that mixes the Sunday session with the Monday one. This is useful because the Sunday session is a partial session mostly with only Australian and Asian sessions included, so the analysis of the Monday's daily session if mixed with Sunday tends to be more comprehensive. This indicator plots a candle with the following values: Open - the Friday's Close or Sunday's Open (depending on your choice). High - the highest High of Sunday and Monday. Low - the lowest Low of
Delete All
Sergio D. Rocha
4 (1)
This is a very silly script but perhaps you find it useful. It deletes all objects from the chart. I recommend setting a hot key to call it just by pressing a couple of keys on your keyboard.  To avoid accidental deletion of object, the script will ask you to confirm the action as you won't be available to restore them with "undo" (Ctrl+Z).
Sergio D. Rocha
3.5 (2)
This is a technical indicator that put on strategy tester the buttons of the expert adviser "Control adora". Usually when applied the controladora to the strategy tester, the buttons do not appear and therefore its functions (like directly buy, sell, close orders or place stop loss indicator) can't be used. But now you can if have the Manual Backtest indicator. If you don't have Control adora, you can get it from here . This indicator get on the chart the buttons that can be of use in strategy t
Trailing Even is a free complement for the Control adora Expert Adviser. It adds a trailing stop function and changes the exit level that works as stop loss if some price is reached, let's review how to make it work: First of all make sure you have the same language selected both in the Control adora Expert and in this indicator.  Change of the exit level that works as stop loss with "BES" and "BEO": This function needs 2 arrows to work: 1 named BES (stands for Break Even Start) place it at the
AllHere is a plug-in for Control-adora that works as information panel. Its main function is to show you all the Control-adora elements placed in the chart, like the Control-adora's orders or the exit lines. On the lower left corner, AllHere shows a collection of buttons classified by color (you can set them in the indicator's properties) for several elements used in Control-adora system: Stop loss indications (stop loss Arrows) Exit lines Above (Above trend lines) Exit lines Below (Below trend
RepliTrades Source
Sergio D. Rocha
4 (1)
This is a system consistent of 2 components: RepliTrades Source: It sends the trades to one or more terminals into the same Computer RepliTrades Trader: It trades the orders sent by RepliTrades Source  Please watch the video to learn how it works and use it. Features: Manage up to 300 trades at same time in each terminal Work with any broker, no matter if uses suffix or prefix in symbols names Replicate pending orders (limits or stops orders) or direct trades (market orders, etc) and its modif
"TradeALot" is a plug-in for the Expert Advisor Control-adora . It allow you to place programmed orders without the need to write the name of the order in the Arrow (like bs, ss, bl, sl, sl1, sl2, etc). Just drag and drop the button for "Programmed Buys" or "Programmed Sells" over the candles-zone at the place where you want to program the order and TradeALot will compare the bid price with the position where you dropped the button and will decide if the order need to be "Stop" or "Limit". With
This is a technical indicator that works as a plug-in for "Control adora" - the Expert Advisor that helps you to calculate, place and control positions on the chart. When run on a chart with Control adora EA, this plug-in allows setting entry levels that send orders at contact, while you have StopCloseOnly (OCO in Comments) = 1 settled in Control adora (meaning that without this, the indicator will send the order only when the price Close crosses the arrow level). This indicator only works if yo
CorExTi is a tool that will save you literally hours in your daily routine to draw lines and other graphic elements in your charts.   With a temporary panel discreetly displayed on your screen at the touch of a graphic element as trendline:  Changes the object between 4 favorite line styles (with color, line thickness and style)  Cuts trendlines, when are extended, just at the point where you touch them Extends trendlines (active property of Ray) which are not extended  Or deactivates visualizat
30 USD
Sergio D. Rocha
The best way to monitor multiple pairs within little workspace. RotaGrafico sequentially displays up to 6 different pairs. It has buttons to set a pair more time for observation. Normal exposure time adjustable. Broad exposure time adjustable. Combine in a profile, Rotagrafico and use the rest of your workspace to the pair that you want to analyze in detail.
30 USD
Fibo Pro
Sergio D. Rocha
4.5 (4)
When you combine short term fibos with the long term, your chart get missed up with a lot of lines that hardly make sense at first view. The best way to improve the clearness and there for the easiness to read your chart is by deleting the fibo levels that you no longer need, for example those levels that the price proved didn’t work as support or resistance. With Fibo Pro, you can activate or deactivate from a set of fibo levels pre-settled by you, without miss with the default fibo configurati
30 USD
Sergio D. Rocha
2.5 (2)
Free Hand Drawer is a small app that runs as technical indicator and the only thing that does is that it draws continuous line. To activate it, after adding the indicator to the chart just press the D on your keyboard and click where you want to start drawing. Then every click you make on your chart will be the next nod in your drawing. Use it to draft Elliott waves, or to illustrate ideas on your chart. If you like to draw manually your Gann line you’ll find it handy as well. Each time you want
30 USD
Sergio D. Rocha
BreakEven shows the location of the average price level of the orders in the symbol, to which the indicator is attached. This information allows you to find the break-even. The indicator is helpful if you manage several positions, since it allows you to evaluate the performance of your open trades in a glance. If you trade a single order, it allows you to evaluate the effect of your stop loss and the profit or loss during the time your trade is open. Apart from drawing a break-even level line (w
30 USD
Gann Line
Sergio D. Rocha
Gann Line indicator is usually used in combination with other Gann’s techniques, some say this is a key point in its success. The Gann line is interpreted as trend indicator, a series of higher highs and higher lows in it's trend are considered bullish, and a series of lower lows and lower highs are bearish. As with other technical indicators, for better results Gann Line should be used in combination with other technical concepts as Gann Fan, fibo, swings, supports and resistance, etc. When rev
30 USD
RepliTrades Trader
Sergio D. Rocha
2.5 (2)
This is a system consistent of 2 components: RepliTrades Source: It sends the trades to one or more terminals into the same Computer RepliTrades Trader: It trades the orders sent by RepliTrades Source   Please watch the video to learn how it works and use it. Features: Manage up to 300 trades at same time in each terminal. Work with any broker, no matter if uses suffix or prefix in symbols names. Replicate pending orders (limits or stops orders) or direct trades (market orders, etc) and its mo
35 USD
The indicator that helps you by plotting a reference to easily determine if a scalping trade (or intraday trade) has chances to work out in your favor. One of the most common issues intraday traders have is the lost of reference to know if a movement is big or small due to the scaling of the chart. With this indicator, you have 3 visual aids on your chart that will help you: "Screener" : Please set the normal stop loss size that you usually apply in your strategy. This will plot a rectangle afte
30 USD
Moon Phase
Sergio D. Rocha
5 (1)
Gann and other analyst had found a curious correlations between moon phases and change in trends, this is an excellent indicator to test those relation and use what you find useful. It's very simplistic, can calculate the moon phases using the average moon cycle duration of 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes since the 1970 first full moon registered at January 22nd. You can also place a known full moon's date, to start the count since the daily opening of that date. In its window will plot a vertical l
30 USD
Sergio D. Rocha
This indicator plots a line that shows the high and low of a higher time frame than the one where you have actually in your chart. For example if you want to see the high and low of the day while you are in 1hour chart, set Boundaries to Daily. Boundaries have predefined Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Hourly time frames, but if you want to use a different timeframe, just choose the option Other_TF and write on the next field the minutes for your desired timeframe. As MT4 only works beyond M1 with 5,
30 USD
This indicator works exactly the same as the Boundaries indicator, but here as a free demo that only shows the high and low of the week. As the Boundaries indicator does, this indicator can work with any symbol. In the Colors tab you can set the color for the Upper and Lower boundaries. Please review the pics or watch the Boundaries indicator video to better understand how it works.
30 USD
Sergio D. Rocha
Having a trade about to reach its take profit and suddenly see that it turns around to go strait ahead to your Stop Loss is one of the few things that makes me curse (a lot). This is why I created AntiCurse. Just add this Expert Advisor to an empty chart, set a "Trigger" and "Lock" in its properties and you'll have one less reason to curse! AntiCursing Settings: "Trigger" is set in percentage terms, it is the distance between the entry price and the Take Profit that needs to be covered in orde
30 USD
Sergio D. Rocha
5 (3)
When drawing a trend line or other objects, there is a natural deviation when you place the object from a higher time frame, and then go to watch it in a lower time frame. PerfectLine is a technical indicator that solves this problem. Once you touch a line after drawing it, Perfect Line will find the exact spot in the lower time frame available for it's position and then rectifies where it should be. Perfect Line uses a five pixels pre-established tolerance, if a difference between the line's no
30 USD
The Polarized Fractal Efficiency (PFE) was introduced by Hans Hannula in 1994. The indicator was intended to quantify the efficiency of price movement and  how trendy or choppy  the recent past price action has been. This is calculated by contrasting the price traveled in the window of study  against the total accumulation of movements during the same period of time. For example: If in 10 days, an active raised from 50 to 100, by increasing it's value 5 points or dollars each session, the effici
30 USD
Sergio D. Rocha
Cross Alert is an all-in-one solution for oscillators' cross over and under. Cross Alert manages the levels for the cross under and cross over separately. Thanks to this you can use it to signal zero cross over (by fixing both levels, above to below, and below to above as zero) or over-bought and over-sold levels (like 70 and 30) as well.  With CrossAlert you can also avoid alerts from one kind of crosses (overs or unders), for example if you are in an uptrend perhaps you do not want to have ale
30 USD
Sergio D. Rocha
5 (2)
AdvancedTradeLog is a system that allows you to keep visual register of what you had in your chart when you take a trade decision. Basically it takes screenshots of your chart each time you open, modify or close a trade. But not just that, AdvancedTradeLog gives you the ability to record the reasons of why you take those decisions. All who had been trading some time knows that keep a track-record of what you decide and why on the market, is a powerful tool to improve your performance. AdvancedTr
30 USD

Esta herramienta es muy peligrosa. Abre operaciones en bucle hasta el límite de la cuenta. Primero parecía un problema de mis gráficos Renko (offline chart), pero ahora me ha vuelto a pasar un un gráfico simple de M5. No la voy a utilizar más porque no me da confianza. Por suerte, las pruebas eran en demo.

(seguir hilo de discusión en https://www.mql5.com/es/market/product/4158#!tab=comments&comment=6233945&page=3)

JUAN CARLOS GONZALEZ 2015.06.16 18:06 

Alguien me puede indicar como descargar el ea una vez comprado


SICARIO 2014.12.02 18:37 

Excelente herramienta que ayuda enormemente al trader a manejar todas sus operaciones. Enhorabuena.

Echo en falta que los iconos del plug-in "AllHere" fueran más grandes. Sería posible agrandarlos Sergio?

Al1975 2014.11.14 17:22 

Fantástica herramienta que te ayuda en la colocación y gestión de la posición. Tiene un montón de variables para operar según la manera particular de cada trader. Está hecha por un trader profesional, por tanto recoge todo lo necesario y sino él mismo te lo resuelve. Colega muy accesible y eficiente. Gracias por todo Sergio

marcantoni 2014.11.11 14:58 

Excelente herramienta que te ayuda a gestionar tu cuenta y a mejorar tus resultados. Facilita mucho el trading, tanto a los que empiezan como a los que llevan mucho tiempo. Muy completo.

Pochito2014 2014.09.17 06:56 

Buen producto, cumple todo lo ofrecido, además de los plugins.

Tiene muy buen soporte directo y amable con el autor.

Además actualizaciones permanentes con mejoras adicionales.

Algo importante: como es un expert adviser es obligatorio que la pc esté prendida con el MT4 corriendo mientras dure la operacion.

Si cierra el MT4 o la pc las configuraciones de la controladora se pierden.

Debe considerar esto.

Muy satisfecho

guibernaua 2014.06.30 18:38 

Great tool for trading! Very happy with the product. I recommend it! 5 stars!

Répondre à l'avis
Version 4.95 2021.11.22
Recompiled with latest MT4 build, requested by mql5.com
Version 4.9 2015.08.26
Improve the way the sequential risk/reward distance for Above and Below lines is calculated. Now, the Above1 and Below1 lines will keep the original level settled by the Above Distance or Below Distance parameters.
Version 4.8 2015.02.10
Changed the rules for security reason in the FT (fix time frame) function:
From this version now you can only fix the time frame that Control-adora uses to decide if close or open a trade, only to the actual in the chart. Meaning that if you are (for example) in a 1H chart and want to fix the time frame to a 15M: first you need to change the chart's timeframe to 15M, then you add the FT label without change it's text value, and then you can change to any timeframe that you want.
If you want to fix other time frame different than the actual, you must set "Force fix other timeframe" to true (not recommended) in order to do so.
When this setting value is true, a warning will appear explaining you that we have observed that in slow responsive systems (like some time happens with VPS) fix a time frame different form the actual can produce undesired close of trades.
Version 4.7 2015.01.07
Added function to add a sequential extra distance for lines Above or Below.
Please watch the following video with CC on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPfMrEj8q1Y
Version 4.6 2014.12.23
Added security instruction to re-calculate and try again the closing process when broker returns an error.
Version 4.5 2014.12.11
Added Over ruling choice for asymmetric positioning of lines above and below depending up on the trade if is buy or sell, so you can set like 5 pips of risk and 10 pips for reward, If those parameters are greater than 0 will over rule the distance for Above and Below lines.
Added pips measurement feature for lines Above and Below, each line is compared with the respective order when you touch it. The info appears in the comments.
Minor bug corrected that only interfered with testing sells using in the Strategy Tester.
Version 4.2 2014.11.25
Correct minor bug related with the Fix Time Frame, now automatically unselects its label after 3 ticks.
Version 4.1 2014.11.11
Added choice (at the bottom of properties) to avoid alerts of price too close to "stoploss" indication.
Added choice (at the bottom of properties) to use plain calculations for placement of Stop Loss and "takeprofit" visual reference.
Version 4.0 2014.09.23
Added new function to fix the (On Close Only parameter activated) OCO1 executions on a single timeframe. To fix the OCO1 to a single timeframe, just add Label object (the button with the small T) with FT as its name (fix timeframe) and delete everything contained in the text field (second object's field in its properties). Once the Label is placed with the proper name, Controladora will place it with yellow letters at the right of the Controladora's buttons showing the number of minutes related to the fixed timeframe. This will make that the orders could be closed only when the candle's close has activated the Above or Below lines or the Arrow for program entries in the specific timeframe that you fixed.

To disable this function and allow Controladora to react to candle's close from any timeframe, just select with double click the FT label and delete it. Please watch the following video tutorial https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=4_Qhn0a6MZk

Improved the way Controladora executes BUY and SELL orders by creating an internal pending list. This list will remain active while the price stays in a predefined range. The range appears in the Expert's properties and its default value is 5 pips.
Version 3.65 2014.08.08
4 New Features:

1) Now you can modify how long is the protective start-count-down

2) Now you can change the default lot size or risk % on the chart. If you want to use lots just write the number, if you want to use risk % add a percentage symbol at the end (like 3 for lots or 3% for risk).

3) Now you can change the default stop loss distance on the chart.

4) Now you can choose if you want to set Hedge instead of stoploss for your new orders (If set true this last option it will place a stop pending order at where normally the Control-adora should place the stoploss for the order). Control-adora will not take control over the pending orders until they get executed by the market and only if you have the option Constant External Op. Included

Besides minor issue had been corrected, to place at the top of the chart Control-adora's buttons when the chart originally shows OHLC and then this info is removed, now Control-adora adjust as well the position of it's buttons.

To learn how to use this new features you can see the following video:
Version 3.55 2014.08.01
Update for 670 build (required if you have this build).

Adds a security start-down-count to allow the terminal stabilize it's functions before running the Control-adora. Includes a parameter to vary the start count, you can increase the count or reduce it, depending of your processor velocity.

Legal notice added to About tab.

Adds filters to avoid trade when platform is disconnected or trade is not allowed in the terminal or the symbol.
Version 3.51 2014.07.24
- Improves the way to send orders to avoid some brokers do not open multiple repetitions if instructed.
- Improves the way buttons display if OHLC info is not on the chart.
- Improves the way to close all trades to do it in just one tick cycle.
- Reliability improved:
When you "hold" an object, the indicator can't delete it, so this can make the Control-adora keep sending instructions to the broker and therefore could cause multiple executions because the same Arrow.
We worked around this issue in this upgrade by waiting to the user to release the object before react to an Arrow's conditions.
Version 3.0 2014.06.26
Fixed a bug that resulted in the fact that opening of some orders failed with some brokers, if in 'Control adora' parameter Lots was greater than 0 and Repetitions parameter greater than 1. Lot calculation method has changed. Now the total lot is divided by the number of trades. Eg: if you place 2 repetitions and 1 lot, Control adora will open 2 trades of 0.5 lots each one, to work the same way as with Risk%.

New "IntelliOCO" function: Now if parameter "Use always OCO 0 for Take Profit"=true, and if "StopCloseOnly"=1, activators Above1 and Below1 will work as with "StopCloseOnly"=0 (or work at contact) only for the case where this exits represent a take profit. The rest of the activators will remain as "StopCloseOnly" instructs.

Please watch Video demonstration for better understanding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-J7BP7-vlw

Added new function to manage several pending orders. If you want to use more than one bs or ss, etc, just place on chart other levels to send orders with adding a sequenced number after the name of the order, eg: bs, bs1, bs2, bs3... In this example once the "bs" is activated, "bs1" will become "bs" and "bs2" will be "bs1" and so forth. The same happens with the stoploss levels: if you have stoploss and stoploss1 or more, when Control adora opens the next trade, it will delete stoploss and stoploss1 will take its place and as well, stoploss2 will be stoploss1, etc.

Timer for closing all orders, for example if a fundamental is just to come you can set timer for that time in 2 ways by creating a label named "timer" (just write the letters without"") :
1) You can write exactly the time (HH:MM), when the alarm will be activated that will send an alert message and close all orders under Control adora control.
2) As well you can set the timer by writing in the text of the label named "timer" the + (plus) symbol and the time that you want to wait to close all orders, for example if a fundamental will come in 45 minutes: you write in the text field of the label named timer "+0:45", the Control adora will set the timer to act in 45 minutes after you place the label.
When Control adora recognizes your timer label, it will place it just after the last button of the Control adora.

New function to avoid Comments when the buttons are collapsed (if selected from the options). By setting this choice the comments will no be affected by the Control adora unless you have the buttons expanded, but all of control adora functions will remain working as always.

Video demonstration of this functions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TCiut9zLP0

For testing purposes, Control adora demo can be downloaded here and tested with the help of Manual Backtest indicator that locates Control adora buttons on the chart when it works in the strategy tester, you can find this free indicator at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/4828