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Cobra Throw
Aleksandr Valutsa
Advisor "Cobra Throw" - designed to quickly accelerate your deposit in the Forex market. The advisor draws support and resistance levels based on data from one of the selected indicators - Moving Average, Bollinger_Band or Envelopes, and waits for the price to break through one of the lines. Then, after breaking through, the robot places a pending order with the expectation of a price rebound from a strong price level. If the price rebounds (this happens in most cases), the pending order is trig
Aleksandr Valutsa
The strategy is based on the breakdown of important support and resistance levels. An important feature of the adviser is that it is able to constantly monitor the average spread and slippage (this is not just a record of spread and slippage, but a comparison of their values in relation to each other in percentage terms) at the time of transactions. Monitoring https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2241062 This is a rather complicated and very useful feature that allows you to check and compare the qu
Aleksandr Valutsa
Downloader of files from the server necessary for the operation of our advisors. If you are a user of our robots, then you may need this utility. Terminal setup Before launching the application, you need to carry out an easy setup of the terminal, indicating the following URLs in the "Expert Advisors" section (remove spaces in the addresses): https:// emilon .ru https:// my.roboforex .com http:// ec.forexprostools .com https:// api.telegram .org http:// client-api.instaforex .org https:// api.vk