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doom3mk 2021.08.05 22:21 

The provider does not accept losses, and this leads to an accumulation of loss-making positions which, when the trading conditions on other pairs are unfavorable, create a huge crater of increasing DD. Ekaterina opened new positions at a time when most of the recipients already had a margin call and could not copy it. While we had stop outs, Ekaterina continued to open new trades as if nothing had happened... The conclusion is that the providers should keep in mind that the margin call at popular, reliable brokers starts at 80% equity and the Stop Outs enter at 50%! I was charmed by her trading, I believed, but she failed the most with EURCHF. The same happened on the PRO account, there even more losses.

Swing Trader
Swing Trader 2021.08.04 18:39 

Update August 4th, 2021: Up to now this signal could not convice me. in the last weeks we have seen some great trades. but if trader is trading against trend and if counter-trend is becoming more and more bigger, trader is in some stress situation.

now over 60 % in drawdown (DD).

I copy only with 20 %, better save than sorry.

wish you all good trades


Update July 27th, 2021: at the moment we see a high drawdown due to wrong direction in EURUSD. she is speculating for long, however the pair lost some pips in the last weeks. I only copy 20 % of this signal, so I do only have 20 % of her drawdown. you can set this in your MT5 platform and it is better than to risk full DD. I wish you all good trades and stay safe in this Covid times.

Update July 14th: last days with big DD, however I only copy 20 % of his/her trades. better safe than sorry. hope she/he will soon be in profit again with no further open trades which are in loss. wish you all good trades and stay healthy.

Update June 24th: all my trades are now copied fine. I restarted MT5 platform on my server. so everything perfect with good trades. thank you Ekaterina.

I copy this signal now for about 1 week. at the beginning all trades were copied. in the last days no signals are copied. don´t know why, maybe signal provider contacts me. I use VantageFX. leverage 1:500. up to now very good trades. I´m very satisfied. stay safe and good trades Bernie

Sajith P K
Sajith P K 2021.08.03 13:51   

Huge DD more than 65%, Open position in loss from June 17th still open to show 100% profit trades. Beware and stay away.......

Habib Salhi
Habib Salhi 2021.08.02 20:17   

Ekaterina.. can you plz explain why are you trading with such lot size today? Im a little worried since you dont really close loosing ones this can grow into a danger

anudo10 2021.08.02 01:05 

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Ailyme 2021.08.01 21:53 

Não admite perdas!

ult1 2021.07.29 17:25 

I don't understand how her losses is 0%, but my account after a few days had losses and it never showed up on the site. Something is not right.

Christian Grundke
Christian Grundke 2021.07.29 13:23 

This is the same strategy as in Andi's "AlterProfit". The positive trades are luck rather than brains. Just to keep a 100% profit diagram, you don't leave such positions open for so long, you only do that if you open up against positions. But this is money destruction.

!!!Please take a close look at the signal before you subscribe!!!

Because the signal can absolutely not recommend. Sorry, my English is not that good.

antonazzmu 2021.07.29 10:27 

Hope what you do will work out

EVGENII BOATENG 2021.07.29 09:48 

No risk management at all. DD -47%. I stopped coping this signal. Highly unrecommended.