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Robert Wlodarski
Robert Wlodarski 2021.07.28 09:20 

28/07/21 Update....

? Is It Andi ?

After 4 weeks i agree this is a bad signal,

you can never tell if its bad or good till you subscribe.

26/07/21 Update....

To Risky sorry to say..

I shall not renew this Signal.

Description says minimum deposit of $300 for the Idiot that hasn't read it.

Some accounts with $300 can not open as many positions as the provider, but still open a minimum of 6 or 7,

this is where the problem starts as then the free margin is very little thus when the positions go against them

the broker closes the account.

So all in all, accounts should be more than the providers, as personally in my opinion with this many positions with even $$600 is risky for many,

( If there is a big spike even for a few seconds is a possible margin call, After all that's what the brokers want )

* The signal has earned me money obviously and i can not deny its dam easy to criticize a system like this.

If it works for you and you have an account to hold this signal then all is great and better than any savings account *

I have to give 4 stars as the growth is nice and steady, and -1 for the risk to lesser accounts.

Rodrigo Grigoleto
Rodrigo Grigoleto 2021.07.27 21:09 

bad sign, never assume a loss and the DD only increases, I will report this scammer. BAD SIGNAL

DonJu4nX 2021.07.27 17:56 

I do not recommend this signal, it never assumes losses, it does not have good psychotrading. You must change the way you operate, you never have a SL and that is why you burn the accounts. What is the use of earning a few dollars if in a market reversal the entire account is burned? Really very irresponsible. When an operation is not given, it opens several insisting in that direction.

ahmad yahya
ahmad yahya 2021.07.27 17:45 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario de valoración

Lhaddi 2021.07.27 17:33 

Bad Trader,

i'm not a trader but i do better result

i stop it after 10 Days

Harold Bravo
Harold Bravo 2021.07.27 17:28 

I do not understand what the idea of ​​trading is, it does not seem like a professional trading, leaving operations open until the end of the world is not a trading plan. It seems that he was more improvising to see what comes out. It is not worth the gains related to the losses you endure.

Masoud Mohamadi
Masoud Mohamadi 2021.07.27 17:21  (modificado 2021.07.27 17:55) 

what is your plan? say something , look like scam

Sumita Singh
Sumita Singh 2021.07.27 17:07 

Today is last day of my subscription - first subscription started 28.06.2021 till 27.07.2021. Current Loss is 318.47. She has recommended 300$ Equity. Has made some profit - But now my equity is about 77$ .

Swing Trader
Swing Trader 2021.07.27 16:41 

Update July 27th, 2021: at the moment we see a high drawdown due to wrong direction in EURUSD. she is speculating for long, however the pair lost some pips in the last weeks. I only copy 20 % of this signal, so I do only have 20 % of her drawdown. you can set this in your MT5 platform and it is better than to risk full DD. I wish you all good trades and stay safe in this Covid times.

Update July 14th: last days with big DD, however I only copy 20 % of his/her trades. better safe than sorry. hope she/he will soon be in profit again with no further open trades which are in loss. wish you all good trades and stay healthy.

Update June 24th: all my trades are now copied fine. I restarted MT5 platform on my server. so everything perfect with good trades. thank you Ekaterina.

I copy this signal now for about 1 week. at the beginning all trades were copied. in the last days no signals are copied. don´t know why, maybe signal provider contacts me. I use VantageFX. leverage 1:500. up to now very good trades. I´m very satisfied. stay safe and good trades Bernie

Jacek Mackiewicz
Jacek Mackiewicz 2021.07.23 14:14