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Gráficos punteados de distribución MFE y MAE

Durante la vida de cada orden abierta se registran los valores del beneficio máximo (MFE) y pérdida máxima (MAE). Estos índices caracterizan adicionalmente cada orden cerrada con los valores del potencial máximo no realizado y el riesgo máximo cometido. En los gráficos de distribución MFE/Profit y MAE/Profit a cada orden le corresponde un punto donde por la horizontal se da el valor del beneficio/pérdida obtenido/a, y por la vertical se dan los valores del máximo beneficio potencial (MFE) y la máxima pérdida potencial (MAE).

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Sitúe el cursor sobre los índices/leyendas de los gráficos para ver las mejores y las peores series de trading. Puede encontrar más detalles sobre las distribuciones MAE y MFE en el artículo Las matemáticas en el trading. Evaluación de los resultados de las transacciones comerciales.

El deslizamiento medio a base de la estadística de ejecución en las cuentas reales de diferentes corredores se indica en puntos. Depende de la diferencia de las cotizaciones del proveedor de "" y del suscriptor, así como del retardo en ejecutar las órdenes. Cuanto menos sea este valor, mejor será la calidad del copiado.

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This is MenjadiTrader PAMM Account 144842 under the LiteForex PAMM Project.

Manual trade using Price Action Signal with calculated risk-reward using a specially formulated Excel template sheet. 

Currency pair of choice - EUR/USD and GBP/USD only. Come and follow my trading journey.

Warning* Please check the number of my open position before copying. I trade in series of incremental small lot sizes with ascending or descending price positions. My account contract size is 10,000, if your account is using 100,000 I wouldn't recommend for you to copy unless if you have enough equity and do take advantage of your maximum broker leverage size (for your own account safety!). Thanks. 

Interested to invest in this program?

Visit to register for an Investor's account. Minimum investment is USD10.

Evaluación media:
Increase volume signal
Increase volume signal 2016.10.07 10:49   

you are great! I can change (increase) the lot size to increase more profit.

Marat Khasanov
Marat Khasanov 2016.10.05 18:08 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario de valoración

altair70 2016.10.05 14:32   


Mohammad Ishqaidif
Mohammad Ishqaidif 2016.10.04 08:26 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario de valoración

myearning321 2016.09.30 10:44 

We are risking 430$ for earning 3$ only monthly

its draw down to -430$ then he stop in between trades.

Sir i am not saying the trades are wrong but are quitting trades very early give some time to trade to reach it target

you can see last EURUSD or GBPUSD all last trades where correct but you stopped in negative ones.

novaangel 2016.09.29 19:09 

We hope that you will closeout all positions before ending this signal service. Thank you for all the goodwill

Lunno Goncalves
Lunno Goncalves 2016.09.27 19:50 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario de valoración

Francois Samson
Francois Samson 2016.09.20 18:09 

Well you did a great job. Thank you very much! Followed you too late for real but it was worth it (+45%). Should I keep the positions open and let you do the final closing? And by the way is there another signal of yours you will maintain? (like MenjadiTrader Ashpro XM for example)

Hostila 2016.09.19 22:54   

I go 0.1 lot , you made $ 600 to $ 500 for 1.5 months , she rarely been trading as an analyst and purchase two weeks earlier , and in general I am a girl :) may postpone the closing of I deposit of 4400 dollars really need to restore is $ 1,200

muhluri_josh 2016.09.19 09:30   


unlive 2016.09.13 22:37 

Very good thanks you for free (y)

naoki sewatari
naoki sewatari 2016.09.10 10:24 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario de valoración

Wing Man Li
Wing Man Li 2016.09.07 17:05 

Great in the first 3 mths but the performance slow down in these few weeks

Abdul Wahid Khan
Abdul Wahid Khan 2016.09.06 12:48 

Its a Good Signal believe me my whole family needs are fulfilled by his trade

God bless him

Saley 2016.09.06 09:26 

very bad

Carlos S. Vichido Felix
Carlos S. Vichido Felix 2016.09.06 00:25   

solo perdidas

Ghazwan Haddad
Ghazwan Haddad 2016.09.01 11:56  (modificado 2016.09.06 17:57) 

Do you have STOP LOSS???, how many pips on the cable?? you shorted it at 1.3080, now at 1.3260!!

sterling will brake out above 1.3273!! now you have more sell to add!!, you must be joking!!

02/09/2016: 14:27 : the sterling is flying, you need to stop the losses!!, sterling could reach 1.39 (double bottom on H4) and you still adding short!! you going to burst all the accounts!! Think about it

06/09 16:00, SELL SELL SELL to where!!!, almost 400 pips away, what are you doing!!, the STERLING and EUROS on the Bullish diversion, You are killing yourself!!

I'M OUT ... no stop loss = no experience, lost a lot

Ferry Kuswarianto
Ferry Kuswarianto 2016.08.31 18:51   

Nice Signal

Zulfadli Azri
Zulfadli Azri 2016.08.29 13:58 

terbaik bak ang

sarayutpea 2016.08.29 04:19 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario de valoración

2016.10.08 03:28 2016.10.08 03:28:17 

This account is officially over. Goodbye..

2016.10.05 05:42 2016.10.05 05:42:05 

I have no control over this account anymore. No new position will or can be made. This account will remain running until the broker shut it down on its own.

2016.09.16 17:16 2016.09.16 17:16:13 

This account will be closing very soon. Thanks for all subscribers who have joined.

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