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mt4_jupo 2019.07.24 20:19 

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Thiago Cavalcante
Thiago Cavalcante 2019.07.24 01:25 

Assino o sinal a 3 meses e a consistência e a metodologia aplicada em cada operação me deixa tranquilo. Ele sabe o que faz, com poucas operações e tamanho de lote adequado. Para mim é o melhor sinal do MQL5, está em uma corretora confiável que traz segurança aos seus assinantes. Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho.

Joebar 2019.07.17 12:15 

Good job, good strategy.

The positions are well proportioned, the risk is measured.

Nothing is done randomly

The DD is really weak (and for those who do not understand, you can always limit the size of the signal in your MT4)

Do not put bad evaluation for DD, it's really reasonable.

it is a signal that I advise everyone, and I give 5 stars for the work and for the encouragement to continue

Do not take more risk

Feima Ding
Feima Ding 2019.07.17 04:35  (modificado 2019.07.26 08:18) 

No stoploss,no Plan

The trader have a fluke mentality,


Weihao Hu
Weihao Hu 2019.07.02 09:32 


Dariusz Korzeniewski
Dariusz Korzeniewski 2019.06.10 20:58  (modificado 2019.07.02 07:30) 

Keep Going ;)

gsal 2019.06.10 16:38 

Yasir is an experienced trader with knowledge. He is always friendly and replies to every question you ask him.

Tiscy 2019.06.10 09:03  (modificado 2019.08.12 10:13) 


after three months I am about to chancel the subscription and to limit my loss!

Yasir reneged nearly all promises he gave and started gambling!

The two GBP trades run out of control and Yasir did nothing, he only started hoping, that it will come back.

This is pure gambling with the Brexit... and against it.

What was very shocking to me was, that he added 50% more funds silently to his account.

This was totally against the subscribers and only to save his account and his trading history and the DD history.

At the moment, the Statistic show max DD of 54.3%.

Based on the original Equity, the real DD is 66.9%!!

This shows that Yasir is only looking for his own advantages!

The only Promise, he did not break yet is ".... you will not wake up to discover your account is gone"

I will not gambling anymore as the risk for a chaos Brexit is so high, therefore the risk of loosing the whole account is extreme.

And Yasir don't do anything anymore...

The only is hoping, now: "...Do believe GBP will retrace.."

I am extremely disappointed about this statement: "..Protective Stoplosses will be in place from now for any sudden negative movements.."

Now we have at least three trades with sudden movement and there was no SL!


When this thriller is over, maybe without blowing all accounts,

then you can stop with this signal, as everybody will go away.

You already destroyed everything, esp. the trust to the subscribers.

I would be wondering, who will continue with you after you showed your true face.

Bufai9al 2019.06.03 22:01  (modificado 2019.06.03 22:01) 

Yasir's trading style is one of the safest I found on Mql5. You have a concern? He has nothing to hide, so ask him! He has never neglected nor drifted away from my questions. There is no shame with playing it safe. The whole FOREX world is going crazy, so small profit is way better than huge losses. In summary, Yasir knows what he is doing.

WIL_B 2019.06.01 00:20 

I am sorry, at the beginning I was confident with Yasir. But now with a second month I have some doubt. I do agree with others comments => where is the stop loss . the minimum approach is the equity between SL & TP. It seems that it is not the case. Strange. Let see for the next 10 days