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Anatolii Masliukov
Anatolii Masliukov 2019.08.02 14:45 

Плохой сигнал.

Торгует против тренда без стоп лоса. Постоянно просадка.

Давно хотел уйти но постоянно сигнал в просадке.

Ухожу, потеря -30% депозита.

bigneil 2019.08.02 12:32  (modificado 2019.08.02 12:35) 

My "Stop if equity is less than" just activated (down 20% from initial balance, 35% from top), so I am out for now. Appreciate it is a bad time for GBP (live in UK and don't trade it due to emotion), but I am saddened that the provider appears to not follow his own guidance (namely "you will not wake up to discover 20% of your account in Drawdown" and "Protective Stoplosses will be in place from now"). Good luck to all still in, and I may rejoin if conditions improve.

victor.m.99 2019.08.02 09:47 

Yazid what the hell are you waiting for?

What is your « mental » SL and your « mental » TP?, never ever seen such a loss on 2 positions. More than 10k€ and I’m copying you only at 50%. You are at 35% of DD, is it safetrading?

maheshharia 2019.08.02 05:32 

without stop loss no trading total loss 11000 usd

Adrian Hng
Adrian Hng 2019.08.02 04:45 

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dyoun1 2019.08.01 21:56  (modificado 2019.08.02 03:23)   

Being a good loser is half the battle and he refused to close at a loss. Even the best can make mistakes. But can he learn?

Pretty sad. It’s almost like he did it on purpose. Posted that he’s do for a loss and is holding a big one. Disappointed.

Once the sentiment of Boris was known, we could have sold with a small loss.

I am looking at closing out too, just the worst time to sell. But then again it’s lower than yesterday!

Peter9999 2019.07.29 10:51   

Any one knows a broker for USA citizens that the signal Ichimoku could work in (minimum leverage 1:200)? I don't mind if it's offshore but I need it that I can fund my account by bank transfer (Fxchoice is not a good option) the ones I know that accept USA citizens only accept leverage 1:10 or 1:50

Boully84 2019.07.28 10:43 

THANK YOU Yasir !!! Thanks to your excellent job, I am on my way to financial freedom, and therefore Freedom in all other aspects of my life ! This is such a relief and I am so grateful !

adrienClem 2019.07.25 16:28 

Good Trader, Good money management, good communication...best signal so far !

bumbumzz 2019.07.25 15:57 

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