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Carl Tilley
Carl Tilley 2019.08.08 17:11 

No idea why he trades GBP during the brexit crisis - thinks he can outsmart which way forex is going but forex bites back hard. Unbelievable DD and seems to not know/care about repercussions of adding more money to his account which translates position changes to all clients and we all loose lots of money.

Green321 2019.08.08 11:16 

Signal no longer able to be subscribed to due to the massive 54% draw down, so provider adds funds to his account to bring the DD statistics down so subscriptions would be available again. That action resulted in a 17% loss to every single one of your subscribers. Very selfish.

Mosen 2019.08.08 07:53   

provider deposited money to account while in big DD and caused partial close ( a big loss ) on most followers accounts . I hope you know what you r doing .

thank you for updating what's new after a few days. Good luck

Albert Gommeren
Albert Gommeren 2019.08.08 04:32   

Went alright for 6 months, but at the first hurdle everything has gone off the rails

- almost tripled the max drawdown level as promised in the description

- provider claimed preventative stop losses were in place; there clearly aren't any

- provider completely stopped posting updates, which were standard during the 'good' times

- provider completely stopped replying to private messages

- promise of max 3 trades (normally no more than 2) has now turned into 5 open trades

- provider added money to account while in big drawdown, which shows complete disregard to subscribers

- provider has lashed out at subscribers several times, which shows he doesn't have the mental stamina to manage a high subscriber count

- provider blames everything and everyone for the bad trades, except himself.

I'm cross with myself for believing this service had all the good qualities for a long term arrangement. Unfortunately I have been proven wrong.

Stefan Holzner
Stefan Holzner 2019.08.07 22:14 

I call this Gambling without plan, not trading, bad. Unsubscribed

Algoritmic Capital, Ltd.
Branislav Truchly 2019.08.07 20:05 

TRADER KILLED ALL FOLLOWERS - WHO PAID THIS SIGNAL - TRADER INCREASE CAPITAL MANUALLY.... all followers can make MarginCall.... Full Unfair to all who pay this trader signal.....


Trader issue "I can't say it more clearly..... I WILL HAVE MONTHS IN LOSSES... NOT IN 40% losses.. but upto 5 to 10% losses..."


This Trader trade without STOP-LOSS and only waiting for better and better price.... Maybe until Margin Call...... Thanx and no more .... My max is -25% DD after close all from THIS TRADER SIGNAL.

gysser 2019.08.05 12:22 

Do you know what a promise is? You promised: "My Promise to YOU: (...) You will not wake up to discover 20% of your account in Drawdown..." Meanwhile, the DD is at 50%. I do not understand how one can become so unfaithful to one's principles. And how to deal with other people's money. We pay you money and can expect you to keep your promises. Otherwise do not give these.

Jun Seong So
Jun Seong So 2019.08.05 06:01 

Laughable. Defends against reviews, criticizes other signals, then does far worse. When things go really wrong, goes completely quiet, as expected.

The reality is, you have been profiting 5%/mth for 4 months, and now you've lost 50% of others' money. You've let one trade lose almost 700 pips. While profiting 5%/mth, you've talked almost every day about how you don't even want to have 2 trades open; yet, when you are down 40%, you open 4.

Please don't have the audacity to criticize other high risk signals that at least have produced high returns and let subscribers know they are high risk. You should be embarrassed.

Pavel Vasilyev
Pavel Vasilyev 2019.08.02 16:05 

Two weeks ago, I was the first to leave negative feedback. This was not to destroy Yasir’s reputation. It was my warning that Yazir worked as he writes and wrote as he works.

Yasir made his answer in the news feed of the signal. The answer was arrogant and called to unsubscribe from the signal if I do not like something.

Once again I gave a review about the danger of the Pound Dollar and Yasir said nothing.

And now I see that it really was necessary to unsubscribe from the signal. If I did this I would not lose 35% of my funds.

srfields 2019.08.02 15:33  (modificado 2019.08.02 15:41) 

I am shocked that the trader has allowed the drawdown to reach 37% (as of the time of this review), by stubbornly hanging on to losing trades that have shown no real sign of recovery. I subscribed to the signal in March, and until recently he has been a sensible and cautious trader, just as he consistently has written in his signal description and news. Granted, he has often held on to stagnant losing trades for days, finally closing them when they break even or in small loss/gain, but he's never found himself in near the kind of trouble that he's in now. Apparently he's afraid to upset his subscribers and close with a loss, even when it sounded like he was ready to do that a couple of days ago (and I thought his plan at that time sounded reasonable). By inexplicably hanging on he's allowed things to get much, much worse. I know he is personally affected by poor feedback and what he considers to be misguided reviews that are critical when he even reaches a small DD%, but now he can't be surprised that his subscribers are upset. He has broken his "promise" that he wouldn't put accounts in jeopardy with large and irresponsible drawdown while waiting for luck to turn around losing trades. He has been very critical of other signals that have found themselves in the position that he is in now, sometimes arrogantly critical, but at least most of those other signals clearly advertised themselves as high risk/reward and the subscribers took an informed and calculated risk. That is not the case here. Out of the blue we have found ourselves in this situation, against everything the provider has consistently promised. Unfortunately, I have trusted this trader enough that I've moved more and more capital into this account over time, thinking it was a wise and safe investment. It is very surprising to me that we're now in a place where I've had to make a decision to cut my losses (as I set 35% as the maximum DD I was willing to endure). I hope that GBP rebounds and everything turns out ok for those still in the signal, but I think it is impossible to predict what will happen with this mess and the worst case scenario is a real possibility. It hurts me to depart, as I truly believed that this signal was a rare safe and wise investment on MQL5, but even more so than poor performance (as forex is difficult and unpredictable) I am unwilling to stick with a trader that doesn't follow his own rules and guidelines.