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ctyong 2020.01.23 08:25 

Very good respond from Boris, message him personally to seek for assist and he did reply...good job..

nohorserun 2020.01.20 06:18 

Low controlled risk with decent profits. A good signal to follow. :)

 Winston Lim Yueh Ming
Winston Lim Yueh Ming 2020.01.10 16:55  (modificado 2020.01.18 18:38) 

Shalom. Great signal! Thanks for sharing.

This is probably the most underrated signal here. Very controlled drawdown in both magnitude % and duration. Not many profitable signals out there have equity above balance, implying that this system holds on to winners with a price target and time stop, whilst cutting losses if wrong. Trades are decisively and systematically taken at time intervals. U will not expect it to drag and hold on to losers, which most profitable signals here do in order to achieve very high accuracy.

Highly recommended to subscribe. Very impressive.

Belbaraka Nadir
Belbaraka Nadir 2020.01.02 13:38 

good job . good luck in 2020 .