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ZorStu 2020.05.21 00:11 

Keep up with a very good job!

Ayaz 2020.05.20 02:16 

Great signal!

Gabriel Borre
Gabriel Borre 2020.05.01 04:05  (modificado 2020.05.04 01:54) 

DD of 2% right now, but in points, is 1,000 pips (10,000 points). This signal is not recommend for low capital accounts, 1k or 2k dollars, they would never be able to support a 26% DD. *Grid very close to other 20/30 pips, if the market moves 200/300 pips counter tendence small accounts will break.

Nesse exato momento DD de 2%, porém em pontos, 1.000 pips (10.000 pontos). Este sinal não é para contas com pouco capital, 1k ou 2k dólares, jamais aguentariam um DD de 26%. *Grid muito próximo um do outro 20/30 pips, se o mercado mover-se na direção contrária 200/300 pips contas pequenas quebram.

Imraz Siddiq
Imraz Siddiq 2020.04.24 20:47  (modificado 2020.04.24 23:21)   

same signals keep loading even when i close them lost out on £300 in 20 mins. lack of help

YM-NL 2020.04.19 09:46 

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Fazliddin Kosimov
Fazliddin Kosimov 2020.04.10 09:39 

One of the best!

andreastjirkos 2020.02.04 09:18 

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Adrian 2020.02.04 08:33 

Consistent signal with good risk management. Highly recommended!

Yang May Leong
Yang May Leong 2020.01.29 02:53  (modificado 2020.02.21 11:50) 

29Jan: quite good results, considered aggressive maximum 28 open trades so far. Trader account has no swaps or commission.

21Feb we have about 45 trades all buys (before he closed some) the negative swaps were really quite a lot and i have not much profits left. Trades are now being held since 6Feb for quite a few trades, that meant the $dd including negative swaps is quite a lot on my account. I dont think its even wise to start an account with just $1k (which is what I did) as this can really caused much heart attack. I believed its better to start even with $2k/0.01k to be safest base on 1) negative swaps for buys 2) large number of open trades that can reach 40-45 so far. For those that have the balance may want to hold with him, for me I have decided that this signal is best placed on back burner and to revise my opinion about renewal or even continue to hold and wait and suffer larger and larger negative swaps. The fact that trader used a non swap account meant most subscribers that have swaps on their account wont get proportionate profits and losses

pauren 2020.01.23 21:47  (modificado 2020.06.15 17:44) 

good, but there is 1 lot open with 3m account, it means we should have at least 3k account to open 0.01 lot please not to use 1 lot, please use only 10 lot and not 1 lot thanks and a lot of swap, the master use no swap account so he is free of swap