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Espen Kallekodt
Espen Kallekodt 2020.08.27 14:30   

Worst signal ever , f.... off

Richard Stuart Hand
Richard Stuart Hand 2020.08.25 19:53  (modificado 2020.12.04 11:01) 

With the faulty algorithm on Invest24New I decided to cut my losses after 2 months when the opportunity came. I was most disappointed that during the trade mistakes the price went up from $30 to $40. This was not acceptable. I decided to give Invest24 a try but I really need it to stabilise before I sign up again. The USDCHF trade hasn't made sense.

sabot3116 2020.08.25 09:49  (modificado 2020.08.28 11:10) 

Edit: Changed my rating from 2* to 1*, and honestly that's still too high. This is now officially a pure gambling account with a no stoploss martingale system against huge moves. Also, not trading before big news... That rule was broken yesterday, also using a martingale system and just barely getting out of the trade before a huge market move. It's now pretty much a "risk your whole account on every trade" signal. If you like sleeping with your eyes open, this is the signal for you. If you want a safe and professional signal, this is not it. Account has open trades in drawdown for more than 2 months now where he kept buying USDCHF during a 400 pip drop of the pair to a total of 20 positions at some point. As of today we would need a 350 pip rise of the pair just to break even. And as of this week he started to use a martingale grid system on EURUSD and GBPUSD with increasing position sizes if the trade goes against him. As with all martingale systems without proper risk management (which this account apparently does not seem to have) this could end really bad for the subscribers accounts.

Abdi Soeherman
Abdi Soeherman 2020.08.19 14:48 

I just realized, with a broker that allows lot starting from 0.1, the signal doesn't apply. Now I lost $40 for not being able to use it.

1611337 2020.07.07 19:23 


Sergio Andres Lobel Emhart
Sergio Andres Lobel Emhart 2020.06.21 03:29  (modificado 2020.06.29 19:29)   

I saw this signal some months ago and decided to follow it as it has a long histoy and a big amount of money that no one would desire to loose. However, I see now a very dangerous distortion here that got me worried: every position is taken using either 10 lots or 1 lot. Given the some millions of USD amount of the balance, I believe it might be that the broker doesn't allow positions of more than 10 or whatever but regardless of the reason why the signal buys so small lotage, the description says 0.01 lot each 1000 USD balance, which is not the behavior of the signal, for example, for 6000 USD it buys only 0.02 with my leverage of 1:500. I recommend to Invest24 to retire some millions out from the signal account to leave here only 25K to 50K so the lotage don't get distortions. I don't recommend taking the "Invest24 New" signal as it doesn't have history and I don't take signals without history. Keep playing your millions but in a private account copying from this signal but not used as signal provider. By the way, when I saw "Invest24 New" I tried to copy it but I couldn't as for unknown reason, it doesn't appear in my MT4 list of signals. By the way: regardless of the lotage, excellent signal, I like it, congratulations :) I wouldn't know how to spend 6M USD in as short time as possible, but I hope to get this challenge after some years following your signal :)

Evgeny Mikhaylov
Evgeny Mikhaylov 2020.06.18 23:10   

"Торговые рекомендации: на каждые 1000 дол депозита 0.01 лота. " Но ведь МТ4 сам рассчитывает размер лота при копировании сигнала?! Или я чего-то не понимаю?

Mansour Sharifi
Mansour Sharifi 2020.06.11 15:08 

Good job , even on this hard days still working well.

Ruska0810 2020.06.10 08:05 

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Jorge Tasse
Jorge Tasse 2020.06.05 21:09 

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