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Grids for forex trader

The EA consists of two panels, and each of them can be placed in any convenient parts of your screen not losing their features. You can place any number of any pending orders with a step and a lot volume which correspond to your trading style. There is a special consistent procedure for this:

  1. After clicking the TAGS button on the selected trading direction you will be offered to place an amount of tags of future orders and their location: with a fixed step, 2 - with extension to the bigger tag number, 3 - conversely, with narrowing to the smaller tag number. To make the 2nd and the 3rd options work, change the step multiplier from 1 to another which is bigger than 1 but smaller than 2. Press CONTINUE if everything suits you.
  2. Appeared tags will show your where future orders will be located. If you click the CLEAR button, you can come back to the initial step. If everything satisfies you, you need to click the ORDERS button.
  3. Then you will see a small setup menu for your orders: initial order risk as % of the deposit, lot size is specified below. Similarly with placing tags, you can set unique features of the grid: along with a static permanent lot for the grid you can place dynamic order grid changing the multiplier from 1 to 2.
  4. CLEAR button changes its functionality into DELETE button after placing orders.
  5. If you click DELETE button, all pending orders of this direction will be deleted, and the screen will be cleared out of tags.
  6. You can activate mode of placing pending orders on places of closed orders by clicking the RESTORE ORDER ON LABELS button.
  7. The mode of placing pending orders on places of closed orders, which follows a scheme of correspondence of Buy Limit or Buy Stop level with Sell Limit or Sell Stop level, is activated by clicking the WITH TYPE CONVERSION button.
  8. Information about orders appear on the information panel after their placement. And after they trigger you could manage your deals. You have a broad range of tools for this purpose:
    • The Time GMT button is clicked by default, and as a result you can track time of FOREX financial markets;
    • The Control Lines button allows to use BUY Stop Line, BUY Profit Line, SELL Stop Line, SELL Profit line to close orders after the price reaches a correspondent line level and trading direction.
    • If you click TP or SL button with depressed Control Lines button, you can set (+/-) spread, Take Profit and Stop Loss in corresponding trading direction according to levels of these lines.
    • +, -, ALL buttons allow to close orders with positive or negative trading result, as well as all orders of the trading direction.
    • The Trailing Stop button closes trades according to your settings: indent and step. If the Control Lines button is depressed, trades will be closed by moving level of corresponding lines: BUY Stop Line, SELL Stop Line.
  9. The main menu has options of changing a color and a width of graphical objects, and you can also allow (prohibit) to display lines of breakeven levels and process your opened orders other than those that have been opened via the pending orders control panel.
  10. The EA can process pending orders which have been opened outside the system and do not have a corresponding magic number.
  11. You can place the panels anywhere on the screen or hide them into a dot clicking on the button in the upper left part of the chart (it will be shown after clicking on it for the second time).

The interface is user friendly and does not require additional explanation. So, modified parameters:

  • Magic_Number - any number value;
  • all orders Symbol, false - only Magic_Number - interacts with all orders on the symbol, otherwise only with Magic_Number specified by the user;
  • Confirm action = true, if we wish our selection to ask for confirmation, false - not to ask for confirmation of the selected action;
  • Setting_Without_Loss_Lines = true; place breakeven lines - true, false - not to place.

Color and width of tags, buttons and lines are easily adjusted according to users' tastes.

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Versión 8.9 2016.09.06
v8.9 - fixed opening pending orders with a varying lot size
Versión 8.8 2016.08.08
v8.8 - the control levels had to be expanded
Versión 8.7 2016.07.22
v8.7 - fixed the line deletion error ObjectDelete("Line stop SELL");
Versión 8.5 2016.05.10
v8.5 - fixed errors of calling to the 'Restore order on labels' function
Versión 8.4 2016.04.07
Fixed SL function calls for SELL orders.
Versión 8.3 2016.02.03
- fixed disappearing CLEAR button in the panel moving and panel hiding modes
Versión 8.2 2015.12.15
After being placed on the screen, every price label of future orders can be moved anywhere the user considers appropriate.
Versión 8.1 2015.06.09
Added the Trailing Stop function which increased opportunities of the EA. Works in open mode by means of modification of open orders and in hidden mode by levels of the BUY Stop Line, SELL Stop Line. The Trailing Stop button closes trades according to your settings: indent and step.
Versión 8.0 2015.06.02
1. Control buttons have a unified color, while the colors of data buttons are similar to the ones of future order labels.
2. The function for restoring orders by their labels is completely operational allowing users to create a wide range of dynamic grids.
Versión 7.0 2015.05.19
Added the new menu for setting labels and orders. Now, you can set the step of labels or the order volume with a constant step (version 1), as well as with a variable dynamic step (versions 2 and 3). Version 2 - from the minimum grid step values or order lot to their maximum values. Version 3 - vice versa: from maximum to minimum values. The info part of the panel now allows you to set/remove take profit and stop loss levels for pending orders, while order labels remain and can be used to open orders on other conditions.
Versión 6.0 2015.05.05
Added ability to set a dynamic step for placing orders. If you set a step value (from 1 with the increment from 1 to 100) and a step multiplier (from 1.00 with the increment of 0.01 or more to 2.00), you can place orders with a dynamic increasing step. Added a field for setting an initial shift of future order labels in points (from 1 with the increment of 1 to 300) under the START button.
Versión 5.0 2015.04.01
Changed the panel for setting pending orders. Now, variable parameters can be entered directly where they are displayed for further editing. Operation buttons now have another color in the data panel.