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Pipo Expert

Important to know

  • I recommend using it on accounts with at least 1000$. Anyways you can use it starting from 500$-1000$.
  • The first operation is always a BUY order.
  • Hedge Strategy implemented.

The best of this EA during the testing and working in live market:

  • Profit factor: from 1.4 - 2
  • Drawdown: Less than 10%.
  • Good entries per default and configurable entries.
  • Configure start lot size.
  • Configure how many bars you want to consider.
  • Configure entry signals: RSI + Volumes (mathematical operation with volumes and history data converted to percent value).


  • The infinite configuration sets make this trading solution a very powerful tool to keep constant results.
  • This solution can be used in any kind of currency, stocks, etc.

Enjoy it!

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