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The Expert Advisor is designed for closing and deleting orders based on preset parameters, as well as for trailing stop-loss if necessary. After performing the preset task, the EA automatically unloads from the chart.

Input parameters:

  • ProfitStopOnOff - disabling profit based closure
  • ProfitStop - profit value in the deposit currency
  • StopLossOnOff - disabling loss based closure
  • LossStop - loss value in the deposit currency
  • TrailingLoss - enabling trailing conditions
  • TrailingStart - profit value in the deposit currency, reaching which trailing stop is activated
  • StepTrailing - trailing step in the deposit currency
  • DeleteOrders - disabling deletion of pending orders
  • AllSymbol - disabling symbol base closure
  • AllMagic - disabling closure based on order ID
  • Magic - values of identification numbers separated by commas
  • Slip - slippage in points for closing orders
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