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Margin Level Alert

This indicator will send out an alert when your Margin Level is less than the value you set. This will help you from being automatically closed out of trades.


  • ExtMarginLevelAlert—The Margin Level that will trigger the alerts (default 110.0).
  • ExtAlertsMessage—If true, a message box will be displayed in case of an alert.
  • ExtAlertsEmail—If true, an email will be sent in case of an alert. Email needs to be configured in your MetaTrader 4 terminal settings for this to work.
  • ExtSendNotification—If true, a push notification will be sent out to your Android or iOS device in case of an alert. This needs to be configured in your MetaTrader 4 Settings/Notifications to work.
André Dias de Oliveira
André Dias de Oliveira 2018.08.27 05:37   

Do you know if there is an indicator that will graph the Margin Level as time goes by in the graph? I would be interested to understand how my Margin Level is evolving.... I have tried this indicator (https://www.mql5.com/en/code/13242) and it will indirectly give it through "Equity" and "Margin", but I wonder if there is an indicator that will plot Margin Level (%) directly.

PETER LUISI 2018.05.17 15:35 

Works well, just as described. I can recommend.

robertosvjr 2015.07.30 18:32 

It works well. Emil is a person ready to answer your questions.

Versión 2.2 2020.03.25
compiled for latest metatrader version
Versión 2.1 2015.07.31
You can now set the interval in minutes for multiple alerts with 2 new paramters:
*AlertIntervall(Default 1);
*EmailAndNotificationIntervall(Default 30);

Account number and broker has been added in alert by request.