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This is a unique expert system that works without optimization (although you can optimize it if you want, especially for some brokers). Test it as you like: every ticks, breakpoints, open prices. AN example is shown in the figure. The EA was tested not on the demo account history, but on that of a live account! The potential testing result is 100-500% on average over 3 years. I recommend using multiple currencies. Find a balanced combination, and you can make up to 500-1000% per annum in potential tests. Tested on the following currency pairs:


The figures show tests for 3 years, if you wish, you can test on a deeper history, the results are stable. If you run more than one currency, the results increase progressively! The algorithm implements a hybrid technology, which partially includes the following principles:

  • a grid of orders;
  • locking positions;
  • small trend;
  • limited martingale;
  • market velocity;
  • Take Profit, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop.

Additional principles.

  • Compensation of the most unprofitable orders, appearing as a result of market movements, in a wide range due to the movement in the middle range. Allowable losses are adjustable.
  • Covering part of a losing "stranger"order. For example, if Buy is in a drawdown, thin with an average trend sell orders can be closed thus covering part of Buy losses.
  • Dynamic (smooth) correction of parameters (stop levels, trailing), for example for all Buys if all sales are in a certain loss.
  • Emergency exit in case rate of price movement increases sharply, if the series is in profit.
  • Return to the market balance point.
  • Implementation of tendency towards narrowing of the working channel of orders.
  • Two ways to exit the dead zone (with the maximum open orders, and the market goes beyond the channel): calm and aggressive.
  • Effective Stop Loss, which can work in conjunction with all previous technologies: less aggressive and less efficient trading.

The two last principles are inactive in default settings. For best performance, you can run the EA on one account and multiple pairs, up to 10 symbols. The deposit size should be properly calculated. When using multiple currencies, the results were significantly better and more stable, with lower drawdown. Recommended deposit amount is $ 10,000. Testing on the entire history for one of the currency pairs. For best performance, you can search for the optimal result for each pair!

Note! As soon as you purchase the product, I will give specific advice on how to use it on a particular type account with a particular broker!
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Yongyi Liao 2015.06.03 15:48 

very bad service, not like promised

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