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Hedging Pyramid MT4

Grid system that successfully passed the 10.5 year backtest from 2010-2020 (15 pairs exactly).

Using hedging and pyramid techniques combined with martingale and anti-martingale lot.

Expert works with the first priority in break out mode.

If it turns out that the market is in a sideways condition, and the expert has opened many positions, the expert will apply partial close. Traders only need to enter the number of open position in this feature: Number of orders to activate partial close.

Main Features:

1. Open Position Mode

   StartWithSell :always open short positions.

   StartWithBuy : always open long positions.

   StartWithHilo : Hilo means High and low of the time frame of 1 hour / day / week / month

   StartWithBuySell : Expert will always open buy and sell positions at the same time.

   StartWithCorr : using a negative correlation example: EURUSD vs USDCHF, the calculation is quite complicated, but basically there is a gap formed between EURUSD and USDCHF. The expert will calculate the range formed on the gap and immediately determine buy and sell positions.

   StartWithXbars : Xbars calculates the distance High and low from x candles, if filled with 10 candles, it means that the bot will calculate the high & low range of the last 10 candles.    

   StartWithXbars2 : Xbars calculates Highest Price and lowest price from 10 candles, Suitable for break out or pull back techniques

2. Continue New Cyle: if  false, bot will  only manage existing open positions.

3. True = Limit order, False = Stop order : Only applies to StartWithHilo, StartWithCorr, and StartWithXbars.

4. Hilo timeframe :  Only  applies to StartWithHilo, and StartWithXbars.

5. Minimum Range to Start Pending Order : Range High and Low, only  applies to StartWithHilo, StartWithCorr, and StartWithXbars.

6. Range size of pending orders (in pips) : Distance of pending orders, pending orders use adaptive trendline

7. Range size to move pending orders (in pips) : Trendline will move to the latest prices according to the number of sizes entered.

8. X Bars for start with xbars : Number of candles to determine the range of highs and lows.

9. 2nd Symbol Correlation for start with correlation ex. EURUSD ==> Trader can fill in the name of the second pair that has a negative correlation to determine the range of highs and lows. If left blank, the expert will use the default settings.

10.  Lot Type 

There are 9 types of lot options, Fixed, Anti Martingale 1&2, Martingale 1-3, Mix Lot 1-3.

Mix lot is a merging of martingale lot with anti-martingale lot.

11. Start Lot : Initial lot

12. Multiplier for Martingale 3 / Anti Martingale 2 / Mix 3 Lot : lot multiplier

13. Maximal Lots:  maximum lots allowed.

14. Maxtrade :  maximum trades allowed

15. Recovery Mode

There are 7 recovery techniques:

Anti Martingale Hedging Pyramid

Martingale Hedging Pyramid 1-6

The difference is there is a fine tune for each techniques, especially in the final completion when in a difficult position.

16. Step (in pips) : Distance to open the next position

17. Expanding Step Coefficient : The coefficient for the addition of the next open position distance. 

18. Minimum profit for close all $ : Minimum profit to close all positions  (in money).

19. Cut loss if loss $ : Expert will close all positions when the cutloss target is reached (in money) .

20. Number of orders to activate partial close : expert will start applying the logic partial close when the number of open position targets is reached.

21. Minimum profit for partial close $: Minimum profit amount to do partial close (in money) .

22. Trailling : trailling base on money

23. Time control :when will start to open position and when will stop taking position. 

24. Max Spread (in Pips) : allowed spreads.

25. Magic Number : fill in different numbers if trade the same pairs in 1 MT5 terminal.

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Versión 1.1 2020.09.17
+ Update code for recovery mode : Martingale Hedging Pyramid 1&2