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Hai Yang
Re-offer EA is a semi-automatic trading tool, which is recommended by traders as a necessary tool. The control panel is simple and can be used as hang-up assistant transaction, batch order processing, move stop tool. It can be used as a historical retest trading, training TRADERS'sense of trading, TRADERS' strategy drill, etc. If you like it,please give me five stars,Thank you! Recommend: Any Symbol of trade is applicable. If "AI Add Lots" (intelligent automatic) is opened, it is suggested t
Hai Yang
Hi Guys! There is no grid or Martin in the current trading strategy. Commission and Spread must less than 2.5 Price will be adjusted to $129 in 2020. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommend Symbol: EURCHF Period:  M5 Parameter Magic: Lots: Fix number of lots; MM:If the current value is 0, the fixed number of lots will be used; otherwise, the position will be opened in proportion
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